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  1. dr_strangepete

    [SP] Hell-Heli : Simple Randomized Autorotation Practice

    2.4 Tanoa! Camera tweaks for Tanoa; jungle density will remain an issue Map shift-click for waypoints restored +map close after teleport Fog rescaled for more practical use Time-of-day setting fix; was saving wrong hour, and ignoring minutes Failure timeouts adhered to Additional minor fixes, and attempts to reduce double-spawn frequency AFM tail-rotor damage fix Note: At the moment, many (but not all!) of the CUP Mod helicopers have broken Hitpoints and thus do not work. There are so many variants, if you find a broken model please add it to the Discussion, "Broken Model Reports"; I will try to make a bug report once I have a decent list generated and verified.
  2. dr_strangepete

    [SP] Hell-Heli : Simple Randomized Autorotation Practice

    2.3 - 07/19/15 Mod Enumeration - will search and list new helicopter mods** ИÑправлен перевод на руÑÑкий Ñзык - ÑпаÑибо ruPaladin Russian translation overhaul by ruPaladin; Thanks again! User-set Respawn Altitude and Deathcam Timeout in settings dialog Rotorlib support (not the cleanest hack, but works) Settings besides Weather, now automatically save Solution to loss of Action Menu when separated from helicopter Map-click teleport MANY bugfixes - duplicates; WY-55; deathloop; text overflow; unlimited ammo; ocean-death; NV, +more I never ended up posting v2.2 here, so there are a few unmentioned changes and fixes
  3. dr_strangepete

    FLIR for Little Bird Copilot

    at first look, theres a few missing semi-colons: class TF47_black_LITTLEBIRD_NATO_armed: B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F { ... crew = "B_Helipilot_F" class TF47_Desert_LITTLEBIRD_NATO: B_Heli_Light_01_F { ... crew = "B_Helipilot_F" //it looks like every class has 'crew = "B_Helipilot_F" ' missing a semicolon
  4. dr_strangepete

    How to change the moon size?

    if you feel like getting dirty (read: no trivial task), i'd start here: config: CfgWorlds > CAWorld > moonObject = "A3\data_f\moon.p3d"; (property can be found in A3\Map_Data\config.bin, way at the bottom) files: A3\Data_F\moon.p3d A3\Data_F\moon_anim.p3d A3\Data_F\MoonHalo.p3d A3\Data_F\mesic.01.paa ( 1-12, moon phase textures) I do not know to what extent you can override those configs (likely, but in any case, this will have to be done via mod/addon), but i'd imagine if you could, all you'd need to do is figure out how to create your own moon.p3d replacement, as the texture in that is likely what determines the general size.
  5. dr_strangepete

    British pound symbol not appearing

    was it originally created with notepad++ or previously converted? might be a npp bug; i don't fully trust npp yet (based on display/corruption issues i've experienced over a couple years)
  6. dr_strangepete

    British pound symbol not appearing

    odd, because i was able to reproduce the character not showing when simply swapping between ansi (npp's default) and utf-8, reentering alt-156 to fix the corruption from conversion. execVM'd a test.sqf with only hint "[symbol]"; (edit: tried a few more times, including converting, back and forth, same results for me- ansi encoding will not show the character) i'm not all too familiar with character sets, but i did notice the actual ansi set has the pound symbol as '163', instead of the ascii set '156'... (stable branch, win 7)
  7. dr_strangepete

    British pound symbol not appearing

    save your sqf with utf-8 (**or utf-16) encoding. special characters need utf-8 to show in game (same applies with stringtable.xml, its how we get russian characters) **edit: according to String
  8. dr_strangepete


    instead of 'lol'ing, why don't you contribute something to the discussion? or just don't comment. @lifemanalive - What shuko is saying, is that systemChat (wiki) will not return anything you could see if run on dedicated - no screen for dedicated, so neither systemChat nor Hint will show. To test effects, you could use diag_log to print your message to the RPT file, to verify its working edit: ^^what kk said. ninja'd
  9. dr_strangepete

    Script to get artillery fire mode

    the command currentWeaponMode will return a string-name of the current mode, in the case of the Mk6, it will return 'Single1', 2 & 3 - representing the selected range, which is modified by 'artilleryCharge' in the weapon's firemode config (scale of 0-1, 1 being full charge). I'm not sure yet about getting the actual 'trv' value outside of the artillery computer (just time?). Also check out these commands: getArtilleryETA, inRangeOfArtillery and getArtilleryComputerSettings (returns mode, ammo type, and a third i am assuming is detonation height (all 0 except flare, which is 240...); works even if artilleryComputer is disabled)
  10. dr_strangepete

    respawn problem

    I think handleDamage EH is more appropriate, as 'Hit' isn't guaranteed** to be called when killed, so if you get one-shotted, you won't respawn. Aside, looks like the better way to go, with whats given. depending if single player or mp respawn eh's and scripts wouldn't work, as respawn is manually scripted in sp, and thus the need to intercept the handleDamage, and decide whether to live, or let die.
  11. dr_strangepete

    respawn problem

    handleDamage may at times be called twice, but nothing i can see in your eventhandler is connected to your counter. sp or mp? and is there a chunk of code missing? where are you running this: if(isNil "respawning") then {respawning = false}; if (respawning) exitWith {}; waitUntil {damage player >= .85}; null = [] execVM "scripts\respawn.sqf"; A couple things off the top of my head that sound similar: - respawned player body is colliding with previous body, object or vehicle, killing it quickly, triggering another respawn (a previous personal hair-pulling discovery) (SP) - respawn.sqf is not starting and setting 'respawning = true' fast enough, which could cause a second iteration to also loop & run. try moving that initial mutex to just after the waitUntil{} line so it is set before respawn is even run; respawn.sqf then takes care of returning it to 'respawning=false'. - add a timeout condition to your script so it cannot be executed more than once every 5 sec, for example. (allowtime = time + 5; if (time > allowtime)...) - although i encourage discovering the blip rather than just burying it.
  12. dr_strangepete

    BIS_fnc_MP not executing given code serverside

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_MP set 'target' to false to execute on the server. if you look at my earlier post, line 1 bis_fnc_mp call has target (_this select 2) false - this first calls the function HJ_fnc_Query on the server only, which inturn calls the client on line 6 (_this select 2 is set to the player) with the sql results. Or, passing code based on Fireball's note: [{diag_log 'message received';}, "BIS_fnc_call", false, false, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; // log message on server only
  13. dr_strangepete

    BIS_fnc_MP not executing given code serverside

    unless i missed something lately, im not sure you can pass a code { block } in place of command/script name. Also needs to be called, not spawned***(edit: wiki claims call execution, but a quick test on my machine showed spawn still worked) there is mention in the notes on BIS_fnc_MP about passing code as a parameter or just function-ize: [[(getPlayerUID player),player],"HJ_fnc_Query",false,false] call BIS_fnc_MP; HJ_fnc_Query = { _query = format ["SELECT p.name, COUNT(h.ownerUID) FROM players p, houses h WHERE p.playerUID = '%1' AND p.playerUID = h.ownerUID", (_this select 0)]; _return = (_query) call JON_fnc_queryDB; [_return, "HJ_fnc_Return", owner (_this select 1), false] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; HJ_fnc_Return = { diag_log format ["%1", _this]; houseOwnerInfo = _this; }; thats untested code, more of a break-down theory
  14. have you tried searching these forums, google or armaholic? i'm fairly sure your answer is already out there