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  1. i dont have that option anywhere, just have lock, parameters and server control, a place to type a password to login, the server isnt dedicated maybe thats why
  2. bump thanks for the help i figured it out myself today this morning, its in mission sqm file if anybody ever finds my question in search of the same answer. for me i have civs and cops, with 34 civs, thus search civ 1 if cops then search cop 1 and delete them accordingly from mission sqm files. for soldiers you look for the names that are in the slot selection screen, got too many pilots? then search for pilot 1 or whatever its called ingame.
  3. it hits closer to home, like some kind of real virtual reality, these games are the closest thing to it, player interactions are always unique granted you aren't shot on sight. I still feel its pretty stale because the maps in these life games, even arma 2 on cherno, they are meant for military battle, so much forests, grass, you just run here and there and see the same damn thing. need heavily detailed maps that are at least hafe or 1/3 the size of chernarus with building, complexes, apartments, houses, make it american related. but thats too much work, be spending like 2 years making that map but it would be the best thing and put all gaming maps before it to shame. Like a grand theft auto map but with arma's engine so destruction and everything, tone down the graphics if you have to. mix in some special destructible areas like how battlefield does that levolution thing. Thats probably the next best thing bohemia could do, military wise they have done almost everything except hand to hand combat and further player interactions/animations
  4. axclaw

    AMD Mantle Support possible?

    I remember talking about direct x in a pc game lobby before mantle and bf4 existed. I had done so because i was getting direct x problems and read some article articulating something about direct x functions, cant remember now what it is, it just occurred to me that maybe Direct X was kind of a "cock block" for lack of a better word, exactly what i said, i swear that lobby was full of devs maybe even amd devs and lo and behold, a year later amd is talking about something better than direct x, probably just coincidence anyway but i also think there is alot of software today that has reigned for too long. Even look at fraps, people using dxtory now, more efficient. About time somebody did something right, it never made sense to me when using fraps why it had so much high usage. simple ideas, brilliant for the populace. Even with motherboards, a time when you couldnt use nvidia cards on amd mobos, now everything is working more together and smart. I have another idea maybe this one is good too, be able to plug and unplug types of chips that hold bios and or motherboard driver information. So no need to use a disc after you buy a new mobo, plus you can easily install a new mobo without having to format the damn computer, life saving time for people who have tons of data on their pc's. That way with pluging your data, run separately from hard drive
  5. I have been editing this pbo mission file for a few days now, made some changes here and there but now its my last edit and its killing me i cant find it. I want to host my server with max 20 players connect but when i launch the mission, theres over 20 slots for blufor and 30 for independent, is there a specific file i should look out for? I just dont want so many people joining independent or blufor since both teams have over 20 slots to choose yet the server allows 20 people to connect if anyone has any idea where i can change this please let me know any help appreciated thanks
  6. axclaw

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Make a map thats in a north american city, like new york or represents a fictional city that is western based with inhabitable buildings, homes, condos, etc at least the size of atlis map in arma 3
  7. thats not player, guid is different check out this thread, http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?106913-How-to-find-my-guid in that thread a user called Taxman says player id is different which is located in the profile screen, which i assume is what the website is asking for to change your loadout for free on the fly well maybe it doesnt matter but i will avoid that website just to be safe for sure.
  8. im guessing theirs different player ids? i remember something about it in your registry or something so i mean the player id found under editing profile from the ingame arma 2/OA menu
  9. So i found this server related to dayz utes mod and on their website you can change your loadout for free by logging in with your ingame name and your player id this can be done on the fly i asked some player and he said this is how he changed his ingame loadout for free i dont know much about this stuff so i was just curious if this could be considered unsafe to do via a website could other players id be misused for hacker purposes and alike thats what im wondering, call me paranoid i dont care i just want to make sure its safe
  10. axclaw

    Using steering wheel in arma 2?

    bump if that works, anyway i want to know if this is updated yet, maybe this problem kinda fell between the cracks so yea also im considering buying a steering wheel for arma 2 And Arma 3 so if anybody knows or has a logitech g27 please let me know!!thanks
  11. theres only 1 server or so looks like its only for devs with .56 version or something and i have 0.54 version fully updated via steam anyway there are no multi servers whats up with that i know after the exploit is this why? anyone have an idea how long the servers will be out for?
  12. so its fixed now pretty much?
  13. axclaw

    Fall from sky Hacker Fix

    wish i knew i uninstalled everything and i have to redownload it now i have to wait till next month since my bandwidth is almost out....
  14. play arma 2 i guess remember folks its all about private hive servers