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    PC stuff like overclocking and gaming. Like to keep fit too.
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    New to computers. Built my first ever computer up last August (2012) and am enjoying it. Perfect hobby while my kids are still young. I'm ex-forces Infantry Scottish Division UK and am digging the Arma3 as its not just another brainless FPS.
  1. markh7991

    3CB BAF Weapons

    LOL. Combat 95 was new when I joined put it that way. Minimi was something the French gave me a shot of once on their ranges and a pipe dream. Thanks guys. The nostalgia is real.
  2. markh7991

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Holy crap LMG? That thing was in the SLR days was it not? You're right though LSW wasn't that bad in single shot. Maybe the A2 modifications made the rifles a lot better on auto with the new mags. I couldn't tell you. In the chocolate factory wetting my balls as a young bayonet the LSW sucked satans balls for stoppages on auto doing short bursts. Thankfully I never had it after depot.
  3. markh7991

    3CB BAF Weapons

    No point having a bigger mag on the LSW. You'll be taking the mag off plenty to clear the insane amount of stoppages anyway so you might as well change it 'Welcome to Charlie Coy son. Here's the shit gun no one else wants to carry.' :D Only one bag on a GPMG and thats the bawbag behind it.
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    Group icons

    Server mission/config set to Veteran so group icons shouldn't be there but they are. How do I fix this? Is there a debug console command I can try that'll work in the meantime? The mission is persistent and I dont want to do anything that'll require a server restart. Thanks
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  10. Is there something I can do to a units init or something else to make each unit a medic for using the Medkit for full healing purposes? I'm using RHS units if that makes any difference. Thanks
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    See above
  13. How do I set up my mission description.ext for: Medical set to no instant death/unconscious Respawn enabled Revive enabled I think I'm doing something wrong as I'm instantly dying when I check it in server. Does there have to be at least one other player alive on server? Its currently set to: respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 5; respawnDialog = false; Thanks
  14. I'm getting this on the last line of the server rpt: 2015/07/19, 23:52:03 Error context version=12; I just get stuck on the load screen. If I do a mission without ACE3 it works. I tried renaming my mod folders to ace3 as suggested but I'm no further along. http://pastebin.com/gy2eWeMr http://pastebin.com/vRKQJyKb EDIT: Another mod was interfering with ACE & TFAR. Possible HAFM_A3, BW Dingo or BW Mod. Removed these mods and everything worked as intended
  15. Yes but my ace3 mod folder in server and on pc is 'ace'