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  1. Hi, i hope it will help:
  2. Hi, it seems there is a problem with the Tiger. Everytime when i play MP and the map "king of the hill", and i'm in a tiger, after a few mins i get a freeze for about 5 secs, and then, my FPS are around 5. But this only happen when i'm in tiger. Not with panther, not with an other car and not when i'm walking around. Is this problem already known?
  3. My wet Dream is a WWII CTI. ;-)
  4. That would be nice to know
  5. Is this mod dead? There are no MP-Server online! And does anybody know why i get this two error-messages? http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/28474977229154700/4B542156C814179B7798BEA7756C6D8DCDE4E553/ (101 kB) http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/28474977229153109/795912BFD4EB03C658F43EFC94E10B1D7A3F0C1E/ (103 kB)
  6. 2 Server online: 0 Player And this also in the evening :-(
  7. I downloaded the mod yesterday. Really nice work but unfortunately there no servers online :-(
  8. youricko

    UI elements in middle of screen

    Got the same problem!