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  1. zerith

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks. Looking forward to checking it out.
  2. That is related to the crashes on switching maps. I'm sure the next AiA update will resolve it.
  3. Nothing major. I think there was the typical desync/lag when AI were being spawned in but it passed fairly quickly.
  4. I tried my best to round up Bourbon Warfare and Ltac guys friday night. We saw you on for a bit. I think we had ~16-20 on the invade and annex server. I know it's not the elusive 30+, but we tried. =/
  5. @cuel - I am noticing the same thing on celle 2. We've had this map switch crash issue on an in-house map for the past 6 months, but no other maps were affected until I started testing AiA last night. I am running the data only pack along with single download for each terrain. I'm also seeing this spam in the rpt (on chernarus): Cannot load sound 'ca\sounds\ambient\meadows\wind-meadow-2.wss' Cannot load sound 'ca\sounds\ambient\forest\wind-global-2.wss'
  6. So we're still having this problem. We have nothing to really go on except a bidmp file, which we can't check or look at. Would that be of use to anyone to see? The only other thing we've narrowed it down to is one of the A2 objects causing the issue, but it's a very time consuming process to figure out which object is causing the crash.
  7. Definitely enjoying it so far. I hope the sound with Altis can be fixed at some point though.
  8. The 3d elcans do not seem to be working. Also anytime you load in with a CAF unit it gives a cfg error about the 3d elcan.
  9. I have yet to find any conflicts with F3 and ALiVE. Maybe nametags if you have them enabled in both systems, but other than that briefings and everything else work just fine.
  10. Guys this was a temporary fix for the F3 Mission Framework. Using it with other scripts may not work the way you want as it's calling functions and variables built into F3.
  11. Pabst code should temporarily fix this issue. Another thing to check is if you use FIA at all. The uniform classnames were changed. It should be "U_BG_Guerilla1_1". The old name was U_IG_Guerilla1_1
  12. Hey Arctor, I noticed this as well. Looking into it.
  13. zerith

    No Shame Gaming

    A few updates! Still rocking during our sessions. While generally our sessions only average about 10 people, since we're pretty casual and everyone has their own schedules. We get some good mission time in for sure. Plenty of TVT action and plenty of COOP action. However, sometimes this limits what missions we can run! So we've setup a joint op with a couple of other groups to test the waters. Our first try of this was last Wednesday (Oct 2) at 8pm central and we hit a peak of 28 players! The turnout was very good and the gameplay was even better. We're working to get this into our regular line up and may drop one of our sessions nights and replace it with the joint op once a week on Wednesdays. Check the first post for our regular session information. We are running the joint op for a second time this Wednesday, Oct 9 at 8pm central. If you are interested in playing with us or joining up with us to partake in the joint op fun, check out our website at www.noshamegaming.com. No application necessary, just setup our mods and come hang out! In the meantime here are some gameplay videos from one of our sessions AND two from the joint op. Enjoy!
  14. It's definitely something with Arma. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15101
  15. The ACRE related errors are from the mod itself. You can get around it though if you aren't using the 148 UHF radios. Comment out the following line in fa_ACRE_setFrequencies.sqf: // _ret = ["ACRE_PRC148_UHF", _longRangeChannels ] call acre_api_fnc_setDefaultChannels;