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  1. 1 27016 2 2305 3 8766 4 2303 5 2302 6 2304 I have all these ports open and in TADST port is set to 2302 and steam port 8766 but the sever console is stuck at 15:14:01 Dedicated host created. 15:14:06 Host identity created. and i cannot find my sever in Arma client. any ideas?
  2. fellowricky

    ArmA3Mark - Benchmark your ArmA 3

    can you update this to the newest version of arma 3?
  3. fellowricky

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    any updates on how this is coming along?
  4. fellowricky

    ASDG Attachments

    is there any way to make it so u can switch from secured to deployed by pressing L? is this with in the technical limitations?
  5. fellowricky

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    any chance for adding INIDB suport?
  6. hey a lot of the replacement addon unit classes are not working for me. so far i believe only the italian, pmc and the indus are working. but besides that tanks for all your great work! <3
  7. @African_conflict_A3_v1.0,@CAF,@fhq_accessories,@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons_v_1.0,@SAS,@SOCOM_DEVGRU_A3_v1.1, and the mission wont load for me :(
  8. fellowricky

    help with wrong task showing up

    thx for pointing me in the right direction! they had dif name but i had not set a task id. that was the problem!
  9. ok so.. in a mission i am working on there are 2 playable sides bluefor and indie. the bouth have there own tasks with separate triggers. the tasks are synced to there respective sides playable units and the tasks are set to only synced objects. but for some odd reason the indie have only the bluefor task in the task list and not there own. any one got an idea why?
  10. looking for some pros to lend a hand on this project. we have kinda hit a wall.
  11. Love this mod Keep up the GREAT work :D
  12. ya it kinda sucks, im in need of help but cant ask for it until i can find enuf threads where i can post something constructive on . :k: