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  1. Is there a work around for the Intel? I like the idea of the system but it a bit of pain in the butt with the bugs on the map "all objects are classed as houses". Until that is fixed would making the Intel and cache spawn around houses be better then inside?
  2. I've noticed that as well. The only problem I've ran into is finding the Intel we had it set to three per zone and sometimes we found 2 sometimes we found 3. When we did find them they was bugged or the player was cause they couldn't pick them up. Also it said Intel would spawn in houses that is not the case we've found them outside close to bushes which makes them harder to spot specially when it is the radio bag. The town called Loy Manara a brief cased spawned in the top of the tower and we couldn't pick it up. Blew the tower up and it manage to fall to ground but wasn't able to access it.
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    Arma 3 Full Auto Shotguns!

    the slugs are higher then the iron sites on the saiga 12 not lower.