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  1. icarium


    We finally found out that for the toolbox and fuel canister to work the vehicle module must be present, duh. Also, increasing AI spawn min/max helps with the perceived AI overkill, sometimes.
  2. icarium


    @haleks Oi! So you might be all that when it comes to scripting and things but it appears you SUCK at math like the rest of us... AI module -> unit multiplication factor: The default is '1' which makes Ravage behave like a Duke Nukem deathmatch. Now when you start scaling it down in steps of '0.1' it doesn't seem to do a whole lot until you go below '0.5'. THEN you are lucky if you see an AI group once a week. Could you please hire a math geek for the next update? Thanks mate. Also you might wanna have a look at whether or not the multiplicator affects car patrols as well. ALSO (in random order): - Going Zeus in the MP mission unhooks the save system, until you log out -> disconnect -> reconnect - The Ravage Toolbox does not work on AI car patrol vehicles. Or editor placed vehicles. Or helicopters. Or.... (those AI patrol vehicles also always have 4 medkits in them, bit much?) - Please add "structures/tanoa/military" to the loot module, my current workaround is to place altis military barracks for military loot Keep up the good work mate, it is very much appreciated. Cheers edited to add: Since the last update the server rpt log gets hyperspammed by "Object 2:2540 not found (message Type_92)" BS. Which, apparently, is due to https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82940 It is so bad I have to turn logging off entirely. I have no idea what the hell that is, so....
  3. icarium

    Server List

    Oi! There is no ravage server up? A sad state of affairs: Name: Funkuchenhaus 2.0 IP: Port: 2503 Password: test Required mods: -CBA_A3 -Ravage -Enhanced Movement Recommended mods: -JSRS Sound mod So for the love of flat-earth Santa stop tinkering and forum-lurking and drop in and play already. Go solo or team up with friends, PvP or PvE, whatever floats your boat. Yes, there may or may not be speedboats...
  4. icarium


    Look at you, young whippersnapper. I'm an aspiring senior citizen so 21 is "late teened" to my rheumy eyes. But screw it, if you're 14 and can swing a shovel, you're in.
  5. icarium


    Greetings fellow ravagers! We are operating a private 10 slot dedicated server running a beautiful Tanoa version of the ravage mod – apocalypse in paradise. We are looking for a handful of enthusiasts/players/testplayers and/or collaborators. Required mods: CBA A3 Ravage Enhanced Movement Recommended mods: JSRS Sound mod Features: Special areas of interest Realtime day/night cycle (roughly GMT) Dynamic weather Rolling blackouts Earplugs Boats Aviation Treasure! Revive AI factions Random respawn – what better way to explore the paradise archipelago If you delight in immersive apocalyptic gameplay and are at least 21 years of age, shoot me a PM.
  6. icarium


    Yep, nothing changed there for me with the hotfix, normal branch here.
  7. icarium


    Oi! Yeah you need to stay away from the editor MP settings in general and do things via the description.ext. Works for me anyway. Cheers
  8. icarium


    Oi! So I've been developing a MP version of the Ravaga mod on Tanoa since the beginning of this year. I call rvg_fnc_equip on intiplayerlocal and onplayerrespawn. This used to work like a charm - but broke with the latest Ravage update. At first completely, now with the latest fix (the one with the built in delay) it (sometimes) switches the primary weapon on you (at random) when you log into your saved character. Not sure about other gearstuffs, so far only the primary weapon switchup stands out. Thought I'd mention this here. Also, I believe the server key of the latest version hasn't been updated yet. Cheers