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  1. A simple modification that adds a non-visible battle belt "backpack" to the game. This allows for continued use of a backpack's functionality (primarily passing equipment in MP) without everyone in the unit having a visible backpack. The carrying capacity is intentionally kept low (can carry a single Toolkit or PCML round, for example). Class Name; B_Battle_Belt_F Feel free to modify, re-upload or fold into existing mod packs. Direct Download Steam changelog v3 -minor code changes -updated bikey v2 -signed with bikey v1 -initial
  2. SagJangi

    Advanced Towing

    An option for the MM to define which object would be great.
  3. SagJangi

    Advanced Towing

    Great looking mod! I haven't played with it yet but what about requiring an item, like a tool kit, to enable towing capability?
  4. These's are a few ideas for expanding Arma 3 in a future update. 1. The ability to FFV from an ATV's passenger seat. As well as from the driver's seat if the engine is off (or just stopped if possible). 2. Medevac variants of the Ghosthawk, Wildcat, Orca, Hunter, Strider, Punisher and Offroad (Civilian and FIA). 3. 12.7mm RCWS variants of the HEMTT, Kamaz and Tempest trucks. 4. The Eden update changed the default gait when a character walks. Indicating that there is more that one animation. Could it be possible to choose from multiple gait options in your profile similar to how you choose your appearance? 5. A static .50 cal with hi and low tripods for the FIA (the one mounted on the offroad).
  5. My group used ALiVE last night with pretty good results. After using the Asymmetric AI Commander two things came to my mind; The addition of a "Civilian Stop" command if you are within a certain distance of a civilian. Running them down for intel is very annoying and time consuming. Maybe even have a percentage chance they will not stop tied to their current aggression level. The ability for AI controlled by the Asymmetric Commander to "go quiet/civilian" if there are to many enemy forces in the area and then the ability to return to insurgents when the enemy passes. Maybe they create a cache with their weapons in the nearest house they can recover later. Love this mod guys.
  6. SagJangi

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Good deal. What about a base station radio that has to be assembled and carried like a crew weapon (2+ backpacks). Could be interesting for TvTs. Maybe a SATCOM system that doesn't have terrain interference.
  7. SagJangi

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    I've been out of the loop for a few months. Just brain storming. And here I was thinkin' I had an original thought. Dammit! Awesome. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. SagJangi

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Not sure if this is possible from a technical standpoint but what about the ability, via optional module, to make direct and radio speech incomprehensible from faction to faction. i.e. an INDEP player can still hear an OPFOR player speaking but they cannot understand what is being said. Additionally, add an option to make specific players/slots capable of understanding two, three or four factions (BLU, RED, IND and CIV) so they can serve as interpreters.
  9. I figured out the IND_G_F "problem". IND_G_F in the MIL/CIV Placement Module is controlled by the AAF faction the AI Commander Module. I was putting IND_G_F in the AI Commander Module. ---------- Post added at 00:48 ---------- Previous post was at 23:06 ---------- Does this already happen with different TAORs? The Population Module simply sets starting hostility while different TAORs gain/lose hostility independently over time?
  10. Question about Civilian Placement/Population. Is it possible to have multiple TAORs that have different faction hostility? i.e. The civilians in Oreokestro will shoot/attack BLUFOR on sight but the civilians in Kavala are friendly to BLUFOR. Thanks for the input on the IND_G_F question.
  11. Cannot wait to see similar functionality in ACE. Great mod.
  12. Yeah, that has been my experience as well. ---------- Post added at 01:53 ---------- Previous post was at 01:49 ---------- Any plans for this ALiVE guys?!
  13. Is there support for the INDEPENDENT Guerrilla faction? Something like IND_G_F?
  14. This shit just keeps getting better and better... Awesome.
  15. SagJangi

    AAF Desert

    Such a great mod. Its a little thing but the camo scheme is so much better than the vanilla camouflage. Glad to see it got an update.
  16. Does this mod effect AI at all? I'm guessing that would be difficult to pull off but it would be awesome for COOPs. Great mod man
  17. This guy. "B_Plane_CAS_01_F" I think its called a class name. I could be wrong.
  18. This is a great mod! Looks incredible. What are the class names? Trying to add it to my cTab list. Thanks!
  19. SagJangi

    YO!NK Better Opfor FIA

    Trying to add these guys to my ASR AI mod. Do they have a name similar to ones below or are they still under the OPF_G_F? Thanks! BLU_F - NATO BLU_G_F - FIA CIV_F - Civilians IND_F - AAF IND_G_F - FIA OPF_F - Iran / CSAT OPF_G_F - FIA
  20. What about the ability to remove all optics by faction similar to the remove NVGs/Thermals option? Also, I understand this may be difficult but is it possible to change class (i.e. medic, repair, engineer, etc...) and faction (i.e. CSAT to NATO or vice verse) on the fly?
  21. What about a base station radio that can be mounted, assembled and disassembled like a crew weapon (i.e. two backpacks)?!?!?!
  22. You're not alone. Your mods are awesome. Keep it up.