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  1. Hi, I've noticed it takes about 1 minute to load a savegame, even if you are loading it from the same location, e.g. after being shot on the spot. Is this normal? Would one of the game developers kindly explain why does it need to take so long? If the game engine reloads everything from scratch, it looks like very inefficient approach, considering the textures, polygons and data should already be in the GPU memory and/or in RAM. It would be nice if loading a savegame after you've entered the game didn't take more than 10 seconds. Thanks and regards
  2. Hello, I'm pretty sure there have been endless discussions in the forum about the graphics performance of the Arma 3 game, but it remains important for the developers of the game to realise that some users cannot play at 25-35fps; the juddering is just unbearable. I purchased the game more than a year ago and I had to leave it aside, in good hope that gradually the developers will optimise it and, some day, I'll be able to play it at my monitor's refresh rate (i.e. 60 fps). I've seen no improvement so far. Instead, I'm reading about new content to be released while the game engine remains too slow for me to enjoy the game. Notably, my PC is powered by an i7 5820K, a Titan X 12GB and 32GB DDR4. Reducing the draw distance and visible objects' distance below 1000m does help significantly, but it doesn't look good. So, if someone from Bohemia reads this, please consider that some of your customers can't play a game if it renders below the frame rate of their monitor, i.e. in most cases that's 60 fps. Thank you.
  3. I think that the resolution we experience using a monitor cannot be achieved by a VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) for at least another six years. This is because to achieve a wide field of view (FOV), a lot more and smaller pixels are needed. I was trying to develop my own HMD last year and my experiments with optics showed that even a 4K HMD would not look as good as a standard 1080p monitor for 3D design or other precision tasks. We'll have to wait for 8K+ resolutions, to experience an image that becomes interesting in terms of resolution. Furthermore, HMDs will require significantly more CPU and GPU power; the computer has to render x2 3D scenes (for each eye), x2 the frame rate, close to 100 fps, plus real time lens distortion correction and lens colour aberration correction, with very small latency (to avoid/minimize nausea effects). Given the pace of CPU and GPU development, I am not expecting a reasonably priced, high resolution, VR system (PC + HMD) to become available prior to 2018 (being very optimistic, here). 8K is planned for roll out in 2020 and, given the delays in rolling out 4K, probably the 8K panel prices won't be within reach until much later. However, the Oculus DK2 offers an amazing new experience. I recall my (emeritus) grandmother saying that when she first saw a TV (in black & white), it was a magical experience, nearly unbelievable. I didn't expect I would ever feel the same but now I think I've been given this opportunity; Even with a fairly low resolution, the experience of using a VR HMD like the Oculus DK2 is magical, cannot be put in words, one has to experience it, to realise how VR will change the world in ways we probably can't imagine.
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    Zeus gaming Nights

    Hi, I've just ordered the Arma III CD/DVD and look forward to joining some Zeus gaming nights. Best regards, Nikos