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  1. Kable_

    Arma3 Videos

    Arma 3 Machinima : Somewhere Has always I love Mcmillan's work !
  2. Kable_

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    On your Mega link: https://mega.co.nz/#!VphhjARZ!X722gg...bDPPqK4A-9bfXE But it keep asking me for the decryption key
  3. Kable_

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    The custom IniDB is still unavailable :(
  4. Kable_

    UAV/UGV Reconnecting Issues.

    Actually crashing a UAV is count as a Teamkill. So you're tagged as hostile for AI, and you're no longer able to connect to BLUFOR UAV. We need a fix for that !
  5. Kable_


    Your mission is really great as far as I could see. But I can't use it at the moment because, ACRE UI is not display.
  6. Okay i successfully fetch it in the Beta, but in order to be display under Repository I have to restart PWS (same goes for United Operations REPO) And I have a few suggestion: I liked the idea of The Preset in the previous version (I think it's called Collections now) so It'll be great if config.yml became the repository: Under "SIX networks" you get 1 big file called "Repository Name" with every MOD available in this repo. And you can Drag & Drop these mod into a Collection fetch by Server.yml And in this collection you can easily see, Activate/Deactive (check box) every mod you want. Moreover regarding the Optional Mod: I never successfully understand how it was working. But It could be nice if when fetching Server.yml you get Required Mod locked (like before), and in the same time optional Mod but Disable (Uncheck).
  7. I can't get my custom repo to be display in the navigate bar. It's display under Arma 3 (i get the image) But it doesn't appear anywhere pws://atmarma.fr/repository/server.yml The new update look nice, but seems less user friendly than previously. I'm afraid for my less able member. I'm looking forward for the V2
  8. I'll give it a try in my event tonight. Thanks to your server I succeeded in downloading the PBO. So I'll give you feedback and Bug report if you want
  9. Until then, mission maker should published large mission's PBO. If they want it to be successful and hosted on dedicated. Server management on Arma 3 is already a nightmare with the crappy optimization we don't need more work
  10. Kable_

    Counter insurgency PVP/PVE

    Upvote ! How are we suppose to host a 30 player mission on a client type server ? Dedicated server is almost not enough for it. Please release PBO for this interesting mission !
  11. It seems really interesting, hope it'll become a must-have ! But why just PvP ? Why not both COOP and PVP ?
  12. Kable_

    Arma3 Videos

    We finally finished our official Machinima-Trailer !
  13. Kable_

    Joystick Users

    Same problem here with my X52. I first though it was a settings problem, but only 100% work. Whereas fixed wing is fine
  14. We are using addaction and additem on the flag pole of a domination:
  15. What the fuck is that ? IT LOOK AWESOME ! The global design (wooden cabin) perfectly match the general Stratis environnement in my opinion. The idea is really great, since each cabin will be unique, you will never know the building before entering it. But you have to make sure people and AI can move smoothly across the building. And if you add more materials (concrete, brick,...) it would probably be one of the best mod in my opinion. Great work !