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  1. b9gamer

    Vorpx not installing

    Really sorry I missed your message. I had to do a fresh download of Vorpx, turned off any AV, opened Vorpx .exe and allowed it to install. Follow instructions and you're away. Depending on what you want to use it for, may be best to YouTube it for best results. I hope this is helpful - although late. AVs have a hissy fit with Vorpx so turn off after D/L and before instlling. Once again my apologies Ozzbik
  2. b9gamer

    Vorpx not installing

    Up and running now. I know this is off piste for B I topics, but I've managed to get IL-2 1946 BAT up and running on VR Vorpx. Brilliant cockpit detailing.
  3. I very recently purchased Vorpx for VRPC on my Oculus Quest 2. My frustrating problem is after downloading the app I get an error message during the installation phase. This is the message: Error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination file MoveFile failed; code 5 Access is denied. The Vorpx forum is for me, somewhat limited on providing a solution. Especially a solution that's easy to understand for an IT dinosaur like myself. I would be eternally grateful (honest) if someone could shed a light into this mysterious dark room of technology. Many thanks, B9
  4. Up until recently I've been using Arma launcher for Arma 3 but have had trouble updating mods etc. So after Googling found Armasync which launches Arma 3 faster than the Steam "launcher". Only problem I have is all my Steam subscribed missions don't appear in Missions list when launching with Armasync. I only run SP missions. Can someone shed some light on where I'm going wrong please. Many thanks, B9
  5. b9gamer

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Z-nine I posted to Vdauphin instead of yourself - did you resolve this problem and if so how, please.
  6. b9gamer

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Vdauphin did you get this sorted? I'm playing SP only and all my scenarios and campaigns come up with that error message and I can't enter into the mission. Very frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated B9gamer
  7. Many thanks for the reply Kalle - can't wait ti try it. BTW, it might be that I'm missing something?
  8. Hello Kalle and anyone who can help with this mission. When attempting the insertion HALO mission I exit C-130 and there's a split second view of my parachute rigging which then disappears. When I think I'm at a safe height and toggle open parachute nothing happens. That is, no chute opening, but my characters head lolls forward and arms go limp. Then I hit the ground and die. Could anyone shine a light on my problem please. Many thanks B9