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  1. defk0n_NL


    Nvidia Physx is engine middleware. Its the same as Bullet Physics only Physx can make use of CUDA. You could literally do the exact same thing with Bullet physics and OpenCL. Imagine the gaming industry as a giant pristine lake surrounded by plants and wild life. Now imagine NVIDIA dumping alot of toxic waste into it. Thats basically is what happening with their BS proprietary misinformation like CUDA/PHSYX/GSYNC/"The way its meant to be played" a.k.a "We pay unreal 3 engine money/support so they can only optimize for our chipsets"
  2. I dont see the logic behind releasing binarized models. Thats like throwing a party but locking all the doors and telling everbody to come through the window. They should have more faith in their legal license, the worst someone can do with these models is put it into a new mod for either arma or some other game, If they try to host it on a server and ask money for it you literally have to sent one legal document to the hosting company and they would shut down the entire thing.
  3. Seems unreasonable to expect from people to know that the description "British Armed Forces" is about a mod. #BritishArmedForces or @BritishArmedForces is better Who put spaces in their mod names lol.
  4. defk0n_NL

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    I think this whole debate is more of a social issue then a legal one.(not talking about ripping content) servers cost money, making scenarios or gamemodes cost work. i think people who operate these things should be atleast compensated if they have a popular server that drains xxx gb bandwith a month. I dont think there is anything stopping anyone from enjoying vanilla arma content, but when talking about a extras like a multiplayer server with persistence, etc. There is always the choice to not play said gamemode or server because someone think its <insert reason>. Donating to support development, give back to community or gain xx item or vehicle within a multiplayer game mode or scenario seems like a personal decision to me. Somewhere in the past there was a person or group of person who made this whole life mode.it kept being redevelopped all the way from OFP to arma 3. The only reason we have these servers today is by the collective effort of the community. See Arma2NetMySQL etc. without those it would not even be possible. Cant say i feel entitled to all that third party content and derivatives the moment i buy the game its built on. Maybe you do.
  5. defk0n_NL

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    ay, its never enough it seems. BIS cannot just charge for internal engine upgrades like firing from vehicles because it would split the community which they were very clear about not doing. This game needs more (engine) upgrades like this, even though the DLC looks skimpy it really is not. Keep it up please.
  6. never mind, it works beautifully. if this would run on linux you could use any Database abstraction possible without Arma2Net. like MySQL, MongoDB, Redis etc 10/10
  7. defk0n_NL

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    In a perfect game i guess we would have engine smoke, leaking fuel, collapsed tires, fuel guage's, those things will just help convey that information in a more visual matter. Maybe we will someday get those systems also for fatigue like severed limbs, animations based on weight and damage, fatigue animations etc. But till that day whats the point in having a infantry fatigue/armor system if there is no way to effectively measure it besides heavy panting and counting body twitches on damage.
  8. defk0n_NL

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I dont think thats accurate, why do you have a gui for engine and wheel state but not for stamina and armor. Its inconsistent. They should just add a infantry detail like so: white to red is damage white to green is armor. If we assume that the player is the soldier then from the soldier point of view he knows exactly when he gets fatigued and how heavy his equipment/state of it is.
  9. defk0n_NL

    Fatigue indicator poll

    In real life you can manage your fatigue because you can feel it. Its the same as having a stamina bar.
  10. this is amazing, following this thread for later.
  11. defk0n_NL

    ARMA3 with 12 cores

    Arma is like cake and the CPU is the oven. It doesn't matter if you have 12 ovens, 8, or 6 you can only use 1 oven to cook that 1 cake. #fuckyeacake
  12. you would have to basically rewrite the mouse functions and make your on eventhandlers for onclick and onhover. but its possible. kinda hard to explain but here is the (ugly)mouse tracker you could theoretically use. index = [0, 0] mousetrack = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["MouseMoving","[_this, 133703] spawn FNC_MouseControl"]; FNC_MouseControl = { disableSerialization; _key = _this select 0; _dd = _this select 1; _display = findDisplay _dd; _x = _key select 1; _y = _key select 2; //hintsilent format["%1 : %2", _x, _y]; if ((index select 0) < 1920) then { if(_x > 0.1) then { index set [0, ((index select 0) + 1)]; }; if(_x < -0.1) then { if((index select 0) != 0) then { index set [0, ((index select 0) - 1)]; }; }; }; if ((index select 1) < 1080) then { if(_y > 0.1) then { if((index select 1) != 0) then { index set [1, ((index select 1) - 1)]; }; }; if(_y < -0.1) then { index set [1, ((index select 1) + 1)]; }; }; hintsilent format["%1", index]; };
  13. Its possible to make dialogs with RscTitles and move but it aint pretty. make a 1920 by 1080 array then fill it with zero's then on mouse move toggle between 0 and 1, (you could make a drawboard like that also)
  14. defk0n_NL


    Walls are not that big of a deal because the camera just moves a little closer but grass yeah. I wouldn't say it sucks because you can still use first person effectively but it would be better if grass could be hidden between camera and player. I dont think its possible though. Also head wobble does not transfer to third person, so sometimes it kinda feels like your controlling a giant chicken because your head/camera is still but your body wobbles. I dont know if i should make a bugtracker for that seeing its not that evident in normal third person.
  15. DFK Action Camera This infantry modification binds the third person camera exactly on top of the head memory point. What this allows is both third person and first person having the exact same perspective of the battlefield only third person is slightly zoomed out. What this means is that third person users have less advantage over first person users without nerfing third person awareness. Video Download Version 0.1: https://mega.co.nz/#!op5ylaRC!EVrnoyoVuCVH03xvfTx3tNfyIz28Zx9ZmNvfVnF If6M Legal Anyone is allowed to freely download/use/modify/distribute/redistribute this addon without my permission