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  1. Hellow Sorry for my bad English I'm using a translator Gloogle I'm having this error in Terrain Builder "" Import - Zone of imported data is far from project reference zone. Date can not be imported " This is happening a few days ago, not before and only happens with my island of Cabrera, not with other projects (map samples, starter kit map, etc.) They know that I can occur and how to fix it? Thanks for your time EDIT: Here I found a solution here here but data for Easting (m): 2.00000 Nortthing (m): 0 not work if I change the UTM zone. what would the new data to be entered in Easting (m) limitis (65000, 825000) Northing (m) limits (-7872, 892 127) ******************************************************************************** Hola Perdón por mi mal inglés Estoy usando gloogle traductor estoy teniendo éste error en Terrain Builder "" Import - Zone of imported data is far fron project reference zone. Date cannot be imported" Esto está pasando hace unos dias, antes no y solo me ocurre con mi isla de Cabrera, no con los demás proyectos (map samples, kit starter map, etc,) Saben que puedo ocurrir y cómo solucionarlo? Gracias por vuestro tiempo
  2. singlot

    MAP CONFIG TOOL 1.02 ??

    I'm sorry, it's possible that my question was not well asked. //////////////////////////////////////////// This tool never worked and my question was. Will they be fixed some day? Is a good and simple tool if it will work, of course of Terrain Builder for config, clutter and surface files thz and sorry
  3. Why does the MAP CONFIG TOOL 1.02 from Terrain Builder and MapConfigEditor not work? They never think to fix it?? bis^¿¿
  4. I could explain the value of the numbers. Or where I can find some tutorial or txt that explain that affect You can choose where these sounds will be heard from TB or the A3 recognizes the code. THz, and sorry gor my bad inglish, i use googletransl xd
  5. True. I got it with a portable hd and then pass it to my pc thank you very much to all
  6. I am a copy owner of a3 and asked if it is possible to update the game without internet? Do not you have any patches to download from any ftp or web? sorry for my bad inglish but i use transladator
  7. english translation good morning. I'm a fan of mapping ( goat island is a working mine ) . But I need to find a page to download files from heights , ie the GDM, then he closed the page ASTER_GDM. excuse my bad English , I'm using a translator because my native language is Spanish. Thank you all for your time and I hope good news ******************************************************************************************************* español Buenos Días. Soy un aficionado a la creación de mapas (goat island es un trabajo mio). Pero necesito encontrar una pagina de donde bajar archivos de alturas, es decir los GDM, pues la página ASTER_GDM cerró Disculpen mi mal inglés, estoy usando un traductor pues mi idioma materna es el español Muchas Gracias a todos por su tiempo y espero buenas noticias good morning. I'm a fan of mapping ( goat island is a working mine ) . But I need to find a page to download files from heights , ie the GDM , then he closed the page ASTER_GDM
  8. singlot

    Esus Server A3 Administration Tool

    great. Great job. Waiting for new options this great work salu2 SinGLoT
  9. WIP [sorry for my Inglish i use transladator] Cabrera Island is a small island in the Balearic Islands, Spain. I have tried to capture their profile and best field within the constraints that give me the objects. In some cases due to the limitations I have taken some license. This version is in Beta01. Missing many things yet to make and review. cheers [ESUS]SinGloT Some hi-res screens: http://imgur.com/a/lz9aw#0 http://imgur.com/a/8F9ng#0 Video InGame https://youtu.be/tqxUcyQ6fBA https://youtu.be/L1jDPPHaVM4 https://youtu.be/I1hrPd3LWtw ================================================================================ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mapframes Definitions Name: "kab" [current] Easting (m)..............: 200000.000 Northing (m).............: 0.000 Size (m).................: 10240.000 x 10240.000 Terrain grid size (cells): 1024 x 1024 Terrain cell size (m)....: 10.000 Imagery size (px)........: 10240 x 10240 Imagery resolution (m/px): 1.000 Texture layer size (m)...: 20.00 x 20.00 ================================================================================ ================================================================================ Trabajando en el Isla de Cabrera es una pequeña isla situada en las Islas Baleares, España. He intentando plasmar su perfil y su terreno lo mejor posible dentro de las limitaciones que me dan los objetos ya creados. En algunos casos debido a esas limitaciones me he tomado alguna licencia. Esta version esta en Beta01. faltan bastantes cosas aún por colocar y repasar. ================================================================================ Salu2 [ESUS]SinGloT Some hi-res screens: http://imgur.com/a/lz9aw#0 http://imgur.com/a/8F9ng#0 Tutorial Crear Mapas en Arma3 - Español
  10. Thank you very much for your support NigthtoVizard. some current pictures would have been good. ********************************************************* Moltes Gracies NtV thank you very much for your support .hubiera estado bien unas fotos actuales, Pero entre el satélite y el google xD voy haciendo muchas gracias por los ánimos.
  11. moltes gracies if it is true that some things are not true to life . I took a small allowance to invent without distorting . But I tried to be as faithful to that seen in pictures since I have not been to the island in person ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ si es verdad que algunas cosas no son fieles a la realidad. Me he tomado un pequeño permiso para inventar sin desvirtuar. Pero he intentado ser lo más fiel a lo visto en fotos pues no he estado en la isla en persona.
  12. bulldozer stopped working again? today I stopped working without making any changes. Anyone else happens this problem? cheers
  13. yes i reinstall tools to new hd, and run mikeros , but no work error: 1 - no entry config.bin.CfgAILevelsPresets 2 - config.bin/RscChatListDefault.ColorGlobalChannelPlayerBackground no see de sky :-( UPDATE: work, use devP and update Buldozer thanks for the help
  14. i have the same problem only occurs with X OBJ, with vanilla no
  15. Congratulations. God Job I wonder if I can change the function of the SHIFT key, as I can not use in X-CAM SHIFT closes window edit when I'm editing I can either use SHIFT in conjunction with another key, for example SHIFT + Q any solution? sorry for my BAD uk
  16. hi. Any idea why I can not see the red and green edit spheres ?? (key S in Buldozer). Error opening Bulldozer can not open no object \ sphere \ sphere.p3d thz a lot solved, thz
  17. I hope you can understand my question then use google translator. Hello. I am having a problem when entering my map I created. NOT see the buildings when clicking the M key In the game are, but to give the KEY M can not be displayed in him. If I see ROADS, but CASAS, STONES, ETC ETC are not displayed when you open the map with M. key Thank you very much for your time. ESPAÑOL Hola. Estoy teniendo un problema al entrar a mi mapa creado. NO veo los edificios cuando clic en la tecla M. En el juego se ven, pero al darle a la TECLA M no se pueden visualizar en él. Si veo las ROADS, pero las CASAS, PIEDRAS, ETC, ETC no se visualizan al abrir el mapa con tecla M. Espero me haya explicado bien Muchas gracias por su tiempo.
  18. thank you very much pboProject always use to binarize I will review the .p3d with DeP3d tool
  19. the same problem but when I start Buldozer
  20. sorry for my bad English Textures have the error that is giving Buldozer in Arma3 but I've solved it. first put the Arma3Tools in Developer second download the new Arma3p Third delete the folder A3 Disco P fourth return to decompress Arma3P with this my work has become my TerrainBuilder greetings and good luck Spanish Desde la actualización tenía el error de Texturas que está dando Buldozer pero lo he solucionado. primero poner el Arma3Tools en Developer segundo descargar el Arma3p nuevo tercero borrar la carpeta A3 del Disco P cuarto volver a descomprimir con Arma3P para crear uan carpeta A3 nueva con esto a mi me ha vuelto a funcionar el TerrainBuilder saludos y suerte
  21. jjj Gracias Bro Thank a lot PD: run perfect