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  1. Delimontana

    Saitek x55 Rhino configuration!?

    Thank you guys! works really good now, too bad that a functioning helicopter made me aware of how much i suck at flying :D cheers to you all for helping out!
  2. So bought this joystick, and i can't get the throttle to work in any sensible way! I see alot of other people have problems with this but can't manage to find any good guide on how to configure it. So if someone could explain in detail like i was retarded, on how i should configure it or know some guide somewhere? Like what should be bound to what? when bound in the right way what exactly should it say on for example "Collective Raise" ?
  3. Delimontana

    Official Weapons pack to Arma III please!

    oh nice! anywhere to read about the content?
  4. Delimontana

    Official Weapons pack to Arma III please!

    Well maybe they should do something about it if there's plenty of other threads. Obviously this is a wanted feat. in the game. And yeah i know that future thing, but it like less than 20 years in the future, i doubt everyone started using MXM weapons, it just seems like a lame excuse to not implement a more diverse arsenal. That argument really don't stick, they could have just made more futuristic models of our days weapons or invented more weapons. Either way the fact remains that so few weapons in an infantry based military game is just below all critique! They released the game without a SP campaign to rush it out and fix it after release, im sure they can add some more weapons! AT THE LEAST as a DLC to pay for to give the option.
  5. Arma III is a great game, But... BI should take some time between or after the SP campaigns to make a real nice Weapons pack! Sure there's a lack of pretty much everything except open spaces in Arma3, but the thing that annoys me the most is the lack of weapons, especially since this is such an infantry based game. So far BI just added each of the weapons 3-4 times with small adjustments like grenade launcher, longer barrel etc. Yes sure there are mods, mods that will probably not work with your favorite servers, and tbh having a good variety of weapons is not something that you should have to download as a mod. I mean c'mon where is standard shit like M468, M16, SCAR-H, M249, M110 Sniper, AK-47, you name it these were just some of the top of my head, but really we deserve more than what we got, choosing between same 3-4 rifles is really boring!
  6. Oh the irony in being condescending about ignorance when you're wrong. Hilarious! It's not about polls, it's about doing an early access game and have people pay money for it to be a part of the developement and give feedback and set priorities, i love this game but they failed to deliver most of the stuff they promised when they announced the early access, and they also failed to listen and meet the demands of the developement process they put the boundaries for. And yes i love the modding, but this was such an easy implementation to the game that the only reason it is not done is bc they just ignored what the consumers asked for which is not ok. Some stuff should just be there when you are doing an infantry based military simulator.
  7. Been playing since it first came out on steam early access, and it's a great game. I've also been active on your feedback page and this is what i expected from that; that BI would actually listen to the extent of what they would be able to do. And yet the most voted for and easy as hell to implement in the core game was Bipods, its been on everybodys mind and everybody has asked, how the fuck do i use the bipod?! I mean this is the most voted for and one of the most wanted features in-game. Deploying a weapon / proper use of bipods 2160 vote(s) 99,63%8 vote(s) 0,37%. And yet this is now something i need to find as a mod and just hope the servers i want to play on allow the use of bipod-mods and weapon resting. I don't have too much to complain about the game, but a realistic military sim, and no bipods? DAFUCK!? http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=432 Also here we have another extremly easy to implement with practically no impact on the gameplay and it's the ability to carry two main firearms, like a sniper rifle and be able to quickly switch over to a PDW or submachinegun which would be realistic. Yet this is also a lacking feature even though it was voted and cared for alot by the community and the feedback tracker. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5374 What is the point with input from players when you don't really care what they have to say? BI do you think you should rls ARMA 4 even earlier in the process of "Steam early access" than you did with Arma 3 so you can actually find the time to correct/implement some of the most asked for and easy features to do? Otherwise i would not spend another minute on the next game trying to improve it for nothing!
  8. Fantastic mod!! Though as asked before, can you make it so it auto-turns on after you use the weapon sight?
  9. Delimontana

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    Great video, taught me alot, now im definetly gonna start working on some own maps! Btw when can we expect to update and be able to play the beta for ourselves instead of the alpha? :bounce3:
  10. Haven't seen it posted but, how about adding a Ghillie suit for the marksman class? seem kind of a vital part!