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  1. Well done, this is exactly what the Arma community needed! Any plans for Linux support?
  2. Copy over the one from "lr" I guess. The "local-end" from "lr" and "DD" sound the same so the start were probably similar.
  3. Thanks for the legend status lol but I just used some internet sleuthing to find that. Can't take any credit for putting it together. Here's the site I found it on if anyone is curious: http://a3militaryradiovoipvoiceeffect.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/how-to-get-military-radio-voice-effect.html Also, I just realized I've seen some of your YouTube videos, great vids!
  4. Here ya go: https://www.mediafire.com/?1h0l0m12esgox9k They're under the "radio-sounds" folder. Not my upload so there's some other sounds in other folders too. EDIT: Also don't follow that readme. It's wrong. For my installation of TS3, I replaced the "radio-sounds" folder in my installation folder TeamSpeak 3 Client>config>plugins>radio-sounds
  5. Got this module to work out the way I wanted. Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to return a vehicle to its original position if it's unoccupied for 60 seconds. This is my code in the vehicle's init field but it doesn't move the vehicle after waiting 2+ minutes. I do know the variable orig_pos is properly stored and working. orig_pos = (getPosATL this); while {true} do { if ({alive _x} count crew this == 0) then {this setPosATL orig_pos} else {}; sleep 60; }; I'm no doubt making some dumb mistake and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Havok66

    Steam Workshop subscribed Mods

    I have this same difficulty. I found an easy workaround though. Select a folder somewhere for temporary storage. In your launcher mod list hit the "..." on a mod to "Display more options". Click "Copy to a folder" and select the folder you created. It will copy the mod over to your previously selected folder. It might even work to copy the mod right to your server if you use symbolic links.
  8. Havok66

    Steam Workshop subscribed Mods

    Thanks for the info. Guess it's time to figure out how to change Steam's workshop save location if it's possible...
  9. Havok66

    Steam Workshop subscribed Mods

    I would also like a bit of an answer to this. Not sure why this was changed without control/input from the user. Don't want those Steam mods filling up my SSD. Is there anyway we can control where Steam mods are put?
  10. That was it! Thank you so much. Simple mistake and it had me scratching my head for hours. I should've realized when I got an error about an array type!
  11. I also had thought that might be the problem, but it creates this error. 8:49:02 Error in expression <[position _this]execvm "the_script.sqf";> 8:49:02 Error position: <position _this]execvm "the_script.sqf";> 8:49:02 Error position: Type Array, expected Object,Location
  12. I'm trying to pass a unit's position to a script whenever it's "killed" eventhandler fires. It doesn't seem to be working as the script does not recieve it. This function applies an eventhandler to all independent units. if (isServer or isDedicated) then { fnc_ehkilledindependent = { independent_units = []; { if ((side _x) == resistance) then { independent_units = independent_units + [_x]; {_x removeAllEventHandlers "killed"} forEach independent_units; }; } foreach allUnits; {_x addEventHandler ["killed", {[position this]execvm "the_script.sqf";}]} forEach independent_units; }; }; I know the eventhandler properly fires for all independents when they are killed, but their position isn't passed to my script. If anyone could tell me what's wrong it would be much appreciated. Thanks!