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  1. Hi!! Mods: NO MODS REQUIRED Thanks to: -Silola for XCAM. -[CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych for Surface Painter. -Snake man for guides on PMC Tactical. -Adanteh for QGIS Game Terrain Tools, making get map resources very easy. Description: Bozoum is a population of the Central African Republic (RCA). It is a town with scattered houses and small suburban complexes. In the northwest there is a stretch of river that can be waded by vehicle. In the central part of the town it has a small favela, a school, garage and gas station, among others. It has a network of mainly dirt roads. I have tried to be true to the real terrain, but it is difficult because of the type of buildings in Tanoa, which look like but do not quite give the exact appearance of those that may be in RCA. I have added the favela to increase the playability of the map. PATREON Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/DOCjH51 Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2618329388&searchtext=bozoum Enjoy!!!
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    We too, its a shame, i think this is essential mod.
  3. I try it, thanks!!!
  4. Hi, we are having a lot of troubles with ACRE. In the last two events, al least at 2 or 3 hours of playing people begin to stop listening others but others listen that people in long range and short range radios. I have RPT of both events. First one almost 50 players and next one 25 five players. We are in 3.3.2 all clients. All with same ACRE version. We love ACRE, but this failures are breaking latest events. We are the only one?? Thanks!!
  5. It is an honor for me to participate in this immense project, thanks!!
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    Now is available for download, and enjoy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1825738606
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    Size: 4096x4096 Mods: -LYTHIUM (requires JBAD but MAJAN not) -CUP Terrains Core Thanks to: -Silola for XCAM. -[CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych for Surface Painter. -Snake man for guides on PMC Tactical. -Temppa for answer my questions and usefull help. Download: - Steam Workshop - Armaholic Description: Majan is a new terrain inspired by the usual desert lost cities in the Middle East, with hundreds of tracks coming from all directions and remote wall-mounted complexes around it, as well as business centers and industrial complexes related to oil. The real location is Bir Moghrein in Mauritania, but map is not inspired by the actual location. It is the perfect scenario to put into practice the knowledge of MOUT and CQB, due to its narrow streets and its 100% practicable buildings inside the big city. Driving will also be a skill that must be kept in mind when driving on dirt and sand tracks, it is sliding terrain and it is easy to lose control. I have used the buildings of CUP, Arma 3, some of Tanoa, but above all the excellent pack of houses that includes the LYTHIUM map of the FFAA team. Those of us who have been playing the saga for years believe that we value a lot when we enter new buildings and do not know its interior, this is what has been sought using this type of buildings. Another detail that I think was not included in any map of the ARMA saga are the signs and street names. In urban surroundings it is difficult to transfer coordinates and a good way can be to see the signs and transmit by radio: "I am at the crossroads of MINHA and ALAISHAB streets", and then you look into your map and find this crossroads. Custom advertising has also been included. Full gallery here.
  8. soon as possible, thanks!
  9. wishful of this release, i would like to use it in future map projects, thanks for info and the news!! if you need help to object placement i have a lot of experience with XCAM, will be a pleasure to cooperate in this huge project.
  10. I follow you youtube channel. This stuff will be included in JBAD?? or separately?? Good job, people is boring of arma 2 buildings, i know interior better than my house XD. New buildings make difference. Thanks and good job!!
  11. Hi, are u using Opteryx buildings in this map???
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    Arma3 Videos

    Searching for enemy caches in new map Majan
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    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Toyota HZJ79 SC is amazing. But we cant use it. Thanks
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    Nice job, one more time. I like your maps because haves good balance between performance and detail. Next map Colombia or someplace in south america, would be nice.
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    Breaching Charge & Door Wedge

    hi!, im having trouble for detonate door placed charges on dedicated.
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    Randomly generated roadside IEDs

    NO ACE NO FUN I remember this script work with objects not with mines, would be nice for example a user defined array and place here ACE IEDs or CUP IEDs, and script can place objects over they to hide.
  17. Sanchez Milsim

    Randomly generated roadside IEDs

    Would be nice to make it compatible with 3rd party mods like ACE3 or EOD MOD
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    remoteexec addaction conditions

    Ok i check this and its ok, changing last 2 for 0 to exec it globally, many thanks!
  19. Hi, i would like to addaction to object with remoteexec but i dont know how or where to place conditions of distance. I usually use addaction as this: this addAction ["Pick up INTEL","scripts\add_intel.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 2"]; And i would like to merge this with remoteexec addaction [this,["Pick up INTEL", {"scripts\add_intel.sqf"}]] remoteExec ["addAction",2]; Thanks for help!!
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    remoteexec addaction conditions

    Hi Grumpy Old Man i would like to add this addaction to a object drop killed units and be compatible with dedicated server. But all examples i find dont use any condition and you can take item from unlimited distance. I would like to use distance condition. Its second part okk, that is syntax??
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    Arma3 Videos

    New map Majan, and new RHS vehicles modified with attachments SOC Vehicles. Public release coming soon.
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    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    Nice job!!! Really nice!!
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    Arma3 Videos

  24. Sanchez Milsim

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Hi, im having some trouble when i try to move camera in object placement. If i go for example to xcam settings i can move camera normally but when im in objects placement i cant. I created a new project and i cant move camera. someone nows whats happening? i know how to use xcam, i placed 30000 objects on my map. Thanks!
  25. Sanchez Milsim

    Arma3 Videos

    Marsoc at Bala Murgab, Afghanistan. Clan SOF 4 and ESUS, joint operation. For this mission i was RTO of HQ.