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  1. I am not agree when you say that RV engine is the more powerfull engine and the only one who can make what it does.I am sure that some other engines can make same but they are not used for same kind of games or sames objectives.Its like if you say only Ferrari motors can make a car running at 300km/h, its wrong, other constructors can make it also but they dont have the same functions and goals and because a familly car for example doesn't need to reach this kind of speed.
  2. Arma III and his engine are great, but i am not sure that RV engine is the more powerfull engine that exist in this domain ,this is maybe the best for large public simulation games but there are also really more powerfull engines not available yet for ordinary people.:eek:.And i am also sure its actually possible to make an Arma III with a kind of cryengine or something else, but the large public hardwares must follow and that would be actually priceless.Hardwares power is finally the main key before all engines questions :D
  3. There is already an engine based on CryEngine and dedicated to simulation and serious games called "Realtime Immersive".:D
  4. Problem is that if people want arma III running with one of the last generation game engines, we will all need a NASA computer.:D
  5. g00d69

    SOC WIP Thread

    You really make great work ;) but i am not agree with you about AAA studios and games, of course there are bad things (COD is technically a shame for example) but there are also very impressive games and quality works using very powerfull games engines (Frostbite, CryEngine, RED Engine, just for quote them) difficult to compete with about rendering, and its not just a question of texture details but also about engine features supported (architecture,directx and graphic cards functionalities used, and lot of other factors)
  6. g00d69

    SOC WIP Thread

    Really great work but is it really for Arma III or for a CryEngine game? ;)
  7. g00d69

    [WIP] IkaR F-16

    Oh yeah a F-16, finally!!! the more beautifull plane in the world IMHO !Great work! Thank you!!! Here is a little present for you (made it with After Effects ) !!
  8. g00d69

    Arma 3 FanArt

  9. g00d69

    Arma3 Videos

    Hi Here is a small video about a fictional futuristic technology for Arma III:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOy_4onjEgE
  10. Really great job guys.
  11. Hi Yes i am little bit busy and don't have too much time for working on the addons but i will have soon time for relax and so i will go on this work... But for this New Year i wanted to make a small tribute to BIS and for all the addons makers , so here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwQ8J37PCig And Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  12. Yes sorry about the confusion about my words, when i said "ported into arma", i didn't speak about some objects or stuff coming from COD games and imported into arma, i was just speaking about a design in the spirit of COD characters.:)
  13. No worries if you don't like COD Units maybe i will have some later projects that will interest you more: :p
  14. Thanks and sorry for the delay but i have some irl works that make me busy at this moment.
  15. Hi all Sorry didn't have the time to work on addon, i am actually very busy, i think i will have more time from january So for waiting, here is a little teaser that i have made