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    New Server Browser (dev branch)

    Thank you for the favourites tab, really hope this makes it into the ingame server browser as well. It is a real pain not having this and playing on multiple servers regularly. There's a bunch of other features I think would improve the browser: An option to remember the server password Custom server tags: tvt, coop, milsim, public, good fps, vanilla, respawn, permanent death, good Zeus (can then be used in quickplay also) As mentioned a launch chat client button at specified address is an excellent idea Personal notes for the server: Operations start at 20:00 daily, I can use my favourite optional mods, doesn't allow facewear, admin is hothead, cheaters during peak avoid, etc Server notes: logo, chat client info, intro, rules (maybe something like arma units you get taken to when clicking. even something more basic where servers have more than that one line would be great) Please consider manual users too: Let us make and save (non-steam) mod preset configurations for servers, setting up multiple locations to scan for mods You can display a lot more useful information when hovering over the server than what is currently shown, including most of the above requests Make use of right mouse button to easily access server options and configuration instead of clicking left and right Easy to backup settings for format or precaution Queue for joining server would be great Filter for DEV, STABLE, RC, LEGACY Thanks for improving the server browser!
  2. davidzi

    3den Enhanced

    Ok, name the units you want to know the faction of. In this case a1 a2 a3 a4, preview the scenario and type faction nameofunit in the small debug window, it will return the faction you can use with Alive. I think you may have used the execute window, my bad. There it would be hint faction a1 or copytoclipboard faction a1 example: https://i.imgur.com/5u8T9Hm.png
  3. davidzi

    3den Enhanced

    If memory serves me right you can do this in the debug window. No need for config viewer or pbo hunting. faction player
  4. Thanks for the detailed response NeoArmageddon.
  5. When kju was still developing AiATP I asked him if there were any plans to upgrade the vegetation. Unfortunately he said that no one was active that department. Have things changed in the mean time? If not, would you be interested in setting up a crowdfunding scheme to buy models on the market and upgrade A1/A2 terrains with it? Maybe creating the models is the easy part and integrating them correctly is the hard part, problems with licenses? I have no idea, just a thought.
  6. Voted for vegetation since it makes up the majority of a terrain, it would allow for more variation in maps and a fresh look. Just a single new tree and bush scattered across the existing terrains would make a huge difference, more so than a building imo. I was very excited when AiATP first came out and later Poolpunk made his great themed packs but unfortunately none of them were working on vegetation or had any plans for it. But I hope you'll end up doing both proportionately according to the vote percentages B).
  7. davidzi

    Difficulty Overhaul

    1. I would love some more options for crosshairs. A lot of servers disable it to prevent people from hip firing but I love the snapping of the crosshair onto objects to indicate you're going to shoot into them, happens way too often without crosshairs. You think you have a clear shot and rip you revealed your position by shooting into the rock in front of you. So some sort of fading indicator telling you if you're going to shoot into an immediate rock/object if your barrel is obstructed, without having the crosshair display otherwise. I don't think there are any mods for this either. Happens less often now with resting and bipods but still does if you don't want to overexpose yourself. If this won't make it onto the list, a lightweight scripting command for modders that works with crosshairs disabled. 2. A more accessible way to define how AI react to suppression. Heavily suppressed, lightly suppressed, slider/setting to set the impact of the suppression on the AI in terms of aiming.
  8. Something must have gone wrong when extracting. Make sure the files aren't corrupted, that they are lowercase and that the pbo files are inside @modname\addons. I don't remember if modfolders without the @ before them also work but try adding one in front of nato_russian_vehicles_v13. Is ace compatible with the outdated linux build? Last I read it wasn't, search their github for linux questions. Having checked that try running the server with just cba and one of the 'not found' mods and see if that works. Try replacing the mod line in that startup script with this: MODS="-mod=@cba_a3;@rhsafrf;@rhsusaf" Lastly, wrong section :ph34r:.
  9. davidzi

    Public Beta

    You don't meet the required specs. http://arma3.com/buy#requirements I used to run it on a Radeon HD 3850 1GB during the beta but it struggled to keep up. I'd recommend a 3-4GB GPU and a powerful CPU.
  10. In AGM there were medical vehicles and mobile hospitals iirc, the medical vehicles stopped the patient from bleeding out while they are loaded inside. The mobile hospitals were for missions where instead of med evac to base to treat players, you could do so in the field close to those vehicles. They had to be synced to the medical module. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/medical/functions/fnc_isMedicalVehicle.sqf https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/medical/functions/fnc_moduleAssignMedicalFacility.sqf Try: if (isServer) then {this setvariable ["ACE_medical_isMedic", 1];};
  11. I'm worried about the already fragmented multiplayer. As brought up a couple pages back your friends or a private community using paid mods. You'll be forced to buy all those mods yourself if you want to play with them. Play with a different community? New set of mods to buy. Clan vs clan? Buy some more mods. What about server admins? Do they have to purchase an extra copy for the server? Will they have to install steam and painfully install and manage mods that way? Please. I don't like how the steam workshop downloads something into a random folder with a random name, it's a nightmare to manage if you use third party launchers. If BI goes through with the idea of paid user content I don't feel like individual steam workshops is the right path. Instead, why not release a Arma Community Content DLC license € 1 per month, that's € 12 per year to enjoy mods. At the end of the year the profit is split between the modders based on downloads minus BI's and Steam's cut 50000 buyers * € 12 = € 600 000 steam cut = € 600000 - %30 = € 180000 (none (or less?) if you buy from BI Store) => € 420 000 BI cut if they want it (I'm sure they do) = € 420 000 - %20 = € 84000 Profit to be shared amongst modders after 1 year based on 50000 people willing to pay for community content = € 336000 Next year, repeat. My excuses for the fantasy economics, but I think a monthly or yearly system would be better to prevent multiplayer fragmentation (where Arma shines) and combat Steam greed. Not sure if the total amount of profit will be enough to satisfy modders though. A one click deal to support modders ranging from € 12 to € 20 per year is what I would be willing to contribute to mods and be sure I will be able to play with everything on any server that allows those mods and not having to fiddle around 20+ workshops every time you join another community.
  12. davidzi

    Enhanced Movement

    Yes, exactly, something like enhancedmovement = 0; that a mission maker can put in the initplayerlocal.sqf to disable the functionality. This way it can still be allowed on the server but turned off for specific missions. Looking forward to the update.
  13. davidzi

    Enhanced Movement

    Sad to see you leave, I enjoyed your mods. I hope I'm not too late to make this request but is there some way a mission maker could disable enhanced movement functionality? If there isn't could you add a variable that we could use to do that? For COOP it's not a problem but for PVP it can be a bit unfair and it would be easier then to restart the servers and swapping out keys. Thank you.
  14. davidzi

    ASR AI 3

    Indeed, smoke works. Keep in mind that AI predict your movement when you disappear and may fire a few extra rounds even if they don't see you anymore. The extra smoke from clientside mods like blastcore don't affect AI as much though. See this thread for some test http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175240-Weapon-tests&p=2702521&viewfull=1#post2702521
  15. davidzi

    PLP BeachObjects

    Awesome work poolpunk. Really excited about the interiors pack and the surprise pack obviously :cool:. I hope it's vegetation. If it isn't, would that be something that interests you? I'd love to see some of the older terrains upgraded with some fresh bushes and trees, or new terrains as well.