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  1. After playing 1.76 on servers with 100 players...I want more a more! Please Bohemia, release compatible Linux version again!
  2. sonicpp

    Public Beta

    Thanks BI for giving us the opportunity to play with Windows users!
  3. sonicpp

    Public Beta

    Thx for your answer, i dont have audio problems so i was just curios.
  4. sonicpp

    Public Beta

    I heard about StrictDrawOrdering issue, but why do you need Xact?
  5. sonicpp

    Public Beta

    Run it with "--eon_force_display=0" arg (in Steam launch options)
  6. sonicpp

    Public Beta

    Well, this new BattleEye does not work in Wine (Arma 2) neither. The best solution would be port BE natively on Linux, but I dont think it is on TODO list :-/
  7. sonicpp

    The OpenGL answer to DirectX 12: Vulkan

    I am very, very disappointed. Why D3D 12? I think it is time to leave this third party, one OS API and prepare engine for Vulkan. Is there any reason for DX12? (except marketing reasons: "Whoa guys, we have DirectX12, so cool!")
  8. Hi, is it any possible way to install czech language to ARMA: Gold Edition on Steam? I can't find any posts about it. I heard that the box version contained a Czech language - so, why it is not on Steam? Thanks for your time!