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  1. Hossus

    Flashbang Tripwire

    Nevermind Guys it just was a funny idea thx anyways
  2. Hossus

    Flashbang Tripwire

    thanks no problem it just was a idea if you find something please let me know
  3. HI so what i did is, i put down a Tripwire Flare if someone walks over it it spawns a Flashbang effect trigger con: !alive flash trigger activ: Flashbang = "ACE_G_M84" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "FlashB"); [Flashbang] call ace_grenades_fnc_flashbangThrownFuze; this part works just fine but i am trying to not spawn the effect if someone is defusing the tripwire flare. i got no idea how to do this. any good advice?
  4. hi real quick why is this not working as trigger con.? {typeOf _x == "ACE_bodyBagObject"} count thisList > 0 thought in know how to setup a trigger by now........... what am i missing here? Thx
  5. Hossus

    Mines in Trigger

    thx Man it is working big Help
  6. hi 4 years mission makeing in arma and still no clue about scripting What i'm looking for is that Ai (Opfor/East) only detect edtidor placed mines in trigger area (or Marker) i cant use the Minefield module for this mission i found this : { east revealMines _x; } forEach allMines; but that is for all Mines and i just cant get it to work. thx
  7. hi do i need somekind of script to attach vehicles to the LCU 1600? maybe i am just to stupid thx
  8. Works like a charm Thx Man Btw. your mods are great
  9. HI I'm, using the Breaching Charge Mod , what im trying to do is Locking Doors in a Trigger Area Random on oure Dedicated Server but i cant get it to work . i absoluty have no clue how to do this to be honest some help would be appreciated.
  10. Hossus

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    hi i tried to drop some leaflets with the AL6 Nato drone but it is not working . what i tried it with: OG. version of Hearts an Minds Altis mods: rhs, ace, cba any ideas? thx
  11. Hossus

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    double post sorry
  12. Hossus

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    double post sorry