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  1. b9gamer

    Vorpx not installing

    Up and running now. I know this is off piste for B I topics, but I've managed to get IL-2 1946 BAT up and running on VR Vorpx. Brilliant cockpit detailing.
  2. I very recently purchased Vorpx for VRPC on my Oculus Quest 2. My frustrating problem is after downloading the app I get an error message during the installation phase. This is the message: Error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination file MoveFile failed; code 5 Access is denied. The Vorpx forum is for me, somewhat limited on providing a solution. Especially a solution that's easy to understand for an IT dinosaur like myself. I would be eternally grateful (honest) if someone could shed a light into this mysterious dark room of technology. Many thanks, B9
  3. Up until recently I've been using Arma launcher for Arma 3 but have had trouble updating mods etc. So after Googling found Armasync which launches Arma 3 faster than the Steam "launcher". Only problem I have is all my Steam subscribed missions don't appear in Missions list when launching with Armasync. I only run SP missions. Can someone shed some light on where I'm going wrong please. Many thanks, B9
  4. b9gamer

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Z-nine I posted to Vdauphin instead of yourself - did you resolve this problem and if so how, please.
  5. b9gamer

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Vdauphin did you get this sorted? I'm playing SP only and all my scenarios and campaigns come up with that error message and I can't enter into the mission. Very frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated B9gamer
  6. Many thanks for the reply Kalle - can't wait ti try it. BTW, it might be that I'm missing something?
  7. Hello Kalle and anyone who can help with this mission. When attempting the insertion HALO mission I exit C-130 and there's a split second view of my parachute rigging which then disappears. When I think I'm at a safe height and toggle open parachute nothing happens. That is, no chute opening, but my characters head lolls forward and arms go limp. Then I hit the ground and die. Could anyone shine a light on my problem please. Many thanks B9