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  1. HI ACRE team, I've downloaded the last CBA version (3.4.0) . It seems that after that update, it's impossible to open the radio interface....in any kind of way: keybind, ACE menu or double ckick on the radio icon into inventory. Did you experienced anything similar? Just me? Sorry..False flag! It's all OK
  2. Quick test. I've found a problem. It seems that, if don't use the GAIA settings module, when you try to set the GAIA settings from the MCC console ingame, MCC spawn units not considering the GAIA settings. Opposite, if you use the GAIA settings module, the spawned units consider the settings used in the module.
  3. First of all @shay_gman thank you for this release. Second, I'm happy you decided to use the next versions to fix the bugs. Third a general question: as "no more new features", do you consider also modifications of exiting one?
  4. I've to report a bug. If you spawn a vehicle (a GAZ or Ural with soldiers inside it) of the RHS Russian Faction from the 2d MCC admin console it's ok. if you spawn the same vehicle (with soldiers inside it) from the 3d editor view (not ZEUS view), the vehicles has the blue icon and one of the soldiers is set as opposite faction and he fires against the vehicle and he kills all the other soldiers.
  5. I know but at least, if happen and we don't have any problem..we can hide it... really appreciated.
  6. great!!! Thank you very much for the update and for this "[Tweak] Gear desync hint can now be toggled with CBA setting - default is to hide it."
  7. Yes. I confirm. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/142042-mcc-sandbox-3-dynamic-mission-creating-tool-for-arma-3/page-243#entry3121362
  8. hi @shay_gman it seems that there are some problems with HALO. (Mod loaded: ACE, CBA,MCC, RHS, ACRE ...all with the latest versions) 1. sometimes during the flight after the exit from the aircraft, the soldier continue to handle the weapon. 2. sometimes (actually "often" in our tests) MCC fails to complete the HALO process. It fails after the initial camera animation with the aircraft when the camera should switch to the first person view and you should find yourself inside the aircraft but actually the camera switch to the first person view and you are still in the initial position on the ground, dressing the pilot suit with the steerable parachute on the back . Repeating the process, for the people affected by this doesn't change the result. It continues to fail. In our tests, it seems very frequently...consider that trying 3 HALOs we had problems 2 times. It seems that there is a relation between the initial camera animation fail and the unsuccessul HALO... Two images...to show you. Initial Camera animation (missing aircraft...it seems that camera is pointing in another place) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/106228118600308751/E698A76AEFFBEB90D9FBA8465C707572245CE67A/ HALO failed...I'm not inside the aircraft http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/106228118600308903/787AD73A8D7D8D2A14227A22F65507546C2497A4/ 3. Sometimes, when point 2 happens, the soldier dresses the pilot suits with the steerable parachute but with the harness in the wrong position http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/106228118600307337/FC2030C0CAF046FFBC6CEC7CC76F72F4D8F67D9B/ Beside these problems I'd like to share some enhancements in this new HALO process. A. it could be fine to have the power to select the kind of aircraft to make the HALO...just a minor minor request but it could be good to have coherence with the mod of the faction we're using in that moment (for example RHS or anything else different from the Vanilla ones) B. the possibility to set the path of the aircraft flight (like for example the 3WP EVAC process), or , if easier, the opportunity to set the axis fo the aircraft flight. I'll explain the reason for this. Consider that we made the tests in 3 people (so I don't know if with more people the problem I'm describing is bigger...anyway...). Imagine to have a target in Rodopoli. We'd like to insert in zone with HALO from the South..near Charkia. OK. Select the 3 people, press HALO button, select Charkia. The animation starts, the aircraft flyes from South to North, near Charkia eject ourself. At the end of the parachuting(trying to maintain the position) we are largely spread from one to the another ones... one to the east of Charkia, one in the center and one to the west. And this just for 3 people...anyway..the spread direction is from east to west...and it should ok and without any particular problem because we decide, at the beginning, to attack Rodopoli from the south. So we're aligned to start the attack. But what should happen if we decided to attack from East or West? The risk is that some players could be spread too near the enemy, in particular when there are more than 3 players. I know, we could set the HALO point very far from the target zone...but it seems more a workaorund then a solution...also because is not easy to understand and evaluate before if the HALO point is far enough or not. For this I suggest the point B or if you want to maintain the South to North direction of the HALO aircraft, could you consider to give us the opportunity to set a spread distance...or, if easier for you, to reintroduce the previous system with the camera animation that is good to see. Thanks in advance.
  9. Rodopoli and Telos are two cities in Altis. Sorry to not mention it before.
  10. First of all thanks for the update. Then I've to report a problem. I did a quick test and it seems that CQB spawning is not working. Using RHS and Russian MFV faction, tested in Rodopoli and Telos. Any unit spawned inside the buildings.
  11. Hello all, first of all congratulations to the CUP team. It's a very big and important project for the whole Arma 3 community. It's very kind by you offer your knowledge and freetime helping this mod growing day byb day. After this..I've a question for CUP users who has to manage a big mod like this and in particular for people are playing CUP in a clan. The question is: How do you manage the CUP terrain updates in a clan environment? Everytime do you upload the whole package or do you use a smart method to upload just the updated pbos? Thanks in advance
  12. marcatore

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Thank you SENSEI. It works... now I'll play with a bit.
  13. marcatore

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hi, I'm feeling quite stupid but I'd like to test your mod but I can't understand how to use it. I've donwload the ZIP file with the @dcg folder. I copied that folder inside Arma3 and added to my modset. In the main menu I can see the DCG icon..so it's should be loaded. Now...I'm lost..I can't understand how should I use it inside a MP scenario I'd like to play. First of all I've tried with Eden editor if I have to add a module but in the "systems" menu I can't see DCG addons? After that I've loaded in Eden your dcg_west.altis trying to understand something but when I've opened it hadn't found any kind of object related to DCG. Where am I wrong? Thanks in advance
  14. Yes, it could be nice..and the best should be to have this bookmarks available as URL..something like you can do with youtube. In this way, in a mission debrief, you can link the moment you're refering for a specific timing and if a mission was 3 or 4 hours long, people can skip exactly where you link them
  15. I'd like to make a request that I'm sure you received many and many times...but I hope that you'll change your idea about what I'm writing... As clan, we use ACRE from the beginning (from day 0 you released it for Arma3) and we're very happy about it. I follow this thread (and the older one) and I've read your reply to people asked to remove the popup that notices a problem with the inventory system of Arma. If I remember well, you always replied that it's needed because otherwise people start to complain to you about malfuntioning of radios. I understand your position and I have to say that it's good to show this, hoping that people will complain Bohemia and not you but what I'm asking is to give us the opportunity to hide that popup after an amount of seconds (minutes) or using a button. In this way you give me this information, I read it but I can play without that during the rest of the 2/3 hours missions. Do you think it's possible to rethink your position like the way I proposed? Thanks in advance for your reply.