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  1. Shpook's Ambient Lightning Script By Shpook Script Version: 1.0 Description: Hey everyone. Here's a small ambient lightning script I made for a mission, I figured people would enjoy using it. It's lightweight, and shouldn't affect mission performance at all. This is based on the Zeus lightning function from Bohemia. You can adjust the center the lightning spawns around, the radius the lightning spawns in, and the maximum duration between strikes. Download: You can download the script from Armaholic. Usage: Place the scripts folder in your mission folder. You can call the script from almost anywhere: init.sqf, a game logic, a player, or any other script. I prefer to use init.sqf. Parameters: _center - OBJECT, MARKER, or POSITION. Marker must have quotes(""). Position must be array[]. Default is player. _radius - Radius around center that lightning is randomly spawned. Default is 800 meters. _interval - Maximum duration in which lightning strikes. Default is 60 seconds. nul = [_center, _radius, _interval] execVM "scripts\SHPambientLightning.sqf"; Spawn lightning with defaults of player center, 800m radius, and 60s interval: Spawn lightning with transportHelicopter as center, 300m radius, and 20s interval: Spawn lightning with marker as center, 500m radius, and default interval: Spawn lightning with position array as center, default radius, and default interval: To stop the lightning script, type the following in a trigger or script: Video: Known Issues: It will most likely act strange in multiplayer, due to the mixture of localities. I haven't noticed any issues with smaller player counts, but it's not tested with more than a few players. Please let me know if you notice anything strange. Todo: Add a variable check to the loop to allow script cancellation during mission. Licensing: Feel free to do anything you want with this script. Also feel free to post any improvements, I'd love to see them. Special Thanks: Bohemia for providing both the Arma platform and the lightning function. TEST Outfit, TEST Arma for helping with testing, especially Vezer0. Changelog: (7/11/2014) v1.0 - Initial release. (7/13/2014) v1.1 - Added chance of building and structure strikes. Added check variable to allow loop cancellation. Fixed a bug preventing the center from following a moving player or object.
  2. Updated. v1.1 is available in the first post. I added a chance for building and object strikes, thanks to a suggestion from Youtube user jtgibson01. Also added a variable, SHPLightningRun, that will stop the script when set to false. See first post. (7/13/2014) v1.1 - Added chance of building and structure strikes. Added check variable to allow loop cancellation. Fixed a bug preventing the center from following a moving player or object.
  3. FYI, if you have enableDebugConsole = 1, the console and camera is available only to the admin or host, not everyone. 2 will allow it for everyone.
  4. No problem. In your case, private isn't honestly doing much unless you call the script from another script. It still allows variable sharing with inner scopes(I think). Also, _chaser is defined here: _chaser = (_this select 0); While _marker is defined here: _marker = createmarker [_nazwa, [0,0]]; I generally use hints and/or log reporting on a step by step basis when I run into trouble. So just start with: hint format["%1", _chaser]; and see if it's defined, then move down the line. You can also combine them into one hint: hint format["%1, %2, %3", _chaser, _chased, _radius]; Do it for each variable, but only put up one hint at a time. Make sure they return the values they should. But honestly, I didn't get a single error with your code. :)
  5. Works fine for me. I copy and pasted your script, didn't change anything. Placed an OPFOR group named chaser1, and a BLUFOR group named hunted. Started the mission, and called the script with the same line you used. OPFOR proceeded to move to BLUFOR's location. With debug on, the markers don't show up, but otherwise it seems to work fine. Since you're getting an undefined variable message, maybe you have a typo in one of the group leaders init line?
  6. Thanks Tom, Poseidon really helps ease scripting once you learn the ins and outs. I actually have Poseidon open more often than Arma. I've been following since the early releases, and it really has come into it's own. I do have a small nitpick though. The shortcuts under the "Misc Tools" can be a bit confusing. For example, to make a private statement, it says "Ctrl+E, Ctrl+P", when it really should say "Ctrl E+P". Not a huge deal at all, just figured I'd point it out. Thanks!
  7. Shpook

    ANN Overlay

    Hey Trooper, I know this a late response, but if you haven't figure it out, this is how: (uinamespace getvariable "BIS_AAN") closedisplay 1;
  8. Shpook

    Ivory Aircraft

    Nice model! Very fun to fly, though I do have a couple constructive criticisms. First, the rudder feels a bit sluggish for having such a large rudder. Second, elevator movement is backwards. When you apply up elevator, the elevator should actually move up, which will pivot the aircraft on the center of gravity. Nothing major, just wanted to point them out. Thanks for the awesome aircraft!
  9. http://www.whiskeysquad.com/VnYYU5E.jpg (436 kB) Shpook's Carpet Bomb Script by Shpook Description: This is a small script I wrote to carpet bomb an area. It was written to be used with the CH-49 Mohawk, but it could probably be used with any helicopter. Features: Bombs. As many as you want. Each bomb has a 15m area of effect. Download: Shpook's Carpet Bombing Script v1.1 Installation: Copy the \scripts folder into your mission folder. Included files: scripts\carpetBomb.sqf scripts\carpetDrop.sqf Usage: Place this in the init section of the Mohawk: nul = [this] execVM "scripts\carpetbomb.sqf"; You can also customize color, bomb count, and drop rate. The format is: nul = [this, color, bombCount, dropRate] execVM "scripts\carpetbomb.sqf"; Textures are: 0 = Gray 1 = Black 2 = Default So if you wanted a black Mohawk, to drop 30 bombs, with a 0.2 second delay between each bomb, this is how: nul = [this, 1, 30, 0.2] execVM "scripts\carpetbomb.sqf"; To use the bombs, make sure you are the co-pilot, and select "Release Bombs" from the action menu. Change log: 1.1 - Added ability to select helicopter color. Moved explosion processing into function to allow better ground hit detection. Cleaned up code. 1.0: Initial release. Credits & Thanks: Thanks to my fellow outfit mates of Test Outfit. Inspiration also came from Karel Moricky's destroyCity function. Armaholic
  10. See, I grew up and live in a huge urban area. I expect to hear police sirens, gunshots, and angry hookers. :) I mean, it really wasn't THAT big of a deal. But SOMEONE had to complain, right? Thanks TPW!
  11. Another satisfied customer here. But, I'm also another needy and demanding customer. :P One small request: Maybe tone back the barking dogs? I think Altis has a SEVERE dog infestation. No matter how many bombs we drop on them, they just keep barking, and barking, and barking..... :D In all seriousness, it does seem just a bit much. I really do love the ambience it brings, but they bark pretty much non-stop. Also, maybe some other animal noises? Again, thanks TPW!
  12. Oh. Well, then ignore my previous suggestions. The more I learn about A3Sync, the more I love it. Thanks Major! :)
  13. I guess I was a bit confusing on that first part. :) So, say someone connects and downloads my repository. I was suggesting that it should automatically create an addon group folder for that repo, that will only have the repo addons. This would eliminate the step of the user having to create the folder, and drag the addons to the folder. Also, thanks for the second part, I never realized that. :) ---------- Post added at 19:04 ---------- Previous post was at 19:01 ---------- Oh, also, back on the 17th, I had this issue, that you replied to: You're suggestion worked out on our server. And for our user, his JRE was out of date. Just wanted to say thanks. :)
  14. Still loving A3S. :D But I have a couple of small features request: First, it'd be nice if there was an addon group automatically created for a downloaded repo. Many of our users play with different groups, who use different mods. If there was an addon group, that stayed current with the repo build, all they would have to do is check the box, instead of going through the changelog. Also, there should be a way to delete mods that were deleted from the repo. As of current, we have to inform our users a mod was deleted, or they have to check the changelog. Of course, these are just quality of life suggestions. Regardless, thanks!
  15. Heya Major_Shepard. A3Sync is working out very well for my outfit. Repo management is stupidly easy, and I'm thankful for that. On that note, we're having a slight issue. On our server(Windows Server 2008) and a single member's computer(Windows 7 Ultimate), we can't create a folder under "Addon Groups". Which in turn, means we can't enable mods through A3Sync. It's not a big deal for the server, but I'm trying to get it sorted out for the member. I've check 10+ times to make sure everything is correct. EXE path, default mod folder, and repo paths are all correct. Also tried different locations. All mods show up in the "Available Addons" section. I've verified current versions of JRE, and tried running as admin. I'm a bit lost now. Any idea?
  16. Shpook

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    There's an odd, loud sound when infantry deploy their parachute, regardless of position relative to you. It sounds like hitting a punching bag. It's late, but tomorrow I'll get a video up for you. Great mod, btw. :)
  17. Shpook


    Yet another awesome script from Shuko. Thanks for this, I'll definitely add it to my arsenal. :)
  18. Very nice. I downloaded it, and am getting it set up on the server. I'll distribute it to our outfit members, and we'll give it a shot for a few weeks. So far, it looks like it's exactly what we need. Thanks again!
  19. Awesome. Just one question: Does it handle ACRE installation well?
  20. Awesome! I'll write my next few scripts with this, and give it a shot. Looks very promising!
  21. So, the code I use is: _helo setObjectTexture [0,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.2,0.21,0.2,0.8)']; _helo setObjectTexture [1,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.2,0.21,0.2,0.8)']; _helo setObjectTexture [2,'#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.2,0.21,0.2,0.8)']; You see how the only difference is the 0, 1, and 2? Those are different texture selections, which generally refer to different sections of the vehicle. If you search the config.bin of the vehicle for "hiddenselection", you'll see what textures, and how many they use. It takes a bit of probing to find the files. Anyways, on the Mohawk, it works changing all three exterior textures because of how BI designed the textures. On other vehicles, it doesn't work so well, and procedural textures look odd. You may have to actually copy the texture and edit it in Photoshop to get good-looking results. It all depends on the vehicle and texture design. In short, a little bit of file probing, a little bit or trial and error. :)
  22. Updated. 1.1 - Added ability to select helicopter color. Moved explosion processing into function to allow better ground hit detection. Cleaned up code. Shpook's Carpet Bombing Script v1.1
  23. Oh man....that's what I get for trying to get stuff done before bed. Thanks. :) Thanks mindstorm. I changed the texture to differentiate it from standard transports. I actually meant to make that optional, which I'll do in the next update. You can also move the HUD elements around by going to Configure - Game - Layouts. I really enjoy having the radar in view, makes detecting lock-ons much easier. And I honestly never had that problem. I tested up to a 5 second delay. It looks really odd, and takes forever. The bombs just sit on the ground, and ragdoll around from the other explosions. But the explosion sequence is kicked off by waiting until the first bomb dropped is within 2 meters of the ground, so it should start the sequence no matter what the delay is. (Although, now that I think about it, I may change that. If the first bomb lands on a taller structure, it may never initiate the sequence.)