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    US Naval Warfare Pack [WIP]

    Guys can someone please link the screenshots for me? I am too dumb to find them myself.
  2. pennywize74

    Arma only uses 0.3% of my CPU

    I found the problem, i had that line in the start params that was supposed to give a better ram and cpu performance, turns out it just fucked everything up. i deleted it and now it works fine again! Penny
  3. Okay so here is my problem, i've played a lot of Arma 3 at a constant 45-50 fps, with arma using smth around 70% of my CPU. When i started the game yesterday everything was fine in the menu, but when i opened anything in the editor, my fps dropped to 3 or 4. I checked the task manager and it said my Arma would only be using ~0.3% of my CPU. I've got an AMD FX-8150, i know it's not that great for gaming but it always got me enough fps until this day. Btw any other games run perfectly fine, just to let you know. So if anyone had any suggestions about how to fix this that would be great. Regards, Penny
  4. Hi Firewill! Outstanding work youre doing there, cant wait to fly this beauty! Are you planning on releasing a texture template as well? This would be so awesome! Keep up this awesome work! Best regards, Penny
  5. IndeedPete, i used ur script, but i cant figure out how to get it work. What do i have to put in the 'On Act' line in my trigger? Regards, Penny