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  1. Thanks for your work. It is a great help
  2. dat_geit

    KP Ranks

    Sehr gute Arbeit. Well done. Greetz vom S-H to S-H.
  3. Is the Workshop Version Updatet at Steam?
  4. What is the correct ClassName for the Designator?
  5. Great news. I hope you can manage it. thx for the improvement
  6. That sounds good. BECTIs is nice, but like the most mods on Altis not playable on midrange systems.
  7. dat_geit

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    Respekt Kameraden!!!
  8. dat_geit

    =BTC= co 50 War Storm

    Well done. Nice to see the addon script working in a mission. Is it possible to bring it back to Stratis? A lot of people having trouble with the FPS on Altis specially when a lot of AI und Minecluster where used. Playing on Stratis until BIS fix he MP Trouble seems to be the only real solution now.
  9. Why are you switching to the BECTI Mission? TTWF is stoped on your server?
  10. Hi, just played on the server 2 times an it is verry good to be on it. Good Maps and Teams. Damn good Help for anyone new on the server. Admin helps every time, when online. You see me often again. N1ghtst@lk3r:cool: