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  1. same problem all gun types. this has to be the single biggest issue for me even when i am in single fire or a handgun in general it will skip shots or not shoot 2 or 3 clicks and by that time your dead. I am losing encounters because of this.
  2. BecomeTheCadaver

    Hard Crash back to Xbox Dashboard (2)

    When the Game crashes I also lose items on person.
  3. There have been instances using this gun where I have it on full auto but then it stops in the middle of a shoot out, the magazine is full so I don't know if this is bug or intentional.
  4. I've noticed that switching between weapons can take way to long in this game when in the heat of a battle to the point where it can just lead to death and losing a important duel. Also after healing having to switch from the healing hud to your weapon is also quite slow and is detrimental to combat. This should be improved upon. As for looting sometimes you have the fumble around moving back and forth in order to get the looting button to show up or stay up if you walk up on a object or car and you just want to position yourself so you're not exposed. Sensitivity could be better, I have both of mine at 100% and it still feels slow to turn and look around. Also at Shelter there seems to be a sound bug, a jackhammer sound coming from the waterfall from time to time. Other than these things. I am loving the game and am looking forward to be part of the Founders for this game.
  5. BecomeTheCadaver

    Streamers Channel Index

    I figured this would be a great way for the Devs to keep track of us who will be streaming the game. Just post your channels below and just don't spam additional posts. Edit your post if you need to. Become The Cadaver https://www.twitch.tv/become_the_cadaver
  6. BecomeTheCadaver

    Hacked by a player with no ID

    well if anyone is intrested in a ARMA2 wasteland map filter Mayhem762 Cheers\m/ hopefully this gets resolved soon. As stated regardless of what we do to prevent this, when someone else joins it reinfects the server.
  7. BecomeTheCadaver

    Hacked by a player with no ID

    Okay Bohemia time to step it up a notch. Majority servers where injected with a hack that injects into players and is spread server to server. It deal with fixing the issue for BIS_fnc_mp/spawn/MPEXEL for bls scripting library commands basically has flooded the ARMA3 servers. This needs to be addressed ASAP Thanks *OFFICIAL FUSION WASTELAND SERVER*| - Hosted by Mayhem762
  8. BecomeTheCadaver

    ARMA2.RU -Wasteland Sandbox- servers thread

    Wanting to host a dedicated server for ARMA II and III "when released" CPU (Processor): Intel i5 2400 (3.1+ GHz) RAM (Memory): 16,384Mb DDR3 HDD (Hard Disk): 2 x 2TB (4TB) Sata 3 RAID Configuration: Software Raid 1 Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 R2 Web Edition Network Speed: 100 MBit/s Uplink Port Included Bandwidth: Unmetered I was running a ARMA2 404 server until I learned the truth about them stealing your code. I have a friend who is a coder at Blizzard and my neighbor is one of the cofounders of Red Orchestra. They talk about loyalty and are Ru players as well. I am unfortunately running the version of 404's Arma3 :( , gladly I would change this when the release of your wasteland is announced and I will notify the normal pubbers that the server will be undergoing maintenance and name chance "ARMA3.RU #? -hosted by Mayhem762" to w/e. I was looking for a i7 server to upgrade from what I'm running but hopefully this is adequate. Thanks for bringing this great mod to us, I was getting in a bore with DayZ and this brought the action back on C4G for me
  9. BecomeTheCadaver

    Proving Ground for ArmA 3

    noticed some things are not able to be added to player under create weapon/item in the PvG menue. scopes & silencers, medikit and tool kit, and recon and flight uniforms. *NOTE* I have not modified any data