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  1. Happy to know a scripting language exists, even(mostly!) if "very low-level". The greatest difficulty will be to find the syntax of the language; did you plane to create any documentation or a wiki ? Got it : Addon > pack and unpack (without videos), and test it, and read some ".h" files. During the test, I'm afraid to have discovered a little bug (see feedback tracker ID 0000376: Tech-Tree blocked when unpack addon). I have a suggestion too about... well, just look at the summary : ID 0000377: presence of addon's items in tech-tree.
  2. As I come from Operation Flashpoint/Arma series, I was surprise not to find a scripting language in Take On Mars (as SQS/SQF), even with very few commands. a (small) scripting language could eventualy relieve to the missing of functionnalities and/or permits to easily insert random in user's missions. Did you plane to add a scripting language (I saw a sub-forum on Steam "Scripting & Configs") ? Or may I suggest you to add one ?
  3. pumpkin

    Upcoming Main Branch update

    Quite recently, I bought two games indicated as "final version" (inculding one of B.I. :( ). The result is a (bad) feeling of having bought two games in "beta version" (and throwing money down the drain), both are almost unplayable for me, so I rarely or never launch the games . Therefore I really hesitate to buy Take On Mars... I shouldn't have to hesitate ! Even if the game isn't totally achieved, you have done a wonderfull work ! And, at last, I can play a game which give me a real big pleasure (afterall, it's quite the definition of "game"). Keep on the good work ! Advice to simulation's freaks : Buy Take On Mars ! I don't think you'll regret it !
  4. pumpkin

    FLAY Hang Glider Mod

    I write a "final" version of my script. Now it takes into account the altitude (less wind effect at high altitude) and the degree of the slope (less effect over little slope). I think I won't alter it in the future, except if bugs are discovered. May be mrflay will alter/improve it when he bundles it in his addon. Here it is : By the way, I made a big mistake in the previous version : I invert the wind direction. Not a very big bug, but disturbing. In fact, I discover that, for example, when the wind direction is set to 270°, it doesn't come FROM 270° but it goes TO 270° (I observe the direction of the cloud to notice this fact). To correct the OLD script, you must simply modify this line : _strcoef = abs (((360 - abs (_wind - _angf)) / 180) - 1); to _strcoef = abs (((360 - abs (_wind - _angf + 180)) / 180) - 1); Sorry for the mistake... Same use as the old version : launch it with a trigger, in init.sqf,... as you want. The basic syntax is always nul = [] execVM "fn_soaring.sqf". Again you can optionnaly force the wind direction with a scalar parameter inside bracket. You can use a new optionnal parameter : a boolean "true" to display debug infos (it's set to false by default). The order of parameters is inconsequential, you can write nul = [270,true]... as well as nul = [true,270].... here's a very simple mission to test the script : http://pumpkin.ringard.org/arma/hangglider_2b.Altis.rar (take off quickly, fly to right in the direction of rocky hills, then... it's up to you ;) ) If I can have feedback to indicate to me, or better to mrflay, how you find the ridge/wave fly (too easy ? too difficult ?), it would be great. After many time of testing, I have no idea of the degree of difficulty of the flight. good fly ;)
  5. pumpkin

    FLAY Hang Glider Mod

    I haven't checked the thread for a long time too, because I was away on vacation. Apparently, you just reply when I leaved... too bad ! When I'm on vacation, I totally "disconnected" so I wasn't aware of your answer, sorry ! Of course you can !!! I reply here, on this thread, thinking you might be interested. Apparently you are, so use the script as you want ! I'll let you correct/adapt the script to your convenience ? It's written a little bit too "roughly", but I'm not worried about your coding skill ;) :D In the same time, I probably improve the script, especially with the use of the "vertical angle". I suppose you notice that it isn't currently use (cf variable _angv), I expect to do something like : the more the terrain is flat, the less the wind will be effective. For the moment, only the orientation of the ground faces is used to calculate the strengh of the updrafts/downdrafts coeficient. I think I'll take care of it because it bothers me to leave the script at this point, and it takes a long time to test, especially in order to assay the difficulty of flight (thereupon feedbacks are welcome) Got it, thank you very much ! It doesn't matter. I have some 3D tools to create a UV map. the biggest problem is to convince my friend to do the job (I'm not very good with photoshop)---------- Post added at 11:31 ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 ---------- I'll complete what mrflay said : I use brackets for possible future parameters. For the moment, there only one parameter used to "force" the wind direction (eg. mrflay indicates you with nul = [90] execVM "fn_soaring.sqf"; , which force the wind direction at 90°). If the brackets are empty, it's the direction of the wind "in game" that is used, but be careful in this case (read below) Your video show me that, in fact, you didn't really test the script because the script is desactivated when the player/hangglider is in the vicinity of a thermal (eg. when you read a chat line "thermal influence"). Use the thermal to gain altitude if you want (it's more easy !), then leave the thermal and fly away, where you want. The second thing your video show me is that you will have a lot of difficulties to maintain fly because you didn't "force" the wind direction; you have two methods to do this : 1) put the wind direction in the brackets, as indicated by mrflay, or 2) in the mission editor, you can set the wind parameters manually with the "infos" (french name... I don't know the english name, shortcut = Ctrl+W). Don't let the game choose automatically the wind direction ! The game change automaticaly the direction too often, too quickly and too significant... I never saw that in the nature. Do not care about the "strenghTotal : blablabla", it's just a quick realtime debug information ! In gross, the script permits sort of ridge lift : for exemple, if the wind comes from full east (90°), you must stay on the east side of a moutain to maintain fly and/or climb. On the contrary, if you fly over the west side of a mountain, you will descend due to downdrafts. The more the side of the moutain is oriented to east, the more you climb; the more the side of the moutain is oriented to west, the more you descend... it's a simplified ridge fly.
  6. pumpkin

    FLAY Hang Glider Mod

    I LOVE THIS ADDON !!!!! I'm an "old" paraglider (in real life) and I had the project to make a simulation of paragliding in Arma 3... I'm very happy to see that someone did it before me ;), with great talent ! It doesn't matter if I still have some difficulties to land softly, but I found the general handling great ! Don't touch anything, it's near perfection ! however a few suggestions : 1) the option "Disassemble" is active, even if we are in the hang glider. It would be a good idea to desactive this option, especially because enabling this option when "on board" teleport you far away (I suspect coords [0,0,0]) and you die. 2) Speaking about the disassembling, I found more realistic to use a small animation instead of an immediate disassembling (something like the "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medic_2" in Arma 2 => kneeling occupy to do something; healing in fact, but could be something else). 3) I found the wheels too "angular". As it's something we constantly see, may be smoother wheels, less low poly, would be desirable. But the way to simulate thermals disappointed me a little bit (but it seems a good solution for IA), so I decide to scripting... something else : I try to simulate "ridge soaring" according to the ground. For now, it's quite simple and not very optimized : the script loops forever (:(...just for tests;)), and calculate the normal vector of some faces of the ground, then it compares the direction of the faces with the direction of the wind. An ascending/descending coefficient is calculated according to those parameters and apply with the exact method you use (see "_vehicle setVelocity [..." in both our scripts). In practice, for example, if the wind comes from West and we fly over a mountain with a ridge oriented North-South (so there's one slope descending westward and one eastward); as long as you stay to the left of the ridge (on the west slope), you are in the updrafts and you climb; but if you go over the slope right (= east) of the ridge, you are in the downdrafts and you descend, more or less quickly. For now, unless you make big mistakes, the script allows to fly a very long time. May be it's too easy to maintain flight, but it's very frustrating to crash often without succeeded... If potential feedbacks say it's to easy, I will make the fly harder. Moreover, I plan to recalculate the ascending/descending coefficient according to the force of the wind, the percentage of the slope; eventually I'd like to combine this "ridge soaring fly" with thermals "calculated" according the terrain type (rocky, dry grass, forest), the daytime, the weather,... but it's a far, far "dream" :) Remember it's a "rough" programmation, but it may interessed you. I forgot to say it desactivates automaticaly if there's some of your "thermals" in the vicinity. So here's my script : Don't use "automatic wind direction" in editor, it's nearly impossible to fly correctly, because the wind direction changes too often. Last word : you said "I don't have the skill to make textures, so I can't make a template." I'm greatly interested by this template. May be I'll draw the texture myself, may be a friend of mine could be interested by drawing the texture (he's an old texture-maker for IL-2 Sturmovik, accustomed to flying machines ;) ) No promises...