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  1. Have you tried using a Get In way point? If I'm not mistaken you might need to sync the way point to your trigger so they don't get in and then follow the rest of their orders/way points prematurely
  2. What if you try your scenario but with a fraction of the units and vehicles? Then gradually drip more into the mission until it's performance is where you'd like it to be, then you could allow people to test it and see whether or not you should continue to build or focus on optimising what remains. As you mention, most missions are spec ops teams and small scale missions so if you put up a mission with 100+ units then that could be considered a large scale battle. Obviously not by real world standards or your own standards, but for many that'd be fine. Goodluck, I've learnt some stuff just from reading this thread so thanks for posting.
  3. dangerous-d

    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    Hello, I've used the search function and have been unable to find a thread or post relating to my query and I'm unable to create my own threads so this seems the best place to ask. I've managed to successfully capture and playback multiple flight paths using an MH9 and I'm in the process of making a mission with scripted insertion and extraction helicopters (both work fine - well there is a minor hiccup with the extracting chopper). My (hopeful) plan is to have a recorded flight with an infantry squad on board, but before the helicopter can deliver the troops to their destination there is a random engine failure and a scripted/captured auto-rotation landing to a predetermined spot where the infantry have to setup defense while waiting to be rescued. Is there any way for me to trigger the engine failure while capturing the flight and have the game play it back afterwards with the engine failure and scripted/captured landing? As it is I can get the helicopter's rotors to spin using the engineOn command, but for example during my first attempt at recording a flight path I ended the flight by switching off the engine and landing, but during playback the heli simply lands with the engine still on. Below is what my path2.sqf looks like minus the capture data - Path2 =///captured flight data here///; [Heli2, Path2] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; Heli2 engineOn true; Any and all help would be appreciated.
  4. dangerous-d

    [Release] ExplosiveBreaching

    Wow that is brilliant, well done creating this beauty This community never fails to impress me
  5. dangerous-d

    Bug: Arma 3 campaign Resurgent West

    I've just had this issue several times... In the end I waited by the bodies in the road until instructed to join Delta, then ran to vehicle while the chatter was going on and everything linked up Try not to pre-empt the waypoints, don't wait right by the marshall's stop point.
  6. dangerous-d

    Invasion of Altis

    Thank you very much for these tips, I do appreciate it I don't think I'll bother with re-spawning for this first mission as it doesn't seem to be necessary from the few times I've tried it, however there will definitely be instances as this series progresses so I thank you for that. Will also definitely be looking into a VAS system, I'd say the other one you mentioned too but I've never heard of it so I'd be lying. Thanks again for the information
  7. dangerous-d

    Invasion of Altis

    It is intended for Single player however it works in MP as well, possibly as you're able to switch to some other units when you die Unfortunately I don't know how to implement a respawn option for MP, but given the context of the mission I don't feel respawning is really necessary, but as I say I am open to any suggestions on how to improve this mission as it is my first and is somewhat basic. I'll most likely end up editing the follow up parts into this thread once they are complete and then I'll make a new post for those who may be interested Oh and if anybody encounters any problems/bugs then please share them with me, either here or on the Workshop - it'd be greatly appreciated Thanks.
  8. dangerous-d

    Invasion of Altis

    So I've been working on a simple attack the town type mission which has evolved somewhat and was encouraged by a few people to share it with the rest of the community so here I am. It is my first mission and will no doubt seem really simple in comparison to other scenarios out there, however I'm open to suggestions. The mission has already become a bit more than what it was originally intended to be. I intend to turn this mission into a series and already have a number of different ideas for possible follow up missions Situation: "It's Christmas Day and we're planning a sneak attack on the island of Altis. Officially, CSAT are actively at war with the AAF. However we have had several reports which all hint towards an unofficial truce between the AAF and CSAT forces on Atlis. We didn't believe it, but we sent a Recon team to investigate and 36 hours ago we received some confirmation, kind of. Recon reports witnessing a failed AAF ambush attempt on a CSAT convoy which was last seen heading West from Paros. In the process of returning to the North East for Exfil, Recon made visual contact with a mechanised CSAT convoy moving to the South of Sofia, where they were seen linking up with an AAF mechanised platoon for a series of joint training exercises. Recon reports no CSAT presence North East of Paros and a minimal AAF presence (considering this is meant to be an active hot zone), however they are currently on overwatch gathering intel to the North of a nearby AAF base 2km West of Sofia. As of right now we don't know entirely what this means, but faced with the prospect of an alliance between the AAF and CSAT or worse - a merger, we have no choice but to act now." Edit: This mission was intended for Single Player usage however I tested it out with a friend before uploading and we were able to complete it, so while it will work in a MP session you may encounter issues that I didn't encounter in testing as I was playing SP, so please share any problems with me, thanks. Steam Workshop URL: Invasion of Altis: Part 1 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=322234359 I feel I should give thanks to Jester814 for his videos as they really helped me out a lot. Again, please enjoy and share any feedback you may have with me either here or on the workshop page
  9. Yea I didn't think there was anything that could be done to resolve it, but it was worth asking and at least you were able to confirm that this hasn't just happened to me. I also made several rookie mistakes on Riot Control so it is probably best that I reverted to the beginning of that mission I look forwards to progressing further in this Campaign and will be sure to post information regarding any other issues I may encounter, or just to say that I'm still enjoying it Thanks for your response
  10. Hey there, First off this is a really great campaign so far, thanks for making & sharing it with us. I got about half way through Riot Control and decided to take a break for a few days and now when I attempt to load my game I get an incompatible versions error. (1.28 as of today) Note I am able to revert to the start of the mission and play it again, but I'm wondering if this is something I'm going to experience every time BIS update the game version or is there a way to work around this?