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  1. I have to confess to being a little skeptical myself. You have purchased map data, you are offering cash rewards totalling £850. That on its own is difficult for me to comprehend, that you would essentially give away almost £1,000 with no gain for yourself and no clan/group/unit to benefit from the publicity of the competition. There's also nothing about rules - choosing the 'best' terrain, mission and unit pack is surely a very subjective thing, what constitutes a good terrain? What is a good unit pack? What is your idea of a good mission? Frankly I think you're asking a lot of people - that is an enormous amount of work you're asking of people - terrain alone is countless hours, whole unit packs - if done correctly, from scratch - potentially weeks if not months of hard slog. And then you're asking them to make a mission too - these skills are not transferable between each other. I wish you luck, although I suspect you won't get many entries.
  2. glennog

    UAV camera feed on TV

    Killzone Kid wrote a rather excellent article on using r2t with a UAV http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-uav-r2t-and-pip/
  3. I noticed that NATO doesn't have a medivac livery for any of its choppers so I retextured the Huron. Enjoy http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=516279019
  4. glennog

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    I invariably want to attach these objects to a building, so what I do is this : 1. Add the objects in the editor and name them (including the building - CTF101 editor is great for this, it adds all the 'hidden' objects which are in-game but not in the editor) 2. Fire up Preview mode and, in the debug screen execute the following (substituting <obj> with the name of your object and <bldg> with the name of your building detach <obj>; <obj> attachTo [<bldg>, [0,0,0]] For a standard HQ building, this attaches the object to the building just a little above the roof. You can offset the position of the object by tweaking the [0,0,0] part of the command. The 'detach' command allows you to simply tweak and re-run the command however many times you like. Remember, to move the object down the offset needs to have a negative Y value. Add a <obj> setDir ((dir <bldg>) + <value>) (where <value> is between 0 and 359) to set the direction of the object relative to the current direction of the building. This should allow you to set your building down at any arbitrary angle and have the objects in it line up every time. Once you have the correct values, copy the 'attachTo' and 'setDir' commands to your clipboard, quit out of preview and add it to the Init field of your object. It's a little tedious, I'll grant you that, but no MCC or Zeus configuration are harmed in the making of this building and Nirvarma is restored :)
  5. Now that TexView 2 has gone from Arma 3 Tools, how can I convert a PAA back into a PNG? I've tried downloading TexView 2 separately but it doesn't open PAA files created using the new script.
  6. glennog

    Espionage Script

    I've just had a look at the update code on github in the commits branch and noticed a problem you're having... Script/Disguise/UniformBox.sqf line 21 you have a line which doesn't work At line 19 (or 20) in the commit's diff you have _groupN = "B_Soldier_F" createVehicle (position _caller); This will actually return the object created, not its group, so in your line should be... _groupN = group ("B_Soldier_F" createVehicle (position _caller)); this will create the soldier, return its object and pass that to the 'group' function, returning the actual group to _groupN. The subsequent line at 21 [_caller] joinSilent _groupN; should then work. This should also work for the other factions, too.
  7. I've got a small problem, not sure what I'm doing wrong... I have a map with some units pre-placed. I'm using Zeus to create a vehicle (after logging in to MCC) but when I edit the vehicle (Zamak Transport) I don't get the MCC Edit dialog, I get the default Zeus edit dialog. I'm trying this in Preview mode from the SP editor. I'm running CBA_A3 RC1, MCC v4 R6, A3 Map Pack (the map I'm using is Takistan) and ShackTac Hud.
  8. I've got a rented server that I'm running ACRE on, with JayArma3Lib and CBA_A3. CBA doesn't appear to be throwing any errors out - its bikey file is in the Keys directory on the server. JayArma3Lib, though, is a different story. Despite the accompanying key being in the Keys directory, I keep getting 'is not signed by...' errors when I try to connect to my server. Is the bikey included in the ACRE file (downloaded from Armaholic) the correct one? Is it a v1 or a v2 key? Can I check this myself? Desparately need assistance EDIT: Yes, it's the key... The pbo files in the @JayArma3Lib directory are signed with uoja2l_a3_20130319.bikey - this is a United Operations key, probably used when they updated it (I believe Jaynus, the original author, has left the Arma community so UO updated the lib for Arma 3). Starting a separate thread for that request.
  9. glennog

    Artificial ATC

    Any chance I can take a look at what you've got so far? I'm trying to put together some kind of SAC, with ATC and possibly ground control - hopefully with playable positions if I can get the basics sorted out. I'd be really interested in seeing if I can take your project a little further on my own.