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    [CTI,TvT,CooP] Dissension

    Please, for the love of BIS, release the server file. Can't get HC to work and this really needs a dedicated box to run smoothly. Absolutely insane mission btw, the best cti by far! Vcom is just amazing! We want this so bad, I somehow managed to get it running as a dedi without error messages though it seemed to stagnate after 1 hour so with no more advancement from the ai. We are a small but very experienced arma unit with 10k+ hours between the four of us, we would bug-test this for you with great honor and detail! Please consider releasing the files here at least.. or pm me and we'll talk :) Again, thank you for your work! The community appreciate you guys more than you think! Love from Sweden
  2. I have a problem with moving a custom composition or copypasting it. If I copy and paste it on the same map even all the height variables gets messed up. Some objects move a lot in relation to other objects, only in height as far as i've seen. What going on here, is this just not possible to do or what am I doing wrong? If I made a huge base with 1000+ parts is there no way of making that appear in the same manner elsewhere? Without scripting or manually fixing the position of hundreds of objects?
  3. Armalog

    custom compositions

    THIS! I have a custom structure that I've spent days on. It consists 200+ objects not counting manpower and triggers. I've tried dumbing it down as much as possible but no matter what I try when I copy and paste it or save it as custom composition it won't save the correct position in correlation to the rest of the structure. We need a way to save the positions of objects in a custom structure to each other. That and snap to and so on. If there is anything I can do for now, please let me know. I believe it's only the z (height) variable that gets messed up.