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  1. Vielen Danke, Mondkalb! This was the solution and I was able to continue! Works also for small bridges, when tanks on their own tend to plunge into the ditch.
  2. I agree, Janez, it could be worse. But it should be questioned, why these data is collected in the first place. What is not collected, cannot get lost. Other sites with the same forum SW do not have that issue (well, might not use GA etc.) And the Popup is an information and no request to do something and open the browser to world and dog, just to get rid of the yellow button and continue on bohemia.net I am still not amused… but will continue to ignore that yellow popup. Thanks again for your thoughts, @Janez !
  3. Thanks, Janez, for your long post and the patronizing sound! BTW: The "More Info"-Link and its page provide a lot of detailed information, but it just drowns you. And in its "action part" it does not even mention MS Edge browser, but still sticks to Internet Explorer. But well, soon we all might just use Google Chrome and cheer our digital overlords! Well, to be honest, other forum providers can handle the situation better than this forum! If I do not want to allow Third-party cookies for Google Analytics, Trello, Hotjar, then BI and the notifyer should accept it ("Got it!") and provide at least basic forum services. Instead they seem to nag me all the time until I give in and allow Google etc. to track me everywhere. I am not amused...
  4. It is quite annoying! Login works, accepting the yellow message does not work as expected. BI could do better!
  5. Is there anywhere a walk through description for the campaign available (any useful tip apart from "shot at anything in front of your gun")? I have problems to continue in "The more the merrier". It seems, your are forced to a zig-zag course trough the landscape to avoid the destroyed bridges. But one narrow strip of land (bordered by channels) cannot be crossed by the AI. Is there a time constraint (like "cross the bridges before they are blown")? How do I continue? (Leaving the tank to manual control the other tanks seems to abort the mission)
  6. mushik

    Problem with the campaign

    I just had the issue, that the campaign was not visible after starting the game with the launcher - although it worked before and the CDLC was turned on (start button was blue). I stopped, checked that the DLC was marked and started again and this time it was available in the game. If it is connected to the fact, that the DLC page of the launcher was open, I cannot tell.
  7. Is there any accessible content behind the web site of Global mobilization? http://www.global-mobilization.com/ Several browsers do not show me any local links (apart from the usual general sites like Twitter, Steam, etc.). What a pity!
  8. Just got the printed map collection today: Yes, these are folded maps, size ca. A4-A3. Basically these are souvenirs, like posters for the wall, however some are double-sided: Chernarus has map of Sahrani on its back (looks like an artistic satellite screenshot). I have some mixed feelings: Malden is indeed not a topographical map, but looks more like a large Google Earth Screenshot with overlayed roads and towns, Tanoa looks artificial - a topo map yes, but symbols seem too large (see the PDF map in the installation directory). However the Chernarus map is great! 1:20.000, so large with enough details, a good export of the in-game topo-map view. I like it very much! In addition I found in my package a good-quality Takistan topo-map as well - not expected, but very welcome. Although I expected more from the Malden Map, the map bundle is a great value. And if it helps to buy the Bohemia guys some beer, then ' Na zdraví ' !! https://store.bistudio.com/products/arma-map-collection
  9. This member is not very excited about the Malden map: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/210559-malden-2035-topographic-map/ (However the last comment contains a link to a digital map file, exported from the game) I am still waiting for the delivery of the physical package from the shop, but I am probably in for a disappointment.
  10. Hello, is there a digital map of Malden available or are there plans to do so? In the usual place ( ..\Arma 3\Bonus\Maps ) I still find only the maps of Stratis and Tanoa. Regards M.
  11. Good news: The recent game update 1.64 includes a topographical Tanoa map ( in ...\Arma 3\Bonus\Maps\Apex\ -- if you have the relevant game edition). Very good! It took a while, but now it is fine... Thanks!
  12. Well, this is good news for me. Thanks! @Joe98: You are correct. I missed that switch to the 2D Editor with a map under it, but found it lately. However using the 3D Editor to just jump to any of the listed locations names is difficult, if you are not born in Tanoa and know it by heart :) I am looking forward to that map!
  13. Thanks for the hint! However this directory only contains the Altis/Stratis map from 2014. But also Apex Sound track files. No sign of a Tanoa map.
  14. I would also appreciate to get a digital map. It is a basic feature for such a huge landscape. Even using the new 3D editor is painful without a map for orientation!
  15. mushik

    Problem with saving in scenarios

    Sorry to get back to this old Problem: However I have the same issue - is there a solution available? What is the Problem? Old savegames are not kept or re-used. So you cannot continue a user scenario from the lobby. You always start from scratch, if you want to play a scenario. Worse example: You are dead in a scenario and are presented with the choice to select a savegame - but one Escape-click too much and you are back in the (scenario) lobby and you cannot continue the scenario, but have to start from the beginning. It is annoying.