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  1. hi real quick why is this not working as trigger con.? {typeOf _x == "ACE_bodyBagObject"} count thisList > 0 thought in know how to setup a trigger by now........... what am i missing here? Thx
  2. HI so what i did is, i put down a Tripwire Flare if someone walks over it it spawns a Flashbang effect trigger con: !alive flash trigger activ: Flashbang = "ACE_G_M84" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "FlashB"); [Flashbang] call ace_grenades_fnc_flashbangThrownFuze; this part works just fine but i am trying to not spawn the effect if someone is defusing the tripwire flare. i got no idea how to do this. any good advice?
  3. Hossus

    Flashbang Tripwire

    Nevermind Guys it just was a funny idea thx anyways
  4. Hossus

    Flashbang Tripwire

    thanks no problem it just was a idea if you find something please let me know
  5. Hossus

    Mines in Trigger

    thx Man it is working big Help
  6. hi 4 years mission makeing in arma and still no clue about scripting What i'm looking for is that Ai (Opfor/East) only detect edtidor placed mines in trigger area (or Marker) i cant use the Minefield module for this mission i found this : { east revealMines _x; } forEach allMines; but that is for all Mines and i just cant get it to work. thx
  7. hi do i need somekind of script to attach vehicles to the LCU 1600? maybe i am just to stupid thx
  8. HI I'm, using the Breaching Charge Mod , what im trying to do is Locking Doors in a Trigger Area Random on oure Dedicated Server but i cant get it to work . i absoluty have no clue how to do this to be honest some help would be appreciated.
  9. Works like a charm Thx Man Btw. your mods are great
  10. Hossus

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    hi i tried to drop some leaflets with the AL6 Nato drone but it is not working . what i tried it with: OG. version of Hearts an Minds Altis mods: rhs, ace, cba any ideas? thx
  11. Hossus

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    double post sorry
  12. Hossus

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    double post sorry
  13. sry i did not saw the deny module at first, for some reason it is working perfect thx
  14. hi is der some way to stop civs from spawning in an area (base) when the ambient civ moudle is placed ? kind funny having civs walking around in my military base or armend civs...................
  15. will the vehicle loadout make it ?
  16. so i might be totally wrong but if i apply this again after the moved over to the HC it should work
  17. jup thats what i thougt i'll try to edit it thx
  18. Hi so we're playing this great Mission with ASRai works perfectly fine , but soon as we are starting a Headless Client the ai is getting dumb as F###. HC off the Ai is challenging again. i'm not sure if it is a ASR problem but we only got this problem on Liberation For ex. ASR with the ALIVE mod and HC on , no problems, if someone has an idea i like to hear it please thx
  19. i tried to add command to clear the vehicles loadout first before adding a new one but i failed
  20. would be cool but no hurry for now i am using the arsenal loadouts
  21. works like charm sir thx one more question.... is it possible to not write down every classname like this: just wirte it down one time and then how many.... lol you know what i mean ?