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  1. bilu90

    Combat Patrol

    I'm OK with all you said and all this point have to be in the final version to make it a very good mission. But first of all : the mission have to adpat the number of ennemies with the number of players. I've played with five others mates and there were a number of ennemies like we were 12 ... But thank you BIS and this is on the good way to make it very great !
  2. bilu90

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    I'm a little bit hasty to see the new version :)
  3. bilu90

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi I'm making a shotgun for weapon mode but could you please tell me how you make several bullet get out of the muzzle ? I try a lot of think but only one bullet get out. Do you use : fireSpreadAngle=3; simulation=shotSpread; But "simualtion" need a value ?
  4. Good morning everyone, I'm making a weapon mod but I encounter some problems with the config.cpp. First, you have to know that one of this wepaon it's a shotgun. I don't know how to make multiples bullet get out of the muzzle simulatenously as a shotgun in reality. I try several thing as : Burst = 5; multiplier = 1; for 5 balls leave the gun(burst =5) but only one cartridge is recorded in less(multiplier =1; But it doesn't work, 5 bullets leave the gun but as it's a auto mod for a rifle and 5 cartridges are recorded in less. I also try this : fireSpreadAngle=3; simulation=shotSpread; But my gun don't shoot anymore and i don't know if "simulation" need a value or not, I try but i didn't see any changes :/ Second, I don't have any recoil for all of my gun. I tried this : recoil = "gun_Recoil"; // this is in "class Single: Mode_SemiAuto" class CfgRecoils { access = 1; gun_Recoil[] = { 0,0,0, 0.04,0.02,0.02, 0.05,0.01,0.02, 0.05,0.005,0.01, 0.04,0.005,0.005, 0.04,-0.001,-0.003, 0.04,-0.002,-0.003, 0.04,-0.002,-0.002, 0.04,-0.001,-0.0005, 0.04,0,0 }; }; Could you please tell me what's wrong ? Thanks you in advance to the time you past to read this ;-)
  5. Arma 3 is my first game of the arma series and when I joined a team, all the teams mates tell me how ACE on A2 was awesome. One day I buy all A2 titles and DLC just to try the awesomeness of your work and I was not dissapointed. Very happy to see this mod come to A3. Thank you !!
  6. Hi, Very interesting ! Will it be AGM compatible ? And is it possible to defuse the mine ? This mod can add some importance to the explosive specialist role
  7. bilu90

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have a http error 500 when i click :-s
  8. bilu90

    BVH file

    Hello every one, I use Blender to create a .bvh file that manages hand position but when I want to transfer it in O2, it's what I get: This bvh file include the hands position for a weapon mod. I want to put it in O2 to convert then .rtm and thus get the file that manages the hand position. File: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m1n985k16pai6m5/AABy4Arpb9SkC1YDtMCNAVlZa?dl=0 Could you please help me to import it in O2 and tell me what's the problem and how to solve it ?
  9. It tells me that :" the url is not reachable" (Arma3sync). Is it normal ?
  10. I totally agree and the Armageddon mod is not the only model that has not been retained as it should have. What have you done BIS ?
  11. bilu90

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    I will adapt myself according to what you will release ! If need, I will change a little the reality but trying to stay as close as possible to the reality. Very exiting about this mod ! :D
  12. bilu90

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    Wonderful I was searching some mod to create a mission about " Opération dragon rouge" and " Opération dragon noir" !! Your mod is timely !! :D
  13. British SLR's is the other name of FN FAL ? If yes, the FN FAL is plan and I'll begin the 3D model soon
  14. I asked someone else to take a look at texture part don't worry ! ;-)
  15. Sorry, Here you are ;-)