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    Uk/European Servers To Rent

    You could have a look at www.markmods.com. I have a server with them and Vilayer and I can fully understand the lack of support you get from Vilayer. They pretty good at responding in a decent time at markmods and if there is a delay then they usually add time to your package. However i do find that Vilayer has a slightly better ping than markmods ( iam based in the UK) Not sure what problems you're having with updating, but you should just be able to do it by updating your steam in your acp panel
  2. Arma_Bob

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Is it possible to fly in the Armed Ka-80 in this mission?
  3. If you cant afford a dedicated server then try looking into vps or check out www.markmods.com and www.vilayer.com both of which are offering arma hosting services on both stable and Dev build however be warned that your more likely to encounter lagg issues with game servers unlike having your own dedicated server
  4. Im currently hosting a server on the stable branch but often get silly hackers in, i've tried adding signature check which does keep the majority out but the game performs horrible with it on so ive disabled it. So I am thinking of switching to the dev build and was wondering, is there many players that actually play on Dev build and do you get plagued with hackers too? ---------- Post added at 21:08 ---------- Previous post was at 19:53 ---------- Scrap that dumb question. Switched to dev myself to take a loo and i think ill stay as I am, loads of empty servers with only 1 server over 20 players!! Maybe I'm not getting the full list I dont know :(
  5. Arma_Bob

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    lolz...it took me two minutes to register and download mission. Cant say as I've received any spam as a result of registering.
  6. Arma_Bob

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    Grrr choppers are no longer respawning since latest update :-(
  7. It is showing...ive posted a little screenshot of it, hope it shows up okay. A blue p and a green o above microphone is displayed http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i388/Bobster_trooper/vcsprob.png (440 kB) ---------- Post added at 19:28 ---------- Previous post was at 18:37 ---------- I got it sorted :) Made a newbie error...had to run vacsystem as an administrator and close down any web pages in background and now its working like a dream. Would recommend using Voice recognition to control AI, makes life so much easier and its more authentic i guess. Though i feel a bit of a knob sitting here talking to the computer, wife is giving me looks.
  8. Yes its all been set up and i went through the voice training exercise. When i do the test in the actual VacBuilder it picks up my commands okay but when in game nothing registers at all. Very frustrating. Thanks for the swift reply
  9. After coming across this thread I got so excited...Downloaded the trial version, followed every tutorial I could find and still cannot get it to work. Just wondering if I have missed something, do i need to set up anything with arma the game for it to work? If not it must be my pc. :(