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  1. I wont bring in the mods, this means that acre or tfar has to be enabled on the official ones, and that is not possible. That's whyI asked for another solution like a voice morphing tool. Just for ZEUS with friends, it's an option.
  2. Hello, maybe a dumb question, but do you know a voice morph tool, which brings my voice like a radio transmission ? Or maybe the devs are working on it to bring in a bit more realism to the ingame mechanics ? Thanks for answers. Cheers, me
  3. Thanks for the tip, and maybe others need it. For me, switching the malloc solved the problem.
  4. Hi Fred, it figured out that your malloc causes Arma3 crashes. I could play with it (and the registry tweak) for about 3 weeks, but since monday, it continously crashes while loading the mission (on the last fifth of the loading bar; CTI TeaTimes mission) and gives me a BattleEye: corrupted data #3 error (BattleRoyale). After using the tbb4malloc_bi it works without any issues. Maybe you have to check this out. Cheers /edit: and me (or others) won't 'blame' you or your work. You did a good one, but something's wrong with it. And i dont think it's about blaming to report this. Lots of players got the issue that they 're unable to connect. An admin advised me to check Fred's stuff. I love his stuff btw. And changing the allocator fixed it instantly.
  5. z13l5ch31b3

    Crash, Crash and Crash

    I ve got the crashes, too, and finally fixed it with the help of the EUTW staff. In my case it's on the allocater by Fred41 . He did a great job (the /LARGEADRESSAWARE registry string seems to work) but the custom malloc he uploaded crashed my ArmA3. Weird that i could play over 3 or 4 weeks with it, but since Monday it definatly caused the crash. Using the -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi fixed it.
  6. Welcome in this thread. I used the searchbar to get an answer, but only the arma2 section is filled with a 5pages thread about this. Sorry for my bad english at all. Yesterday I played as every day the TeeTimes mission on an EUTW server. After opening the map while holding the TITAN MPRL AT launcher my game crashed with 'Arma3 doesn't work anymore...' . Okay, nothing interesting, we all knew it happens from time to time. But i can't rejoin the server. My resolution was so low, that my curser got the size of a cherry. Pressing ALT-Enter brought me to windowed view which was fine. Resetting on fullscreen solved the issue. But the join problem continues. Every try ends with 'Arma3 doesn't work anymore...' . After an hour of testing i played something else and give it a try later. Today, back from work i started Arma3. Switched to blufor on an EUTW server, ..and as yesterday, at the last fifth it crashed. Damned, I toughed -but joined another random wasteland server with CBA/JSRS21 enabled, too, succesfully. Weird. The serverFPS were quite bad, so I decided to play a bit BattleRoyale. Good servers on this. But earned Battleeye kick, corrupted data #3. So, if anyone got an idea whats going wrong here, please tell me. No de-/installations. No new hardware. No heat problems. No steam-check errors. No driver updates. No singleplayer problems. No idea. cheers /edit: okay it's on Freds allocator -after setting my startup to -malloc=system it works
  7. z13l5ch31b3

    BattlEye: Corrupted Data #3

    I'm playing nearly each day/each second day on the EUTW server. Since yesterday I ve got the problem that i cannot join the EUTW server. The last 5cm in of the progress bar let me crash with the windows message 'Arma3 doesn't work anymore...' â—why since yesterday ? â—nothing de-/installed and no new hardware â—first time happened yesterday after i started to open the map while holding the TITAN MPRL AT launcher â—for testing i joined a CBA/JSRS21 Wasteland server -succesfully â—Singleplayer, works â—EUTW#2 & #3 (none other EUTW server tested) â—anyone else? â—Ideas? cheers /edit: I ve joined a BattleRoyale server and got BattleEye corrupt data #3 . So.... any ideas if it could happening with a #script loo' which has been saved somewhere what is caused by the action titan+map ? I don't think so, but if yes, i'm glad to make one think. /damn, this is Arma2 forum -sry /edit: okay it's on Freds allocator -after setting my startup to -malloc=system it works
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    Happy 15th anniversary

    happy birthday :)
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    Arma 3 - Feedback Tracker

    -steering wheel animation -audio update (f.e. in campaign briefing) ...thanks for fixing the Fps problem on altis ! Further improvement suggestions will follow. Pls forgive previous experiences which are posted twice.