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    Gaming, website and server design and setup, game development[ basic] , and making friends

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    A Basic map Dev and streamer I'm trying to get a job and I have a discord community we hang out and have fun I'm always willing to meet cool and awesome people but trolls and hackers are just retards in my eyes their 2 year olds who instead of just letting people fight it out with their words they deside to act like a 2 year old and threaten and attack people like a baby hits they mother or father when they can get what they want
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  1. hunterthewolf

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    sir you couldint be more untrue I play pve a lot and I mean more then some people and well I can tell you right now I'm most likely more smarter and skilled then most pvp players that have been playing most likely longer then I have bots can do a shit ton for a persons gameplay truth is I train against bots and not players because ai tend to give a untrained design what I mean is they are not as well reliable as players and sometime can take routes that players normaly would never do meaning as short ai can train you for the unexpected ive always loved pve as the ai are normal unpredictable and never well like how players are I also use to run a clan on arma 3 till we all moved to other games and the main thing I told my mates keep your eyes open and never leave a blind spot why because the ai trained me with that if I didn't watch my own back I would have died so many times its not funny and well before I did my training with ai I never use to I use to be a Rambo little cod bitch running and gunning and well I never was scared of players why because 1. ai have aimbot meaning pin point death players do not 2.ai seem to have a dieing issues players do not 3. ai seem to get into places that players can not aka until you guys fix bugs on arma 3 they go thru buildings theres so many unexpected things ai can train you for and I mean a lot so really if anything the combat patrol should be seen as training and give you less xp and money then pvp but still get some based on how hard the mission really is
  2. hunterthewolf

    Feedback Thread

    id like to see more stuff in these areas Factions: we need all the flame and cloud vechs editor: please for the love of if we have arma 3 let us use the default editor but with the stuff in argo this way we can use the editor we love to make mission we will love to make also can you allow custom gamemodes so say I want to make a world war for argo if I have both arma 3 and supporter then I should be able to do such like combat patrol but with it being customized missions not randomized base gameplay: climbing and vaulting : I got to say I was shocked that we didn't even get the basic arma 3 vaulting over tiny walls also 1 other question why hasint arma 3 gotten a overhaul people have made mods cant you just grab those people ask them if they would like to be paid like some money and their name in the game also inventory system its so basic but without being able to see it it can sometimes be hard to play also can we get the ability to get inventory changer mods so if I say want a detailed inventory like escape from tarkov I can do so please id like this in both games arma 3 and argo medical crates to grab first aid kits