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  1. sequisha

    Fire Geometry Issue

    There isn't a great deal to work with given the image, but I'll take a stab at what your problem is. Fire geo, like all p3d Geometry lods...requires closed and simple geometry. If it's just a door that should only emit one penetration sound, it should be a simple rectangular(closed) piece of geometry. If the keypad area is supposed to have a different penetration sound then the geometry would look a bit more complicated (5 seperate boxes). The first example, A, is super simple and recommended for testing initially. The second example, B, covers if you plan on having more complex fire geo. *IMPORTANT* You must always "Find Components" for new or heavily altered geometry in your collision LODS. I recommend removing all (component)named selections and letting object builder create new ones. Within Object Builder: Structure -> Topology -> Find Components. Hope this helped, it should solve your issue. P.s. I noticed the door is ajar in the problematic picture. Be sure that your fire geometry(and all other geo LODS) have the proper named selections as well and are animating properly. For instance,, referring to the image above, your hypothetical red/green/blue/orange components may not be sharing the "Door" named selection; or whatever you've called this animating part.
  2. sequisha

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    I'm asking this specifically, because it is indeed our assets(along with BI & DayZ assets) and ethereal currency that have been sold for over the past year in both Arma 2 and Arma 3. I see that now after re-reading Dwarden's post. Thank you. This is splendid news. Keep in mind I don't want to hinder the player's ability to access the game or our modifications, this whole ordeal has just been exploited in the past essentially strip-mining the value of the game for everyone in the long run. This is definitely a step in the right direction; many thanks to BI for addressing this.
  3. sequisha

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    I'm glad there's been at least a little bit more clarification in this regard, but much like Milkman, Benson & others...I'm interested whether or not we(as content creators) can contest a community's "Approved" status. To be clear, I have no intentions of monetizing my work in this regard, but I would like to reserve the right to prevent others to do so. Example: Random community wants to start selling a new character or prop that I create and release, I should be able to contest their "Approved" status...if they were approved to begin with. Thanks once again BI & friends, I'm glad this is one step closer to being addressed.
  4. sequisha

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    If there is more astounding proof than THIS, I'd like to see it. Hope you guys don't intend to carry on in the game development world, cuz I got news for ya.
  5. sequisha

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    I suggest getting an artist on the team capable of creating the items you guys need. This chatter of correctly "obtaining items" translates to "where can I find assets that I can't get in trouble for" in my eyes. Anyone can go shopping on Armaholic and hodge-podge together an amalgamation of other people's work; that doesn't mean that it's legal or ethical.
  6. sequisha

    Zee Identity Pack

    You're getting super close! I think some changes in the model would really help at this point. Bring the shoulders forward, down and inward a bit and lessen the weight on your shoulders slightly. There is a little room for tweaking the weights without entirely trashing the anims.
  7. u wot m8? ...to add insult to injury, before even STARTING development...you are already establishing a donor shop? http://www.manhattanliferpg.com/forum/m/23343472/viewthread/12837522-mlrpg-donation-rewards Seriously get lost kid.
  8. Awesome, I really appreciate the clarification on this; thanks Smookie. I'm sure I'm not alone in welcoming some more control in this department. You guys are doing an awesome job!
  9. Thanks for starting this topic and providing a little bit of explanation for the back-end of animations Smookie! I have a more specific question regarding this subject, is there any way to prevent IK animations for handAnim? I'm aware we can force RTM specified via Blending values for gestures, but being able to do the same for handAnim would be wonderful. An example of a problem I've encountered: I've set a custom hand/arm position for a unique weapon, it require the elbows and arm to shift outward a bit to look natural. The handAnim IK just finds the shortest route between the shoulder and hand, resulting in a broken wrist or other abnormalities; I wish I could specify this via RTM. Thanks again for your support Smookie & Dwarden.
  10. Make sure the helmet is in the appropriate place in 3d space in the source, and that it is weighted 100% to the "head" bone/named selection. Pressing 'n' in Object Builder opens the weight paint tool. Increase it's strength and color to red, paint the helm's verts entirely, right-click the "head" named selection and "redefine". Make sure the helmet is in the appropriate place in 3d space Make sure the helmet is in the appropriate place in 3d space
  11. sequisha

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    If you're running anything previous to Windows 8/8.1 I haven't had any luck with any injection DLLs as of yet. Nice avi btw St. Jimmy, seen D.R.I. a couple of times, amazing show.
  12. Some of my personal favorites. Serbian Chilean http://i.imgur.com/xPapBMB.jpg (146 kB) Good work so far, it's certainly not easy.
  13. sequisha

    Unable to load file: Load error

    Can confirm, I tried to open it as well to no avail. Is also completely empty as a .txt. Possibly a bug with the latest build of Object Builder.
  14. sequisha

    Our friend Randy Stratton is dying

    I never got to meet the guy, but I'm certain his work and attitude influenced the community in a positive way. There's no doubt I learned some important things about the Armaverse indirectly from him. My thoughts go out to his family and close friends, as well as him in finding either the strength & ability to fight; or peaceful rest. Surely Randy will be missed if he parts with us, if he only knew how many of us are rooting for him.
  15. sequisha

    Help with normalmaps ?

    I would suggest creating a high-poly mesh of the patch and using a projection modifier to render your normal map onto a plane. This is the ideal way to do such a thing, normal map generation software can work in a pinch, or is suitable for very scarred up and noisy surfaces like sand or some stone...but nothing will ever beat a proper normal bake.