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    LLM-01 has still no daylight laser modes in green or tan version. Only working on the black one. Same goes for the black Vario Ray. Only working on the tan one. And if you choose a module and try switching between laser/light modes entries will double. See comparision between before: and after switching modes: Eagle IV: The angle of the FFV Roofgunner is pointing in weird directions. You can only shoot more or less high in the air or L/R into/next to the vehicle thanks for the update anyway.
  2. eh chaser


    Very nice work. Well done mate. Congrats to release. Chaser
  3. eh chaser

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    He was not on the forums since January '19...maybe he is not maintaining it anymore.
  4. eh chaser

    NIArms Release Thread

    Are you using magazines from a diffrent mod? We did the same with bw-mod mags and they are not working (not visible) too. Then you should contact the mod maker of this mod
  5. eh chaser


    Hey guys, just a quick question, are you planning to switch to the new magazineProxy system soon? ATM we are using the NIArms G36 which uses the new system but your magazines are no longer visible. Keep going and thanks for your work 🙂 Regards Chaser
  6. eh chaser

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hey Toadie, updated the last days and now there is no magazin in the rifle while using you g36´s and the bw mod magazines. Was working with the built before. Best Regards and thanks for your hard work.
  7. Advanced Medecine is not working nor any other settings forced via cba_settings.sqf with the newest update. tried the same server with an old 3.6.1 version and everything is working. Any Ideas?
  8. eh chaser

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Chongo, Angola

    Awesome. Nice looking screens mate. Well done. Cheers
  9. eh chaser

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Try to load Cup Terrains CWA too. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853743366 Regards Chaser
  10. that is confusing, but okay then. Thanks for answering :-)
  11. Hey guys, just a quick question. If you open a fresh download of Cup Terrains Core 1.11.2 you have bisigns for both 1.11.2 and 1.11.1 inside. Is this intended to be so or just a little mistake? Best Regards Chaser
  12. eh chaser

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    what would you do sir if an employee comes to you like you did to oukej? humans are doing mistakes...there is no point to throw stones at someone, no matter how stupid the mistake was. also he apologized for the devs.
  13. eh chaser

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    He has only 7 posts, 6 and 7 are just...*can´t say because of forum rules* it is very annoying, but don´t let your motivation go down because of such a kid.
  14. eh chaser

    GRAD Trenches

    R3F is a logistics mod. Something has changed with your last update. Never have had this behavior before. Carrying around is possible with all kind of trenches. Odd thing is the geometry issue. It happend to me with the very small and the small trench but i´ve not tested it with the others, then, some minutes later, nothing changed, another player on the server put one in and it worked as intended. When it was "not solid" fire geo was still there, so you were still protected from bullets. I ´ve also tried the new option for automatic path. i´ve tested it on rosche, it seems to me that it doesn´t matter if you turn it on or off in cba settings, it will everytime try to get the path to groundtexture. Lovely if i could help. Chaser
  15. eh chaser

    GRAD Trenches

    Hey Salbei, does it works as intended if you place a trench and have R3F loaded, that you can carry it around after placing? EDIT: And you can walk right through it. Regards Chaser
  16. Awesome. Nice work guys, as always. Thank you very much
  17. eh chaser

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Hi Andrew_S90, BWMOD has changed some of the classnames of the weapons. So you might change it in your mod too please? Regards Chaser
  18. eh chaser

    Rosche, Germany

    Congrats on the release. Looks pretty good so far. Nice to see another german terrain
  19. eh chaser

    NIArms Release Thread

    Hey toadie2k, there was a bigger change at BW-Mod. They changed a lot of classnames and the file structure as well. Maybe you can have a look at the corresponding classes you used to make your weapons compatible with the magazines. Best regards. Chaser
  20. We have had gamecrashes and massive problems with TS and ACRE. I suggest not to update to TS 3.2.0 until ACRE is ready with a patch.
  21. Everything is regulated in CBA settings on the server you are playing on. So maybe it is just intended this "hard". You can tweak nearly every setting of the nightvision effects in CBA settings if you are the server admin. You can also more or less disable every effect Regards Chaser
  22. eh chaser


    will this beauty have night fighting capabilities and will we be able to mount a silencer on the rifle? Thanks for giving us another nice toy guys. Please keep going guys. Thank you very much.
  23. sadly that is the reason why most of the old modders have given up on arma...
  24. getting out of ideas right now. try to reach over to the acre 2 slack and ask the dev´s there.