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  1. Figured you chime with that! I suppose you don't like me because I don't do DOS either.....But your the MAN..I'm just a user... I have no right to open pandoras box.... and post a view that may not mesh with yours exactly...and yes it's still broken! Self-serving! Yea..I'm serving myself with some facts, You expect / ASSUME...that anyone trying to keep up, Should have to be totally and full on long term committed to ArmA3 with an indepth understanding of a "Config.cpp" and a and all the WAA-WAA crap thats files into it! YOU GET A "grip" BUDDY! Do you know me? You just think you know me...People like you are killing off the whole idea of the forum.....ya gotta shove your boot right up sombodys ass just because you think your the man...get a "GRIP" yourself!! AND to be honest...Ahhem.....I think you need to get away from the PC for awhile..it's affecting your abilities...respect is earned. You lost any that I might have had with you previous, to your Knee jerk response......... amonkey Shake the tree and see what kind of nut falls out!
  2. Well I can see you all just as proud of yourselves as a new daddy..and patting yourselves on the back,,,But i'm here to tell you of at least 5 members of my group are tired of this with no fix insite they have shelved ArmA3!!! ..it's got to cumbersome to just play ArmA3 the have walked away! ..So you broke the sounds for the better you say...God bless America.....you expect everyone to have all the time in the world to be able to keep up with long drawn out fix's...horray for you...like I said "God Bless America"..
  3. Well like he said...The sounds are hosed now!...Is there a fix for the regular guy? Or is the only fix for sounds of weapons going to now be a mission makers night mare? Like the "Fix" link showed you will need to fix each weapon....... The nato weapons no longer work...but HAY...on the other hand the enemy cant tell where the hell your shooting from!!!:-(
  4. mojeaux

    Cant host MP game (v.1.22.125300)

    In effect as of the last freekin update; the 16th members are all shut down when it comes to ArmA 3 "So much for bragging on the dog!"....some of us can host (like me!) others can not! Ok I get it the gamespy is shutting down thier servers and they took away one of the easiest connecting best filtering options that was out there and they had to break it!//SHIT!\\ Whats even worse..the DEVS don't even come clean and make a post and try to explaim their position on the fouled up mess that the MP statious is in...Like the others I am not able to fidgure out how to get to a good working soloution..BUT "WTF!" I see hundreads of servers on the Co-op filter list , I am able to join...but how the hell is it that they can host and be seen? Couldn't one of them drop in here and give us newbys that magic bullet we need!!!!
  5. Bee geezer's.. Well. i gotta chim in here on this one!.... This is the typical trait of a person that will run a car with no oil in the engine just because when he puts the key in the ignition the car will still start! Usual responce from a person with support in nature in a non productive manor just to hear themselves talk..hence I have already said to much...
  6. Damn you workshop..hehehe Hay I need help! I do not know how to get to a point where I can "Un-subscribe" from the workshop...downloaded missions! My system hangs and crashes when I try Internet or Lan..Sooo from my desk I'm hooosed because I do not know how to unsubscribe from those missions because I need to get to online inorder to do that! What should I do from this point? Is there a file folder that I can remove to do the trick? How was it that the other guys were able to "Unsubscribe" from the missions? Thanks in advanced to those that help!!! 16th mojeaux out;
  7. mojeaux

    WY-55 Hellcat

    Yea same problem here...My team is trying to use Hellcats in a mutiplayer mission...allways mistirously dammaged...= "no joy!"
  8. mojeaux

    Helo Will Explode when entering

    There has to be a bug report in about it ... But I'll be damn I can't find it...
  9. I know it's an old bug..... But trying to get in helos' and not exploding after getting in is now pissin me off! I might be doing the wrong surch but it seams that it is an old problem and it's getting fixed! It destroys the squad ability to perform missions. As me being the server, I never explode! Online squad buddys always explode! Any feed back on how not to explode would really help... It's not just my missions eather... Others are having the "get in as pilot" explosion problem too! Also as you know....it is not happening everytime...eventually given enough helos to choose from you can get in and fly! But only if you have already ruined the mission while standing on one foot while hopping up and down with your lucky rabbits foot! mojeaux out;