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  1. Has the issue where units in the virtual space move over sea been fixed?
  2. cpd

    L85A2 Release

    I keep receiving this error when placing a "Kiory's L85A2 Supply Box". Is there a reason behind it? When including the FHS pack it produces another error, either way I was under the impression the L85A2 was independent. I've attempted to add it in a mission already made as well as launching the game with just CBA_A3 and Kio_L85A2 on a fresh map; both raise this error.
  3. Can you disable auto assignment of short range radios as well?
  4. Ta bud. I still can't see why the feature is there, at the very least there should be an option to turn it on as opposed to turning it off.
  5. How do you disable "force radio". It's extremely frustrating to have a radio randomly put on my back without wanting it - the feature is silly anyway. Remove it, pretty please.
  6. Could you provide details of the TADST.profiles file encoding so I can edit it manually.