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  1. you know those green and red dots on the multiplayer server browser? most of them are red, i checked alot of the red ones vs green ones and i notice no difference its still version 0.52 and their are no mods when i try join it tells me the following, heres a screenshot http://imageshack.us/f/827/arma3o.jpg/ also, there are still decent number of servers but alot more of them i cannot connect to, they are neither passworded or full,
  2. that would visually undeniably cool making a weapon seem to have more kick or power to it maybe some tweakability to the gun sounds like bass, treble, things like that make the gun sounds more wisp, or be able to add more thunder to it i think that would be a neat effect btw any melee combat ever going to be added? at least some pushing, be able to push someone or grab as hostage type of thing a few punches, wait forget that melee with a knife this will sound even more interesting but less simulated swords, hatchets, things like that could even add a gamemode that solely focuses on sword type play okay i get it, its a military simulator the first few ideas i think should at least be considered, just to add some sort of finesse to a players hand from sounds to gun recoils that can be manipulated via ingame as for those gamemodes, im pretty much asking for a mod with very impressive engine i really dont see much limitations, the physics are fantastic, maybe a tad bit more tweaking? ive yet to check that, its been fun what im saying with more physical type interaction you will have a more immersive experience. as for the swordfights and melee combat, well melee would be like icing on the cake, especially being able to take a knife and use that the swords and things, well thats something else, extra sauce i guess
  3. I have been editing this pbo mission file for a few days now, made some changes here and there but now its my last edit and its killing me i cant find it. I want to host my server with max 20 players connect but when i launch the mission, theres over 20 slots for blufor and 30 for independent, is there a specific file i should look out for? I just dont want so many people joining independent or blufor since both teams have over 20 slots to choose yet the server allows 20 people to connect if anyone has any idea where i can change this please let me know any help appreciated thanks
  4. i dont have that option anywhere, just have lock, parameters and server control, a place to type a password to login, the server isnt dedicated maybe thats why
  5. bump thanks for the help i figured it out myself today this morning, its in mission sqm file if anybody ever finds my question in search of the same answer. for me i have civs and cops, with 34 civs, thus search civ 1 if cops then search cop 1 and delete them accordingly from mission sqm files. for soldiers you look for the names that are in the slot selection screen, got too many pilots? then search for pilot 1 or whatever its called ingame.
  6. it hits closer to home, like some kind of real virtual reality, these games are the closest thing to it, player interactions are always unique granted you aren't shot on sight. I still feel its pretty stale because the maps in these life games, even arma 2 on cherno, they are meant for military battle, so much forests, grass, you just run here and there and see the same damn thing. need heavily detailed maps that are at least hafe or 1/3 the size of chernarus with building, complexes, apartments, houses, make it american related. but thats too much work, be spending like 2 years making that map but it would be the best thing and put all gaming maps before it to shame. Like a grand theft auto map but with arma's engine so destruction and everything, tone down the graphics if you have to. mix in some special destructible areas like how battlefield does that levolution thing. Thats probably the next best thing bohemia could do, military wise they have done almost everything except hand to hand combat and further player interactions/animations
  7. axclaw

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    I remember talking about direct x in a pc game lobby before mantle and bf4 existed. I had done so because i was getting direct x problems and read some article articulating something about direct x functions, cant remember now what it is, it just occurred to me that maybe Direct X was kind of a "cock block" for lack of a better word, exactly what i said, i swear that lobby was full of devs maybe even amd devs and lo and behold, a year later amd is talking about something better than direct x, probably just coincidence anyway but i also think there is alot of software today that has reigned for too long. Even look at fraps, people using dxtory now, more efficient. About time somebody did something right, it never made sense to me when using fraps why it had so much high usage. simple ideas, brilliant for the populace. Even with motherboards, a time when you couldnt use nvidia cards on amd mobos, now everything is working more together and smart. I have another idea maybe this one is good too, be able to plug and unplug types of chips that hold bios and or motherboard driver information. So no need to use a disc after you buy a new mobo, plus you can easily install a new mobo without having to format the damn computer, life saving time for people who have tons of data on their pc's. That way with pluging your data, run separately from hard drive
  8. axclaw

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Make a map thats in a north american city, like new york or represents a fictional city that is western based with inhabitable buildings, homes, condos, etc at least the size of atlis map in arma 3
  9. So i found this server related to dayz utes mod and on their website you can change your loadout for free by logging in with your ingame name and your player id this can be done on the fly i asked some player and he said this is how he changed his ingame loadout for free i dont know much about this stuff so i was just curious if this could be considered unsafe to do via a website could other players id be misused for hacker purposes and alike thats what im wondering, call me paranoid i dont care i just want to make sure its safe
  10. thats not player, guid is different check out this thread, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?106913-How-to-find-my-guid in that thread a user called Taxman says player id is different which is located in the profile screen, which i assume is what the website is asking for to change your loadout for free on the fly well maybe it doesnt matter but i will avoid that website just to be safe for sure.
  11. im guessing theirs different player ids? i remember something about it in your registry or something so i mean the player id found under editing profile from the ingame arma 2/OA menu
  12. axclaw

    Using steering wheel in arma 2?

    bump if that works, anyway i want to know if this is updated yet, maybe this problem kinda fell between the cracks so yea also im considering buying a steering wheel for arma 2 And Arma 3 so if anybody knows or has a logitech g27 please let me know!!thanks
  13. ive been digging up some info on how or where these hackers been getting their stuff from anyway in this thread here someone said something about modified data file so it makes sense to not allow anyone with that such thing, from this link http://www.***************************************.me/forum/arma-3/88251-arma-3-pbo-hider-5.html one user said who has the hack working "All servers see this as a modifed data file. Dunno if this is nearly patched. So it works, but players like me, seeing someone using a modified data file is a perfect reason to blacklist player from the server i play." so there you go, kick anyone with modified data they could be running different skin mods or w/e so what they could still be hiding a mod with this particular hack from what i understand it works as a pbo hider so yea
  14. theres only 1 server or so looks like its only for devs with .56 version or something and i have 0.54 version fully updated via steam anyway there are no multi servers whats up with that i know after the exploit is this why? anyone have an idea how long the servers will be out for?
  15. so its fixed now pretty much?
  16. axclaw

    Fall from sky Hacker Fix

    wish i knew i uninstalled everything and i have to redownload it now i have to wait till next month since my bandwidth is almost out....
  17. play arma 2 i guess remember folks its all about private hive servers
  18. i uninstalled my shit after that every server i joined i was always flying and hearing explosions heck i even tried hosting my own server and it had me flying again i was like wtf man really really
  19. axclaw

    ArmA 3 Alpha Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    nice gonna test this out so far the cpucount helped a tad bit, i know because forests make my screen go very laggy and ive been playing alpha since time so i should know if this helps or not, there are doubters on the forum and someone even said maybe its a placebo! its definitely not my forest lag went up like 5 fps from 15 to 21 it feels less choppy now ;D heres my system specs btw 3770k stock voltage 8800 gt 512 ram stock 32gb corsair 1333mhz running off 520 intel ssd nzxt switch 810 chassis for ubber cooling also, it is outside the forests, away from large # of vegetation where i my fps average is 25-60 sometimes higher when near the beach of course
  20. axclaw

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    so whats the verdict so far in terms of parameter use for me iv tried -cpucount=4 using i7 3770k noticed it feels less laggy when im in the forest (20 fps vs 15), all that vegetation still kills my fps running an old 8800 gt she still got some fire under the hood i tell you what anywhere else on the map (25-40 fps) putting forests aside, things run pretty damn snappy ohhh yea shes still making babies over there know what im saying HUah
  21. so i changed the elevation in where i would spawn to 10000, right up in the sky as soon as you hit eject in the car the screen turns black meaning you died is this how it will be i was hoping i could parachute or course i wouldnt survive the landing heh
  22. i thought it would be neat if a player could jump, climb and swim with sharks i tried to climb http://imageshack.us/f/703/yunoclimb.png/ i tried to jump - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/818/47282489.jpg/ - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51/79997627.jpg/ - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/145/17861410.jpg/ - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/543/92002032.jpg/ no 3 pointers here http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/594/70688285.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/f/14/12412703.jpg/ hunting for jaws http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51/artthoujaws.png/ then i blew shit up i did try my best to jump, climb, swim with fish just really wish i could jump or at least eject from a chopper from "thousand meters and beyond one more thing, whats with the smoke grenades, evertime i equip them i tried remove HE grenades to carry more smokes, if theres no HE grenades in gear, the smokes dont show up and i cant toss them they still show in the gear though i put a scaffold next to the basketball court and i tried to slam dunk, it didnt work too well major facepalm ps, you have to park a chopper on the scaffold ---------- Post added at 03:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 PM ---------- oh yea and the atv's are pretty sweet but i dont like the camera too much i just want to be able to see the handle bars on the atv
  23. some sharks make a megolodian shark and put a bunch of em in the sea ---------- Post added at 03:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:52 PM ---------- ac130, chopper gunners err maybe just import everything from OA and A2 into arma 3 i would like to see more wild life in the sea, actually like sharks and the most dangerous megalodian shark maybe add a free running mod and climbing
  24. axclaw

    JUMP please!!

    thats not true its not crap at least if you can climb, this enables players to reach places that could not be reached before i seen a free running mod for arma 2, its such a joke because of the physics dont me wrong, it is a feat to make a mod over something spectacular this game has no limitations, so please do not bring in cod of bf3 into discussion arma is a completely different diamond, a diamond of its own cod and others are useless metals with no real value anyway with metaphors implementing jump, you set new standards for a very well looking game it even runs well, very well so i dont see any issue implementing jump except for the fact that devs and such are probably busy as hell and its not easy to add jump i would suspect its just has so much variability because of these physics, this isnt ps3 mw2 crap physics this is a game that is well done get my drift? the game is very polished, with new actions brings alot more work.