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  1. I was just wondering if there is any way to totally reset the ATragMX ballistics data to its default? Before I really knew wtf I was doing..I messed with different guns and changed the information and saved it. So now, I really have no idea what the original data was and I'm sure its hell on my accuracy. Is there a file I can delete or replace with an original? I've seen no kind of "reset" data or "default" data button on it in game. Thanks in advance, Shiz
  2. THANK YOU! I was going mad trying to figure out what I did wrong. Never thought about a module. : /
  3. Hello. Thanks for all the work you do ACE team. I'm here for some help. I thought I'd try my hand at marksmanship but I seem to be doing something wrong. I went and watched some YT tutorials and noticed some differences in their range card vs mine. Mine, since I have used it has just had one column per section filled in. One bullet drop, one wind and one lead column. On every other card picture or video I've seen theirs is filled out. So is there a 3rd party something I need to get this info to fill itself in?? A pic from my steam profile to show what I mean.. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/646628456451006224/5D994AA93DCFCDE48D284B28894BE744E24DF3AD/ As far as I know ACE 3 is installed properly. It is in my ArmA 3 root. I seen a page or two back that .dll files need to be taken out of the @ace and put into the ArmA 3 root as well. Is this true? It is in no install documentation I've seen. In any case, I tried putting the .dll files into the root and no change. I tried with just CBA and ACE last night in the editor with a new mission, no change. I have to think that if this was an issue there would be outcry from all the hardcore shooters, but I've found nothing like this in any searches I've done. Which leads me to...what am I not doing right? ACE is installed and working..to the best of my knowledge. Card is on me properly or I couldn't open it. All the range card wiki says is to open it. Help please! lol Thanks in advance, Shiz
  4. shiznyte

    MRT Accessory Functions

    Same. The optics and the combo IR/light switching work just fine. But the IR/light will NOT turn on. Yes, I have pushed my "L" key multiple times. I know it is not on when you switch functions. I'd have to check again but I think it even breaks the vanilla stuff too. I've found for me at least it is ACE 3. CBA, MRT and SMA all work fine. Add ACE 3 and the IR pointer/flashlight stop working. Hope you can sort it out. I went over to the ACE page and from what I read from them on the FAQ they say "our mod is too big, talk to the other guy".
  5. shiznyte

    STI Addons

    Yup, the A-10's still explode. If you have the planes and yourself set to respawn it's just an annoyance. They will explode once or twice but then be enterable the third. If you are shot down though, the cycle is repeated and they will blow up a couple times then be enterable. Very odd. I had a question about the STI LMG/MMG pack too. Has anyone else been having graphical glitches with them? I've seen ammo boxes hovering a meter above peoples heads and last night the texture for the bipods were being stretched up to the floating ammo box. Making a huge triangle texture extending from the feet of the bipod up to the ammo box.
  6. Hello all, After switching to PurePings to host an ArmA 3 game server I have noticed some oddities that have me scratching my head and coming here for answers. Other services(HFB/ViLayer) I have used had much easier control panels to work with that had more options for configuration. There is only one config file editable which is the server.cfg. Also, with PurePings you are only allowed to edit the -mod line in the 'Command Line Changer' editor, making it unable to switch which .cfg files you want loaded, which brings me to the problem. I have so far been unable to find a way to edit the difficulty settings for the server. I did find the .Arma3Profile in Users>server but it is a barebones file that is not a .cfg and only had the top six or seven lines. There were no difficulty settings to edit. I've read it should be in Users>SYSTEM and as with HFB/ViLayer should be a .cfg and editable. Even if they were though I am unable to call them through the Command Line. It is also the same story with the Arma3.cfg file. It is in the correct place and .cfg but is barebones with nothing to really edit. As I'm sure you can tell I am very new to maintaining a game server. I want to be sure I will not fubar the server. Am I able to just copy/paste the .cfg files I need from > https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server < there into the proper area(Users>SYSTEM) and they will boot properly with no command line editing? This is very frustrating and I would greatly appreciate some insight. Thank you in advance, Shiz
  7. shiznyte

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    Nice. But the Driver pos no longer has NV capabilities. Intended?
  8. shiznyte

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    So is the overheat implemented? Cause I fired thousands of rounds only pausing to switch mags/belts and never had a jam or anything that resembled an overheat. I used the MX LMG and the AV m249. I had an extra barrel on me through both tests and could never figure out how to change them. Which makes me think it just doesn't work.
  9. Problem with the new ALiVE civies module? Keep waiting for an update to this.
  10. I am personally totally new to Insurgency and had no idea what to look for or expect when I booted the mission. You have a very solid start to an awesome mission. Our first test was last night. We only had a couple people and I hosted the mission. It performed excellent for the 2+ hours it was going. There was minor desync during the initial start cause ALiVE was populating the map, nothing to be done there I know. It felt unique with all the ambient life/vics. AI were easy to kill, but I know Aggressors was made that way on purpose, also not much if anything you can do there. There were a TON of enemy. Which made up for their skill level. I believe we had it on 5 pieces per town and 6 caches. Intel seemed impossible to find, at first. We stumbled around not knowing what to expect and look for. We finally found our first bit of intel in the form of an ammo crate I believe. And from there on kept finding the different types which was very cool. Once we knew what to look for it became much easier. But the spawn points for the intel does seem off at times. I don't know if it just looks for any structure to place items next to or inside. It felt extremely random. We found items mostly outside houses along walls which differs from the information given in the map. Being new to this type of Insurgency it was very refreshing to do something other than just shoot at baddies though. We hopped in a helo and were delighted at the para/fast rope functions. :) If you can you may want to disable the fast rope function unless the chopper is low enough for the rope to reach the ground. We lost a man during testing who tried it at 100m before we knew how long the rope actually was. It was a good laugh though. Civilian vehicles while neat at times, where...nonsensical at others. Seeming to just ram stuff and blow up at random. They spawned inside the base as well doing the same. Blacklist maybe? I don't know if you can do anything about that or not. The same with baddies. When we came back from one town there were enemies that had set up shop on our tarmac/hanger area. Again I don't know if there is anything you can do about it. They may have just randomly patrolled into that area. Our second test was tonight on our dedicated server. There seemed to be much less enemies this time around. I had changed it to 3 item of intel per town and 4 caches. Does the number of intel/caches influence the number of enemies? It could have just been ALiVE being ALiVE and random. In which case, shrug*. It does what it does. Again the intel spawns seemed very random, mostly being outside buildings. As Daniel describes above he somehow got bugged and could not retrieve intel of any kind. There was a silver briefcase that spawned inside the spire in Loy Manara close to the top of the staircase. It said I was able to get it, but when I did it did not retrieve it and then we could do nothing with it. No idea why or if it can be duplicated. I'll do more on our server tomorrow and see how it acts. Overall it is a very good mission. Behaves well most of the time. :) Performance is not an issue as far as I can tell. You could easily add more slots if you wanted I think. I'm not particularly liking all the ammo crates in the staging area, but have no good suggestion on how to change it. Daniel suggested just having a handful of crates. Emptying them out and putting all ammo in one, all weapons in another, accessories in another..and so on. I don't know if scripting all that in would bog anything down or not. I think that the CAS Jets can be tossed out. With all the civilian life you better have one damn good pilot, but I'll bet 99% will nuke some civies. I'd take the jets out and replace with an attack helo. They are much more surgical and can be used with less collateral damage. They also make an excellent scouting platform is utilized properly. *edit* We still have not found a cache and have no clue what they look like. We did find another weapons box in a town that was NOT intel. Cache? It just had a bunch of optics inside it. My thoughts so far. More to come. Regards, SPC H. Thompson[3CD] S-5 Public Affairs Office 3rd Cavalry Division
  11. shiznyte

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Am I able? And if so, how can I get this Squad Topic deleted/locked? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158747-3rd-Cavalry-Division-Realism-Unit-is-now-recruiting-Infantry-Armor-and-Aviation! All we want to do is get rid of that post and make a new one since we cant edit his. He left the unit months ago. I can put new information under his posts but I'd rather not make a potential recruit read more than they have to about old outdated stuff. I posted in it hoping a moderator in a "pre-moderated" forum as they say would catch it and at least let me know. All they did was delete an old post from a retired moderator(MadDogX)? warning Mahon not to bump the thread and pushed it through. I have PMed Placebo and got nothing back. I have reported the post and got nothing back. A moderator visited my profile so clearly I've been on the radar, but told nothing. I don't want to nag or be impatient but I thought 7 days would be enough to at least get a PM telling me it is possible or not. If I have to wait till they can get around to it that is fine, I just want to know if it is even possible since it is not my post we are trying to get taken down. Are we stuck with his garbage unable to make a new topic in fear it will be locked cause there are two 3rd Cav topics? Thanks, Shiz *edit* Thank you MadDogX for doing what you do. Much appreciated. /salute
  12. shiznyte

    HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import

    *sad face* Maybe talk to some other Vehicle authors and see if they can shed light on the issue? All in all it is still an awesome addition to the game. Does it inherit anything from a civilian vehicle? They do not have any options in the mounted radio racks. Peace, Shiz
  13. shiznyte

    HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import

    Don't know if you were able to track the bug down in ACRE yet. But in your HMMWV's I was not able to bring up the 117 in the vehicle mounted radio rack. I've no idea if that is an after effect of the bug or an origin, but all ArmA 3 vehicles I am able to bring up the 117 with Alt+Shift+Q. Again, GL to you finding this little bugger. Can't wait to 'roll' out again. Sorry, had to do it. :P Peace, Shiz
  14. shiznyte

    HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import

    With the following the HMMWV's work, no error message, but the wheels do not spin once in-game. I could place them and drive..glide them around Stratis/Altis and the ArmA 3 Map Pack fine. - ACRE v1.4.10 - Alive v0.5.6 - A3C_Nametags v n/a - AV_IndUS v1.6 - Bcombat v.15 - CAF Aggressors v1.0 - Campaign Hat v1.2 - CBA vbeta4 - cTab v1.2.0.1 - FHQ Accessories v1.4 - HAFM HMMWV's v2.0 - Helmet IR Strobe v1.3 - JayAmrA3Lib v1.4.0 - ASDG Joint Rails(RH and AV plugins) v0.8 - Karma Modules v1.4 - MGB Killhouses v1.0 - RH M4/M16's v1.05 - ShakTac HUD v1.0 - Tao Folding Map v2.1 - TMR Alternate v1.3 - VTS Resting v0.5 So I did some digging and found out it stems from ACRE/JayArmA3Lib. I went through one by one and ACRE bugs the wheels out, locks them up. You just glide around. Just to make sure nothing else was doing it I enabled everything except ACRE. Wheels move proper, no error message. The first time you try to preview with ACRE enabled by itself you get this error: 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/HMMWV2M2(_M2,_Mk19,_TOW).damageHalf' < Depends on model as I'm sure you already know. I'm guessing maybe it has something to do with the vehicle rack for vehicles with ACRE. Hope this helps you track the bug down. Good luck to you. Peace, Shiz