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  1. nemiuk

    3CB BAF Units

    Well that was well worth waiting for, can i have a rest now please :)
  2. nemiuk

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Thank you very much for the release, also the faction classname is UK_ARMED_FORCES.
  3. nemiuk

    L85A2 Release

    I am not sure if you are aware but i have downloaded version 2.0.0 from PWS and the kio_susat.pbo is no longer in the addons folder. Also i am getting rpt spam as it seems the added scopes for the Picatinny version are now classed as a dependancy for the weapon. Kind regards
  4. With the new patch the group i am part of has found an issue regarding the doors in the main airport terminal building on Altis. On using the sliding doors or even the normal swing doors you get a spam in your report file of "No center supported". At first we thought it may be due to the mission we were running but after going on the editor with no mods and just one unit one of our mission makers found the source of the issue. Now it may not seem a large bug, but when you consider if you run logs you can quite easily get a 500kb by opening and closing the doors a few times, and not just the person opening the door but also anybody else on the server will also get this error. Kind regards edit:- link to feedback tracker http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20417
  5. In regards to the garages i mentioned on Clafghan they are actually "Lumber mill - shed" and normally they should be Desert cam nets.
  6. I am currently using this mod with the Clafghan map and everything seems to working, very well apart from in the main south base where the cam nets have been replaced by garages. Is there anyway i or it can be changed. Kind regards
  7. nemiuk

    A2 Island Fixes

    In reference to the above issue "Placement slopelandcontact failed on model ca\misc\sidewalks\sidewalkcorner.p3d. Missing landcontact or no points in it." it seems to referencing a p3d located in the rds_utils2.pbo. As i am not a modeler i am not sure what "missing landcontact" is or how to fix it. Kind regards
  8. @nkey, I am not sure if this question has already been asked and my apologies if it has, but does the Teamspeak server that people connect to have to be the latest version or higher than the version that the clients are using. I ask this as sometimes when we have multiple connections during missions, some people can hear other people talking normally from the other side of the map even though both the people (more than one sometimes) in question have perfectly working radio's. Kind regards
  9. Thank you friznit2, sorry i am new to that bug reporting format :)
  10. Random question, but if i made a bug report on an issue about ALiVE and it was closed and assigned back to myself, if i then reply to it would it get seen or would i have to make a new report?.
  11. Hi, is there a way to disable the VAS in the module version of MCC as it is overwriting my missions VAS. Kind regards
  12. @friznit2 After further testing with the ARTY module the arty still move if one of the 3 units gets attacked or destroyed and also they dont respawn if all 3 get destroyed. Hope that helps.
  13. If you went back a few pages and looked you would see that the latest arma patch broke them and until bohemia fix them you have to use something else instead.
  14. Might be worth putting the Arma 2 link on the Arma 2 thread as not to confuse people http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?179521-Task-Force-Arrowhead-Radio-for-ArmA-II-CO Kind regards
  15. Another thing i did notice with the CAS module and the transport module is that if a unit gets damaged and the crew get out they dont get deleted when the CAS or transport get respawned and you end up with a load of heli crew walking around.
  16. All you have to do is Google, and follow these instructions just use the A3 folder not the A2 folder obviously. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=16079 This is for getting your game to load and removing the mod by the way not for fixing your issue.
  17. nemiuk

    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    I think a bit more infomation would be helpful as i run this mod fine plus a load of others. Did you change the command line on the server? if so did you make sure to put ; at the end? so its like @MOD1;@MOD2; etc
  18. Because the C17 uses the same config as the C130 as so can't load tanks at the moment, unless it gets changed to have an additional config line just for the C17.
  19. @friznit2 Reference the CAS attack runs i have tried the F35B, A10A, A10C, F/A18E, F/A18F and none of them will do a gun run at an area with no targets in, only the A10A will do a gun run at an area with targets in all the others use any weapon they want, after they have finished the attack run when they say that they will "loiter" after the attack run all the planes i tried go to the bottom left corner of the map and stay there. This was tested on the editor with only the planes i said and the alive modules on the map, targets i used were 4 x T100 (manned) and 2 x infantry squads all within a 800m area, and the attacks were done without "painting" any targets. Hope that helps.
  20. The ARTY module now spawning 3 was in the change log for the patch. Also in reference to that with 3 now spawning I can't set a position for them to be now as they are randomly placed near the module.
  21. nemiuk

    Ivory Aircraft

    Not a possible solution if you are using the ALiVE CAS module, and also if you are trying to keep to a theme by doing a milsim unit it doesn't really go with it using a AAF jet with a NATO force.
  22. Great update I must say. I know you said that the CAS attack run is still WIP so i am just informing you of what i have seen. 1) When you task fast air to do an attack run and select the weapon type you want to use the jet flys over the location once, informs you he is "engaging enemy" then flys over again and does nothing and flys off into the distance. I tried using several different weapon types and both the F/A18 and the A-164. I will try more options of aircraft when i get chance later and also try it without any mods running and see if it still does the same and let you know. Also regarding the ARTY module, is there a way i can set the unit to not move as when i place an MLRS unit it seems to get bored and starts driving around. I have not tried blowing up the arty yet to see if they respawn but i will try that later aswell. Overall seems to be a great release. Keep up the good work.
  23. The question was mainly directed towards John_Spartan and Saul's F/A18 mod, but i know what you mean with the different class name loadouts the RKSL Typhoon has, thank you anyway.
  24. Hi, Regarding the fast air CAS, is there anyway i can change the loadout of the jets i use for it?.