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  1. Interesting, did anyone try grouping it to a unit of the tanks faction with presence set to 0? (if you CAN group it)
  2. maybe put "this setCaptive true;" in the nets init field? (without the quotes)
  3. If this is in the wrong place, I'm sorry! Concerning scripting and mission editing, I'm looking for anybody who might be interested in helping me out with a mission I've been working on. The mission is a continuous game-play sandbox style mission. What I have already implemented: - You can spawn as Bluefor or Opfor. - If blufor, you spawn inside a concentration camp (currently only one camp, plan to add 2 to 3 more across the island). - Spawning blufor currently means that you spawn as captive, so enemies won't fire upon you. - Enemies will no longer consider you captive upon leaving the concentration camp OR being spotted with a weapon in hand. - Loot spawns in buildings. - If player finds a radio, he is given an option to create a camp. - if player creates a camp, he is assigned missions to accomplish which will "help free the island of military presence." (the missions spawn random patrols throughout the island or special missions which are currently just sniper missions) - (I plan to have other players be able to join another players group via addAction on a camp but don't have it working yet) - I plan to use EOS and UPSMON to populate the maps towns/bases. - An informant system. There are civilian units placed in towns and if spotted a bluFor player, a marker is placed on maps to reveal position to Opfor. - Plan to have a sympathizer system where civilian units will help blufor in some way. - Plan to have opfor spawn where they choose (in concentration camps to guard or on military bases where they're free to patrol the map, collecting or killing escaped bluFor) Here is a brief summary/story setting written by a friend: If anyone is interested you can PM me on here and I can link you to a Zip file of the mission folder.
  4. DChristy87

    addAction Problems!

    Thanks for all the info! I'll be working at it today. :)
  5. My situation in my mission: -If you have a certain item in your inventory, you are given an addAction. (Works fine for me, not my friend) -When I use this addAction, it creates a vehicle and adds an addAction to the vehicle (I see the addAction, but my friend doesn't) I've read this over several times: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction It explains that if you want everyone to see the addAction you have to run the script on all players computers. But it doesn't explain how to do that. In the init.sqf, I have it so if you're side == west then you run an sqf specific for the west side players. Inside of that sqf I have this: player addAction ["Create A Camp?", "createCamp.sqf", [], 1, false, true, "", " ""ItemRadio"" in (Assigneditems _this)"]; Inside the createCamp.sqf, I have this: _action = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _caller removeAction _id; _grp = createGroup WEST; [_caller] joinSilent _grp; _grp selectLeader _caller; _spawnCamp = createVehicle ["FirePlace_burning_F",getPos player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _spawnCamp setpos (player modelToWorld [0,1.5,0]); _spawnCamp setDir ([_spawnCamp, player] call BIS_fnc_dirTo); _spawnCamp addAction ["Join this camp?", {[_this select 1] joinSilent (_this select 3)}, _grp]; _caller execVM "player\sideMissions\patrolMissions.sqf"; _caller execVM "player\sideMissions\specialMissions.sqf"; Why is it my friend doesn't get the addAction when he has a radio in his inventory and why is it he cant see the addAction when I create the fireplace?
  6. DChristy87


    Yeah I can see that, so they're basically fillers so you can use "true" at the end, right?? Also, the thing I'm having the most trouble figuring out, is how to have this advHint run for the individual player. It's running across all players screens each time it's called. I want it to only run for the player that runs the script. Like for example. I have that in the playable units init field, and when someone new joined the server, it would run it for me and for my friend, but it's a message that's intended for the player only as he comes into the server. Any idea thoughts about what it could be that I'm doing wrong?
  7. DChristy87


    ehh, I'm sorry. I see now :banghead:
  8. I know the basics, thanks to kylania, for how to use an advHint. I do have them working, however, there isn't a lot of information on them and I just want to learn more about them and what it is I'm actually doing...Does anyone know what any of the parameters are for them? Example I got from kylania: _null = [["HINTNAME", "TAG_hintname"], nil,nil,nil,nil,nil,true] call BIS_fnc_advHint; (and of course you have to pre-define this in your description file)
  9. I'm splitting Altis up into sectors by placing 14 markers down named Sector1 through Sector14. I'm using this in a script so I can find out which Sector a player is closest to and use that information to accomplish spawning an enemy patrol within the area of the player... so I have this: _unit = _this; _apos = []; _Sector1 = getMarkerPos "Sector1"; _Sector2 = getMarkerPos "Sector2"; _Sector3 = getMarkerPos "Sector3"; _Sector4 = getMarkerPos "Sector4"; _Sector5 = getMarkerPos "Sector5"; _Sector6 = getMarkerPos "Sector6"; _Sector7 = getMarkerPos "Sector7"; _Sector8 = getMarkerPos "Sector8"; _Sector9 = getMarkerPos "Sector9"; _Sector10 = getMarkerPos "Sector10"; _Sector11 = getMarkerPos "Sector11"; _Sector12 = getMarkerPos "Sector12"; _Sector13 = getMarkerPos "Sector13"; _Sector14 = getMarkerPos "Sector14"; I've only been able to test it so far between two sectors with this: if (_unit distance _sector1 < _unit distance _sector2) then {_apos = pos1}else{_apos = pos2}; It works fine BUT I need to now implement ALL the sectors to cover the whole map. So how would I get the distance between the player and each sector, and THEN determine which one is the shortest distance? Any help you can give is much appreciated!
  10. DChristy87

    addAction Problem

    Ahhh, thanks for the explanation! I'll implement this and then try it out with my friend when he has time :) Thanks again!
  11. DChristy87

    addAction Problem

    I'm still getting the error :( "undefined variable in expession: _grp"
  12. DChristy87

    addAction Problem

    Yeah, it's taking me a while to learn small things like that. It usually takes me quite a bit of time to figure out when to enclose something in brackets and then even longer because I'm never entirely sure which brackets ()[]{} to use :-\ I'll get there someday.
  13. DChristy87

    addAction Problem

    ahhh, so it was the format :icon_redface:
  14. I have an sqf that creates a fireplace and creates a group: _action = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _caller removeAction _id; _grp = createGroup WEST; [_caller] joinSilent _grp; _grp selectLeader _caller; _spawnCamp = createVehicle ["FirePlace_burning_F",getPos player, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _spawnCamp setpos (player modelToWorld [0,1.5,0]); _spawnCamp setDir ([_spawnCamp, player] call BIS_fnc_dirTo); _spawnCamp addAction ["Join this camp?", {_this select 1 joinSilent _grp}]; It gives an addAction to the fireplace. I want the addAction to make the caller join the group that was created at the same time as the fireplace. The addAction shows up just fine but when you click it, it reads an error "undefined variable #_grp". Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?