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  1. icarium

    Server List

    Funkuchenhaus is still up and going for a No AI weekend - come one come all 😉 mods required: @cba, @ravage, @enhanced_movement, @MagRepack mods supported: @jsrssoundmod
  2. Ah, I over-read the AI part, my bad. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Nice work with AFAR. Using it on our Ravage server (Funkuchenhaus) in combination with dynamicGroups. Also looking forward to the return of distance effects. Another question comes to mind: If "r_alertOn=true" does that influence whether or not talking on the radio will also simultaneously mean talking in direct channel? Talking on the group radio channel does broadcast your voice via direct channel into the game by default, right? Cheers
  4. Hi! Please make "Volume for AI & UI" a toggable option in the CFG.sqf next update. Cheers!
  5. icarium


    Alright, so in your mission folder you create a file called blackout.sqf, this is where all that code goes into.Then in your mission init.sqf (might need to create that as well) you put: execVM "blackout.sqf"; At the bottom of the script is a number "8000" this is the radius around the marker which you may need to adjust to fit your terrain. Also, unless you are enjoying the tinkering process a lot, I'd advise you to not go and reinvent the wheel but rather spend your time playing on one of the servers here 😉
  6. icarium


    Hello! we have been using our own lightsout script instead of the built-in one. Shared it here: (just add a marker "lightsout" on the map, possibly adjust the radius in the script and you are good to go. Currently lighthouses are excluded because they look sick at night. Said script is being showcased on our very nice server by the by (bump!): Funkuchenhaus - Ravage mods required: @cba; @ravage mods supported: @enhanced_movement; @jsrssoundmod map is malden there is lots to discover, come join us We got dynamic groups and AFAR radio script serverside. The mission is solid and has been quite heavily modified to extend the vanilla Ravage experience.
  7. icarium


    Hi! Is it possible to have that nifty days survived counter in MP with the current no DB save system? Cheers.
  8. icarium


    Solved! 🙂
  9. icarium


    Server up! Funkuchenhaus 3.0 -CBA/Ravage/Enhanced Movement -AntiLag/40 Slots/Veteran -COOP/PvP/PvE
  10. icarium


    In my shame, I am unable to make either the remotexec nor the initplayerlocal loop approach work for me, while I do understand the underlying principles somewhat, my sqf is simply insufficient.
  11. icarium


    Once again I besiege thee, wizards of the web. I am but a simple man, with simple desires and so I wish to slap this: 0 = ["ChromAberration", 200, [0.05, 0.05, true]] spawn { params ["_name", "_priority", "_effect", "_handle"]; while { _handle = ppEffectCreate [_name, _priority]; _handle < 0 } do { _priority = _priority + 1; }; _handle ppEffectEnable true; _handle ppEffectAdjust _effect; _handle ppEffectCommit 5; waitUntil {ppEffectCommitted _handle}; systemChat "admire effect for a sec"; uiSleep 3; _handle ppEffectEnable false; ppEffectDestroy _handle; }; ...into the activation field of a trigger, define a zone, define a countdown and be delighted by seemingly random visual effects, stalker-esque if you wish. Now the issue here is that the effect is global (talking MP here), and I tried to make it local for only the player who enters the trigger zone – yet again I failed. Please help.
  12. icarium


    Oi! The Ravage clean up system also cleans up my minefields! Cheers
  13. icarium


    I've had the same issue when dead rising first came out, so I turned it off. I'm only running enhanced movement though so maybe that's it.
  14. icarium


    Sweet baby Jesus that's it! Thanks a lot Cosmic! Never thought to double-double define stuff.Aahhh, finally...random mines in buildings...
  15. icarium


    Honestly I would likely be most pleased by the exact lines of code to put into any object or unit's init, that will then move that thing into the nearest house, find out the available positions of said house, and then randomly pick one of those positions. I then also would love to know hows that works. Cheers 🙂 Hellas Goerge! I tried to make either of those two examples you so kindly provided work for me and....failed, quite miserably. I do see how one uses the "buildingPos -1" approach to find the positions while the other goes the old route via "bis_fnc_buildingPositions", but that's pretty much it. In my defense, the last time I dabbled in SQF was during the Zargabad Life era, in the long, long ago. Thank you for the attempt to enlighten me however 🙂