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  1. Rabid Squirrel

    RS - Armaments

    Version 0.9.2 Now Live Changelog: RS - Armaments Added: The RS-16 Carbine and the RS-16 Carbine w/ Grenade Launcher Added: Fabric and Netted wrapping for the RS-16 Added: New Camo Variants - Olive, Snow and Tan RS - Arms (RainTex Compatibility) Added: Compatibility for the RS-16 Carbine Added: Wet versions of the Fabric and Netted wrapping
  2. Rabid Squirrel

    RS - Armaments

    Version 0.9.1 Now Live Changelog: RS - Armaments Changed: PBO structure to allow for smaller updates. Changed: Class structure in service of the Rain Textures Compatibility Update. Changed: Moved all magazines to CfgMagazineWells. RS - Arms (RHS Compatibility) Changed: Config file, removed class decleration for grips. (This is now done in the core mod). Changed: Magazine compatibility now uses CfgMagazineWells. RS - Arms (RainTex Compatibility) Initial Release Features: All RS-Arms weapons and attachments now have a rain textured version.
  3. Rabid Squirrel

    RS - Rain Textures

    Version 0.4.0 Now Live Changelog: Added: Experimental RVMAT for all vehicles to apply rain textures (including modded vehicles). *See new screenshots Added: Experimental RVMAT for all uniforms to apply rain textures (including modded uniforms). Note that this only applies if a rain class is not already defined for the uniform. Added: Experimental RVMAT for all backpacks to apply rain textures (including modded backpacks). Note that this only applies if a rain class is not already defined for the backpack. Changed: Refactored the Gear Switching Component of Rain Textures, now supports all weapon attachments, items and magazines (provided they have defined rain classes). Note: All Experimental functionality can be turned off as a fail safe. This is because, as per usual, RVMATs are very temperamental and often choose not to load for no particular reason. It's because of this that I've written in overrides to stop these experimental features from running if you deem them to be more detrimental to your experience than beneficial. In addition to this, the default rain rvmats are not likely to look as good as custom made ones might, so they will act as placeholders (specifically the uniforms and backpacks) until I can find time to finish them (this only applies to vanilla gear). I would've used this system for all gear items but unfortunately setObjectMaterial can only operate on Uniforms and Backpacks... such is the way of things.
  4. Rabid Squirrel

    RS - Armaments

    RS - Armaments By: Rabid Squirrel Version: 0.9.2 About the RS-16 Weapon Platform: RS - Arms (RHS Compatibility): You can find the RHS Compatibility Patch here. This introduces some additional features such as magazine compatibility with a few of the RHS Magazines, and some Foregrips for all of the Rifles (barring the DMR). RS - Arms (RainTex Compatibility): You can find the RainTex Compatibility Patch here. This introduces rain textured variants for all weapons and attachments making it compatible with my other mod RS - Rain Textures. Work in Progress: The modification is a work in progress, some aspects (such as the base model and textures) are fully complete. There are still some aspects that require additional work (such as the sounds which are currently being re-worked) and the later LODs (all models only extend to LOD 4.000). As such, there are likely to be sporadic and frequent updates until this is considered stable. Additional Credit: Credit to Yinniy-Pig for the RS-16 Gunshot Sounds. Requirements: CBA is a Requirement for Joint Rails Compatibility. Download links: Steam | RS - Armaments Steam | RS - Arms (RHS Compatibility) Steam | RS - Arms (RainTex Compatibility) Preview Images: Changelog: License: This Content is Licensed under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA). As always, please ask permission from me directly before reproducing and or modifying the content within this mod.
  5. Rabid Squirrel

    SAEF: South African Expeditionary Forces

    Version 1.5.5 Now Live Changelog: Fixed missing Rain Textures Backpack textures Removed RS-16 (Has been shifted over to the RS Armaments Mod) Removed RS EHO (Has been shifted over to the RS Armaments Mod) Removed Editor Units pending 1.6.0 update
  6. Rabid Squirrel

    Can I have different LOD Textures?

    Okay cool, thank you for the response.
  7. I have a question related to how the Arma engine handles texture draw calls for .p3d models with multiple texture selections. In an effort to try an explain what I'm getting at, I'll give an example: Take a Helicopter with two texture selections, it has two selections in order to maintain relatively decent quality in LOD resolution 1 (I think the Arma 3 Helicopters DLC Chinook has two UV selections). Would it be beneficial to have (in LOD resolution 2+) a single UV selection (i.e. less textures to draw), like a solid colour or similar? The reason I ask is because I'm not sure whether or not Arma 3 still draws those textures for the model in the other LODs even when a different LOD is loaded, or if the textures are only drawn when the LOD transition takes place. To put it another way: If I have a model with "Camo1" and "Camo2" selections in the View-Pilot and 1.000 LODs but only a "Camo_lod" selection in 2.000+ LODs, would that be better performance wise than just leaving the "Camo1" and "Camo2" selections through all of the LODs?
  8. Rabid Squirrel

    Server FPS Problems (Fixed with player Re-log)

    Solved So it would appear we've found the solution to our problems, still early in testing, but it appears the performance degradation over time has stopped completely. The cause: corpseManagerMode and wreckManagerMode We had our suspicion that this was causing problems, so I pulled both of them from our description.ext and wrote my own script for dead body removal and wreck cleanup. We've now had 2 full 2 hour missions and 1 shorter 1 hour Zeus mission, and the client frame rate did not degrade at all. Additionally, server frame rate was more than reasonable, with clients having between 30 and 40 fps on average. I'm still unsure why these managers would've been degrading our server and client frame rate, or why the frame rate recovered on re-log.
  9. Rabid Squirrel

    Server FPS Problems (Fixed with player Re-log)

    Hey all, Back Again, so we haven't switched servers as of yet (multiple reasons for this, one of which being the cost of high performance servers around here), anyway. I've been taking steps to try and boost performance, and for the most part it has worked fairly well, and the performance is reasonable on average. Take the below for example: Same graph minus AI count for better readability: As you can see, performance was quite decent for the majority of the mission (averaged as 32 server fps), client fps was even better for the most part. Now the strange thing is that this problem specifically: didn't occur. Which means that that problem in particular is not related to the server itself, but the mission, mods, or players. Of course, that only narrows it down some. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far, I am looking into all of it. If I do happen upon the particular error I will post my findings.
  10. Rabid Squirrel

    Server FPS Problems (Fixed with player Re-log)

    Okay, thanks a bunch guys, part of me knew this was probably the case but I was hoping that I was just doing something silly. Guess it's time to start looking at other options.
  11. Rabid Squirrel

    Server FPS Problems (Fixed with player Re-log)

    Is there a reason for this? Or is it just one of those "Arma things"?
  12. Server FPS Problems (Fixed Briefly with player Re-log) I've been encountering particularly poor performance on my group's Arma server over the past couple of weeks. We run in-house Co-op missions that we've tried to optimise as best we can, we try to not have more than 40 concurrently simulated AI at any one time. Our Average Player Count is between 10 - 20, the example below we had 14 players attending the mission. Personally I feel the server should be performing much better than this under the circumstances, but it appears to be consistently terrible, and I'm running out of things to try. Generally I'll use spawn scripts in combination with DynamicSimulation for the AI, with the below example I pre-loaded all of the mission AI (this was an experiment as the past couple of missions we experienced some horrible desync with AI spawns), and prepped them for Dynamic Simulation. All the AI were garrisoned (placed in buildings with "path" disabled), Dynamic Simulation Distance was set to about 75 meters. In addition, as the fighting centered around the town of Zargabad, Server and Player viewDistance was set to 300. This is a graph of server performance: The orange line depicts AI number (although most of that AI would've not been simulated at the time). The grey line depicts server fps The blue line is number of players This is the same graph minus the AI (gives a closer look at the performance versus player number). Now what the Topic is actually about: We observed a couple missions ago that a full Arma reset and re-log onto our server would fix the clientside fps problem. As you can see above we did this twice during last night's mission, in an effort to fix the problem. It worked somewhat, made the mission playable, and as such we completed it. What was strange was that the second one seemed to "jump-start" the server, frame rate was perfect and what I expected for the whole mission, except it was only during the last 30 minutes. It is important to note that the mission does not get restarted, we leave at least 1 person in the server during the re-logs. I suspect that perhaps the server is caching some information for the player, and when the player performs a full Arma restart, that cache is discarded and a new one created. So my question: Has anyone ever encountered this behavior before? If so, is there a way to refresh the server without logging everyone out and back in again? Additionally, players during re-log noted that Arma was using about 8 gigs of ram before the shut down (which seems to indicate a memory leak). Additional Information: Thanks in Advance for the Help!
  13. Rabid Squirrel

    SAEF: South African Expeditionary Forces

    Version 1.5.4 Now Live Changelog: Added: New German Flecktarn Themed SAEF "Splinter" Uniforms, Vests, Backpacks, and Helmets. Added: 2035 German "Splinter Flecktarn" Uniforms, Vests, Backpacks, and Helmets. (Request of a Friend) Fixed: (Potentially) Compatibility Issue with the Advanced Armor Mod. Changed: SAEF Base Vest Armor Values, now inline with Vanilla Plate Carriers.
  14. Rabid Squirrel

    SAEF: South African Expeditionary Forces

    Version (Hotfix) Now Live Changelog: Fixed: Removed Bipod Access for the GL and FG weapon variants. Added: New custom recoil patterns for each RS-16 Variant that were meant to be added with version 1.5.3 (WIP)
  15. Rabid Squirrel

    SAEF: South African Expeditionary Forces

    Always miss something XD Forgot I was inheriting the weapon slots. Will hotfix when I'm home from work. Also, glad you like it.