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  1. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    Thank you once again for the updates, and taking the time to reply.
  2. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    Thanks for the Alpha maps Jigsor! Awesome work :) Although, is anyone else getting a constant freeze for a quick second every 5 seconds or so during game? i only get this on the zargabad map with the alpha update, . i also got the same issue on kunduz on the previous release. i think other players were fine, at least they never mentioned anything to me, could it be something that's only effecting the host (me) ?? like i say all other maps are fine if i host a LAN just for myself, and online is fine with other players, it only seems to be Kunduz and Zargabad i get this issue. Any ideas? Thanks. And keep up the good work, its much appreciated :)
  3. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    Well we have been caning this mission for days, and its working solid chief. no issues at all. Would love to see Lingor if you ever get around to it :) Thanks.
  4. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    Found another issue, not sure if its my end or the mission buddy but... The overcast setting are set to 0% / off but i still get cloudy weather. I had this issue before using alive, it seemed to be temperamental, sometimes it worked, other times it did not :/ As for Task Force, we are using discord so its a shame until maybe one day they implement the plugin for it so i cant test that out And Enhanced Movement we dont really like, but if nobody else confirms it works or not ill install it to let you know. Thanks again. Keep up the good work
  5. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    Awesome! your tha man! **Edit** We been on the Takistan mission all night, everything working fine apart from the intel does not give a marker for the cashes. Not sure if the cashes are actually there or not, we didnt come across any. Apart from that, top notch :)
  6. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    ah that explains it, thanks for answering so fast... i did see the post on how you actually do it, just thought i was missing something. Great job man! this mission is epic! cant thank you enough for your hard work, normally i make and use missions using ALiVE, but your scripted way makes the game run so much better! ''Oh i forgot to mention, it is the takistan version we are running not altis... is there a dropbox version of takistan?'' Thanks.
  7. susscon

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi people. AWESOME mission! I have been off Arma for a while, but its great to come back and play a mission like this! alot of hard work has been put in to this.. thank you! One problem i have, i dont know what im doing wrong, but the ''Deliver Supplies'' side mission... i have no clue how to do it! i do not see any supplies around the base to collect or load into a vehicle. Can someone explain briefly how to start this mission? others you assign, but the Deliver Supplies mission im at a total loss :/ or is there any way i can skip certain missions? that would also be handy. Thanks.
  8. Alright Guys... Been popping brain cells since last night! wiped every trace of arma, workshop content u name it, re-installed arma, run it vanilla and still it hanged up on me when trying to host.... but i have finally managed to host again. Not sure the exact reason, but these are the last few steps i have done before it worked. Deleted my arma3profile saves including arma3.cfg in documents. removed @allinarmaterrainpack started the game and tried ''joining'' a random server once joined, i quit out and tried to host and it worked! I have an odd feeling that joining a random server before hosting my own is what got rid of the bug, or maybe removing my profile saves.... Who knows.... The Joys Of Arma ey? Hope this helps you in some way guys.:) **Edit** I have put all my mods back on, including @allinarmaterrainpack mentioned above. put my original arma3profile saves and arma3.cfg back in documents and its all still working fine and able to host :/ I'm more swayed towards it being a case of just joining a random server now... but that cant be right can it? Or maybe i have had a totally different problem in the first place, but after searching the symptoms were exact same to other players. ??? confused.com :j:
  9. There used to be a ''radio_keys.hpp'' file to edit your ptt or channel switch keys on the keyboard. has this been removed from the latest version? as i its using the default key bindings again and i cant seem to change them, even if i use my old ''radio_keys.hpp'' file, it does not seem to be affective and the default key bindings conflict with all my other Arma 3 bindings. Does anyone know what im doing wrong, or is there just no way of customising your ptt keys anymore?? ***EDIT*** Sorry i just found out you can change them in game... my bad, will research more before i post in future :/
  10. Hi, this is by far the best revive script, works wonders apart from one issue i have, tcb_ais_revive_guaranty is set to true and tcb_ais_realistic_mode to false, but still as im injured or another player gets injured and falls to the ground, enemy still shoot at the player and results in death. not sure if this is right, i would like the units to always have a chance to revive a fallen troop, but it seems this is not working for me. what am i missing? basicly my mission has no respawn, and fails when all troops are down. so i would like an option for any troop not to die when hit or take more fire once downed.. could this be done? Thanks in advance.
  11. awesome! thanks for the quick reply. My bad for not checking through all the posts.
  12. Amazing Work! the effort put into this mission is outstanding! Thank You for this release. My question is that I cant seem to find a way to disable the ceasefire in the main base, or cant find the script to edit... Could someone explain where to find this or what I can do to disable it as our group would like to build a shooting range close to base for weapon testing ect. Big thumbs up :)
  13. susscon

    ArmA won't start for me, either

    It was the New Standalone Of DayZ that i had this trouble with, i disabled my antivirus and firewalls and it fixed the problem, strange because i never had to do this before to play it. So i guess your right. its a firewall or AV that causes this issue :) thanks mate
  14. players that join our insurgency server get stuck with a black loading screen at spawn and only have audio yet they can move around. There is no way to escape out of game to try and rejoin and results in having to Alt TAB and end task. The first one or two players seem to spawn in fine, but any more than 3 and they will hang on a black loading screen/clan splash screen, even though they do appear in the spawn point in base to other players. We have tried everything and searched forum after forum for a reason why this is happening but with no luck. Has anyone has had this problem before and managed to eliminate why this is happening ??? ***** This has now been fixed ***** ***** Post Can Be Deleted *****