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  1. Alexander James

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Thanks! PRR over berets look well nice!
  2. Alexander James

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Very nice guys, loving the new gucci kit. I had to think very long and hard about this, what could be better. This is obviously for your benefit for ideas and whatnot and not just me being a picky ol' bastard. -MTP Smocks https://www.varusteleka.com/pictures/26657a.jpg (394 kB) -MTP Bushhats -FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PRR HEADSETS OVER BERETS! :p As beautifully modelled by the lads in Northern Ireland Thanks a lot tho, great mod and many innovating features.
  3. Alexander James

    L85a2 v3

    Love the L85A2 Kiory! However I've handled the L85A2 with cadets and what not and from what I remember the animation is slightly wrong. What should happen is... Upon realizing the magazine is empty. 1. Change the magazine from an empty magazine to a fresh one. 2. Since the cocking handle is already locked to the rear, one needs to operate the bolt release catch which will send the cocking handle forward. The bolt release catch is the square button on the left side of the weapon, it needs to be pushed down (not in like a button would!) with usually the thumb of the left hand. 3. The cocking handle should now be fully forward and should be karate chopped with the pinky finger striking the back of the cocking handle. That is known as the forward assist. 4. Carry on firing.
  4. Alexander James

    Burnes Armories Tanks and Deployment Vehicles

    I'm loving the MK10 Landing craft Burnes! However a MK5 would be truly beautiful! https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8322/7943949700_b02de350c4_z.jpg
  5. Alexander James

    L85a2 v3

    Forward assist is love, Forward Assist is life!
  6. Alexander James

    L85a2 v3

    I also love the sounds. I love the subtle clinking sound which feels as if the cocking handle is going forward. Very Nice!
  7. Alexander James

    L85a2 v3

    Kiory thanks so much for this great mod! The L85A2's are really nice! However there is one more thing that would float my boat and complete my life in Arma... A proper GPMG! With no shitty box mag. Even though the GPMG is now one of the oldest (if not the the oldest) Weapon that the British Armed Forces' infantry currently possess it is a great weapon and can put down a lot of fire if used correctly.
  8. Alexander James

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    Hopefully this can be fixed soon because I've been excited for far too long!
  9. Alexander James

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    The reason I asked again was because he said things would be released at the end of Summer. It is now the end of October...
  10. Alexander James

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    How does one remove the medical system?
  11. Alexander James

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    Any idea when this mod will be released?
  12. Alexander James

    L85A2 Release

    I apologise if somebody has already asked this question. But where did you get this L85A2 from? http://i.imgur.com/LIbstkC.jpg
  13. Alexander James

    Deus Ex Marine

    Hey! On your L85A2 could you put the fore grip further back? Because that would be more realistic. But please make a good royal marine pack. Please! :)
  14. Alexander James

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello everyone! I just had an idea which would be beneficial to quite a few British Mil-Sim groups, a British Armed Forces pack. This would include but not limited to... British infantry uniform (Stalkers British infantry, webbing, better scrims for helmets!, light role gear, foliage camouflage [grass stuffed into the gear to disguise ones shape) British weapons (L85A2's, Minimi's, GPMG's, way too many to list!) British Equipment (Bowman radios, ECM jammer [iED'S], optics, Valon mine detectors, way too many to list!) British Training Equipment (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?181515-British-Training-Equipment, Hi-vis vests for instructors, etc] British Patrol Vehicles (The Mastiff 3, RWMIK Land rover, Husky patrol vehicles, Warthogs, Jackals, foxhounds) British Combat and Recce Vehicles (Warrior Infantry Vehicle, Challenger 2 MBT, Scimitar, Bulldog and FV430 Series) British Artillery and Air defense (L118 light gun, AS-90, Rapier) British Aircraft (Apache's, RAF Chinooks, Wildcats, Lynx's, RAF Typhoon, RNAS Lightning 2's) British Units[/ ] (42 Commando Royal Marines, 2PARA, UKSF, 1RRF, Household Cavalry, 3 RIFLES, RAF and AAC contingent, RLC detachment) Naval Craft (MK5 Landing Craft, MK6 Assault boats, Rigid Raiders, Combat Support Boats, Perhaps even HMS Queen Elizabeth?) This is basically a wishlist but it would be pretty cool to see these in-game :) http://i.imgur.com/Xs0A5SE.jpg (171 kB) http://news.images.itv.com/image/file/362188/article_img.jpg
  15. Alexander James

    British Training Equipment

    It's beautiful.