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  1. Tested the .21 version. Only TCL+CBA. It seems artillery would not fire (only when directly attacked) and helicopters full with squads would never fly in to support. Do static weapon team deploy their weapons? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the update! Good stuff as always With 3.3 I dont see any reaction to gunfire within VCM_HEARINGDISTANCE. And an AI squad barely reacts when coming under direct fire from far... dive to kneel animation and just standing. Tested with CBA&VCOM only. Also noticed that tanks would not move on a seek & destroy waypoint from far - maybe dynamic simulation? Btw how would I set snipers to have a spot distance skill of 1? What would be the classnames?
  3. Thank you snkman for improving the mediocre Arma3 ai! The list of features is long and impressive 🙂 I was also testing the mod on AI team vs AI team basis, so the result were confusing. The "players only" part is kind of a dealbreaker for me. But I know... performance and complexity It would be nice though to have options to activate some or all features to work AI vs AI. IMHO the must have-s would be: The reinforcement features, flares, smoke, using statics, house garrison (working?), house search, reaction to gunfire/exp I think AI vs AI would not really need the advanced movement, suppression and cover features, which are probably the most performance hungry anyway
  4. Tested the current dev build a bit. No visible errors. It didn't seem FFE was used. Only when I set to use classic VCOM arti shells started raining. "VCM_ARTYENABLE" is double in the current config so maybe this was the cause. Nice to see the new CBA menus for all settings. Also whats that build about smarter tanks? :) Would be nice to have UAV usage and smoke shells back. Also noted that AI doesn't care much about cover when advancing towards a bulletstorm. Also it seems AI never use grenades if they have ammo for primary weapon. Also rifle grenades
  5. Thank you again Genesis and Freddo! With Arma3 being the only game I still play and only VCOM making the AI interesting enough... this means a lot. This might be the best release. No errors thus far and all features seem to be working. One thing I noticed that an AI group w/o waypoints didnt want to advance in my direction when I shot at them from 500m Question. Do the CBA settings overrule the userconfig settings for the mod?
  6. The userconfig is included in every version of the mod. Here for example https://github.com/genesis92x/VcomAI-3.0/tree/master/userconfig/VCOM_AI
  7. Thank you for posting the resource leak fixes! Haven't played Arma for months because VCOM isn't really working I guess there are still problems with the gunshot hearing insta-detection and driving/transporting troops? Will test it and post an issue if it is present. edit: It seems some things have improved. Silenced weapons no longer cause instant detection, but non-silenced still result in insta-detection (VCOM_HEARINGDISTANCE) AI transports and driving in generals seem to be fundamentally broken also in vanilla Arma3
  8. Not sure if it's a problem with the current Arma version or vcom, but transports are currently broken. When AI decides to enter a vehicle they barely move and keep getting out/in. And still the insta-detection is still present. "VCOM_HEARINGDISTANCE= 500" results in 1shot < 500m and the AI gets "knowsabout 4" about the player.
  9. Hi The good old insta-detection by AI is back. If I fire something within the gunshot hearing range I am instantly detected (knowsabout 4) and fired upon. I think it started with the late august updates. Also if VCOM_VehicleUse = true then: ...x isequalto []} && {_x distance _unit < |VCOM_AIDISTANCEVEHPATH} && {!(locked _x... undefined varialbe in vcom_aidistancevehpath undefined varialbe in vcom_aiingamemenu
  10. Hi Thank you for the best AI Arma can have! With the 2.91 mod version I am getting a lot of this. I did not get this error with the script version from a week ago.
  11. Thank you for taking the time! A feature that I think is missing is that AI medics from any squad could heal any friendly unit. Including player and ACE medical compability. Currently it only seems to work inside the squad.
  12. b0s

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Same here. When 8GB gets full, Windows keeps showing the "low memory" warning, although 8GB is still free. Windows 10 here.
  13. b0s

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Yes my page file is set to 2GB maximum becuase it's an SSD and it's not needed for any other application. Increasing it is not a proper solution, but a workaround. Windows and Arma should be able to utilize the free RAM, instead of disk space. Just an observation to take into consideration. Also the problem might just be on my side.
  14. b0s

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Thank you for 64bit! The performance according to YAAB did not change, but the game seems smoother under load. Getting a lot of "your computer is low on memory", although I have 8GB still free and Arma is using <3GB... guess it's a Windows issue.
  15. Thank you for the update! I think I've seen almost all the features being used and more or less effectively. But I'm not sure the skill settings work. Sniper team with all skills set to 1.0 (everywhere possible,colonel) cannot detect a moving enemy squad 350m infront. edit: no server-side settings used. Singleplayer