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  1. _a=0.3; //At _a=0.2, with 30 players, 6 AI allowed/player....At _a=0.3, with 30 players, 3 AI allowed/player. _b=12; while {! CTI_GameOver} do { _nbp={isPlayer _x} count playableUnits; _next=0 max ceil(_b-(_a*_nbp)); if !(missionNamespace getVariable "CTI_PLAYERS_GROUPSIZE" == _next ) then { missionNamespace setVariable ["CTI_PLAYERS_GROUPSIZE",_next] ; HUD_NOTIFICATIONS pushBack [format ["Group size is now : %1 ",_next],time+10,"ffffff"]; }; sleep 60; }; Im trying to change this script to do a check for PlayerNumber instead. Im essentially trying to make a script that will give the side with less players more AI while also balancing according to server player count https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playersNumber anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Hi, does anyone know how to remove terrain objects that cannot be found with a search or count function? I use this script to normally remove broken objects from map, but the objects I am trying to remove now are not find-able with nearestTerrainObjects, I can find time with cursorobject, but they will not show up with nearestTerrainObjects. so when this function runs it cant find them to count them. thus they are uncountable. does anyone know a alternate means to remove the objects from the entire map that does not rely on them being counted first? Also FYI i can still global remove all objects from the map, but cannot seem to isolate these specific objects for removal. 374559: t_ficus_medium_f.p3d if (worldName isEqualTo "Tanoa") then { { if ( (toLower(str _x) find "signtc_23_2.p3d") >= 0 || {(toLower(str _x) find "b_cycas_f.p3d") >= 0} || {(toLower(str _x) find "timberpile_01_f.p3d") >= 0} ) then {_x hideObjectGlobal true; _x enableSimulationGlobal false;} } foreach (nearestTerrainObjects [[worldSize/2, worldSize/2], ["HIDE"], worldSize]); };
  3. Getting this error thrown a few times 23:54:09 Error in expression < {}; if(_CIWS_Setup select _ArrayPos select 3) exitWith { if(isAgent teamMem> 23:54:09 Error position: <select 3) exitWith { if(isAgent teamMem> 23:54:09 Error Generic error in expression 23:54:09 File \HAFM_Navy_Core\scripts\CIWS_Toggle.sqf [HAFM_fnc_CIWS_Toggle], line 82
  4. Hi I tested this on local server (lan) and it worked fine, tested on our dedi server and the AI would not get out to repair. do you know why this would be?
  5. Any chance you can go through the unit configs and fix some of the units? allot of the configs are messed up when it comes to damage they do and damage they take as well as their physx and drive-ability. The Dual hull tracked snow machine takes far too many rockets to think of one off the top of my head.
  6. Not interested in saving money I only care to save time and i would rather have someone skilled perform the task and get what I want the first time.
  7. -Runway Looking for someone to build me a in mission buildable runway object for CTI map. Runway has to be able to allow jets to taxi/drive onto it and off and allow them to to take off and land naturally without exploding. Would want it to be a medium sized runway good for jets/A10's but not big enough for large strategic bombers. Needs to be place able on most flat-ish terrain Needs to be destroy-able after significant damage, 4 GBU-12's. Width should accommodate one medium sized jet comfortably Textures dont need to be super fancy or anything just needs to look like a runway. I don't want any scripts -Bridge I need a bridge to place on maps in the eden editor that can cover large spans of open water, think Tanoa islands to mainland, Altis lower map across the harbor etc. I want to use this model to reduce the number of objects required to make a bridge and thus reduce the load on the server object wise, right now we have to place like 50-100 piers to cover the distance and its object clutter. I would like this bridge model to be CUT so that have have very long and short pieces to work with so i can mix and match if needed for different lengths. Needs to tall enough to allow Large ships to pass under it. IE ANZAC frigate. I would like AI to be able to cross these bridges but I understand that would probably be a tall order. If AI cant cross it No problem, if there is a way to write a script to make the AI cross the bridge through a command action order and have them sort of get "Towed" across the bridge that would be nice but i understand that might be a challenge to do. Does not need to be super fancy. just look like a basic bridge. If you feel my 20$ is too low feel free to contact me and we can talk. Payment- payment will be thru paypay you will show me video of the asset working/doing its job as stated above. (proof of work) I will then ask you questions if i have any about it then send you the money, you will send me the asset. Must be able to communicate in English
  8. masterdebator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Try the iron front 3 mod it has maps of germany
  9. masterdebator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hello, I was hoping someone could make me a place able runway (eden object) that can be built during game that works for landing and taking off of jets (no scripts) without the jets exploding or falling through. I would transfer someone 5$ on papal for this service.
  10. Thank you for your reply Great mod! Can you make it so some of the vaules are kept changable or leave information in a readme so it can be changed to suit the player/server We run a server and would like to be able to change certain values and enable/disable certain features for balancing. Just a thought if not possible or no time no worries.
  11. First seems like a bug, if that veh is outside my line of sight, IE over 5 km away, i wont know he has disembarked and started wandering around. hes a driver he belongs in his drivers seat, why would he not get back inside? its hardly a feature. Does it do this when veh is not on a player squad? why the difference? Any better way to make it so its linked to a significant drop in mobility? a 8 wheel that has lost its first 4 wheels seems pretty immobilized. To test the third. have the driver dismount. kill the tires. Get in the veh, have the driver get in. Driver will not repair.
  12. Some bugs, When veh is under player squad driver will get out and repair but wont get back in. Driver waits till at least half tires are down before performing the repair. he should fix veh tires whenever out of combat. When veh has a player inside it, driver wont get out to repair veh. tested in eden editor with steam workshop version.
  13. The new changes to keyboard controls suck. I cant use my primary mouse button and the scroll wheel to select from the scroll menu and use that same primary mouse button to shoot when the scroll menu is not selected. This is both a painful change from how I have always played but also now a super dangerous friendly fire incident waiting to happen. For god sakes please change it back.