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    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    It's this I believe http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?186014-ASCZ-Heads-New-and-unlocked-faces-in-A3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346726922&searchtext=ascz
  2. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/634230361579992326/E79E4E09454D35B0E3DA2641F06C3A8C2509A2E8/
  3. oggoeg

    Why Bohemia Why?

    I can confirm, slow hard drive is bad for Arma. Only GTA V has been worse with a bad drive. My PC should be running Arma quite stable, but my old hard drive is degrading bad. Frames will now jump from high to very low constantly and sometimes frames freeze even for 30 seconds to a minute. Friend bought a fast SSD for Arma and said it improved loading times and performance. Thus I'm saving for one too. Stuttering, fps jumping, LOD popping. slow LOD loading, fps drops when zooming and a lot more are caused by a bad or broken hard drive.
  4. I know gunfire is too loud at the moment. But I mean't the sound of bullet hitting something. You should be able to hear bullet hits even from like 200m. Currently we hear them only at close distance and the sound effects are weak :(
  5. Shouldn't bullets hits be loud? Can't hear my shots landing and not hearing what material the bullet hit, flesh, tree, brick etc... Also there there is really no echoing from weapons and gunfire should have more pop at distance.
  6. From community wiki: "The #bipods may have even adjustable length of legs according to actual position" http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149636-Development-Branch-Changelog&p=2912109&viewfull=1#post2912109 "Added: Adjustable bipod legs" Does this mean we could have raising and lowering of bibods like Strider's commander optic periscope?
  7. oggoeg

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Prime example of the high pitch sound inside my head :D It is ok as long as it would be optional. I hope you understand that sound can be very disturbing for some. E: it can be like torture
  8. oggoeg

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Just gotta say if tinnitus would be added I hope it would be optional. I have tinnitus and obviously I don't like it. The sound can drive people insane for real and it can be very loud. It can be anything but pleasant to hear. For example I couldn't sleep properly for two weeks when my tinnitus started and got very loud. And it was the worst time of my life, I almost lost my sanity during that period. I just wanted to give a heads up because it isn't a "nice" sound afterall.
  9. Sorry, if I wasn't able to "deploy" my weapon without a bibod, I wouldnt be able to shoot out windows the same way as now. Autorest does not cover that at all you know. You can't shoot out from same arcs out of windows without placing (DEPLOYING) weapon on the window in this game, period. If players with no bibods wouldn't be able to deploy, they'd be bunch of retards on the field who can't shoot properly. How the hell is would it be realistic if a guy without a bibod suddenly can't shoot out windows where he want's to because he doens't have two legs danglin at the end of his guns barrel. It doesn't make any sense. That's just unrealistic in any way. "Good, that's the price you pay for carrying one, hence, that's why it should provide more advantage. And the advantage of using a bipod should be available ONLY to those who carry it". Well don't they? You got your heavier gun that's worse to use than without one, but you're more accurate at range. That is advantage. These arguements lol E: You should be more concerned how badly implemented the deploying is, not who should be able to do it.
  10. Think if we wouldn't be able to deploy without a bibod then the players without one would lose many firing positions available in game. For example only those who had bibod would be able to shoot out from windows to certain directions. That would make even less sense. Hence resting should be available for everyone. At the moment Bibod has it's ups and downs. More weight, shittier to use, better at range. Simple stuff, it HAS to be like it because it is only a game. If we didn't have deploying without a bibod, then everyone would use the weapons that have them. Why the hell would anyone play with weapons that didn't have one.
  11. oggoeg

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Hey LJ, amazing sounds here, I love it! About the little issues, I am not sure if this is because of Dragonfyre or is Arma bugged. I wanted to test and hear firefights as much as possible (and they sounded convincing!), but suddenly I started hearing vanilla gunshots here and there in heavy firefights. I think it was MAR-10 what I at least heard, it has very distinctive vanilla sound. I also had terrible fps (too many AI) when I started to hear vanilla sounds, maybe that affects it. Megasound mod has this same thing. Maybe it's my audio settings like number of sound sources or it is arma problem? This I don't know if it's a bug, but Cyrus rifle has realistic fast fullauto mode... and holy hell it's amazing! It empties mags like Rahim :D E: oooh, I think you snuck these in because Navid no longer has the stupid burst either :o
  12. oggoeg

    1 hit kills mod?

    I create custom AI in virtual arsenal that usually use only chest rigs, bandoliers, bandanas, beanies etc. But it is time consuming. Or simply you could play against BLUFOR FIA, If I remember correctly they have zero armor by default. BTW, every factions rifleman - light, snipers and spotters have no armor. (Opfor might have some, at least the default fatiques have armor). Also I believe recon units have at least less armor, some might carry helmets.
  13. E: there was a long rant here. So heres the shorter version I want to like the game, but since dev's don't care about it. The game currently sucks.
  14. Hmh, I'd rather have both, since both dragging and misaligment should be "suddle". Dayz feels exaggerated.
  15. I'm here thinking would arma gameplay benefit from DayZ like inertia where heavier weapons drag behind your mouse movement, maybe more suddle effect than in DayZ. I know we have some inertia in Arma too, but it never really hindered large weapons in close quarters as the developers planned. Currently everyone benefits from taking large hard hitting rifle like Cyrus into CQ rather than a weapon that was designed for it like PDW:s or bullpup rifle, as they will always be worse. I still find it very easy to handle. Aiming is so fast currently it doesn't matter what weapon one uses. Currently we can CoD-style quickscope with the longest sniper rifle in the game. :butbut: Way too easy. Here is a good sample video of weapon inertia I'd love to hear some insight from the devs about this.